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I am 51 years old. Since my late 30s, I started...

I am 51 years old. Since my late 30s, I started to notice bags under my eyes. It bothered me then, but I didn't feel that they aged me the way they do now. When I was younger, I swore I'd never "go under the knife", but I wasn't 51 years old, with ever sagging eye lids! So I decided to go for a consultation with Dr. Jessica Lattman in Manhattan. She was surprisingly very down to earth, personable, and answered all of my questions. By the time, I was done with the consult, I felt excited, and with a sense of "hey, this is do-able". Of course, the cost is a bit high for me, so I'll have to get creative and move some money around, perhaps borrow from my 401K. I'm still petrified of surgery, but the more I look at before and after photos of people who have had eye lid surgery, I feel that 99% of these individuals look BETTER, and I feel it is something that I should do to feel better about looking in the mirror.

What I look like naturally

Here is an unofficial "before" photo.

Second consult and surgery is scheduled!

So I emailed my surgeon and asked her if it would be possible to see further before and after photos of previous patients. I set up and appointment and went in to her office and she kindly showed me some images. She had also sent me a letter and offered to put me in touch with previous patients if I wanted to get their perspective.
As a result of these reassurances, I decided to book my surgery. I am scheduled for January 5th.
I'm still quite nervous and scared, but I am reasonably assured that I have done my homework and taken all the necessary steps to research the procedure and the surgeon.

I feel like taking down my profile....

I'm getting a lot of nay sayers writing to me with alarmist comments about the procedure....

Two weeks post op.

Feeling great.
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon

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