45 Breastfeed 3 kids Natrelle Inspira SRM 405cc Round Smooth w/ lift

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Anxiously awaiting BA tomorrow morning -bye bye...

Anxiously awaiting BA tomorrow morning -bye bye little boobies!!
I have always wanted to have bigger breasts but was to scared to do it & although they were small they were cute & perky size B - Well I recently lost a lot of weight & now my breasts aren't so cute! Now there deflated & sagging - So now time for me to get the boobs I always wanted!! :-) I am confident in Dr. Desai that he will do an amazing job! I did visit a few PS - but ultimately felt the most confident in him!

Out of Surgery it's official I have Bigger Boobs!

Got out of surgery & woke up at 12:15 today! Felt groogy & eyelids were heavy - felt some pain ESP on the side that needed more of a lift my Left - but keeping up with my meds & trying to take a nap didn't get much sleep last night!!
Frozen peas feel good!! Great tip from you ladies - resting now

Day 6 removed the gauze pads

Removed the gauze pads 1st time I'm seeing them Feeling uncertain - for now they look even but with the lift one side got lollipop lift and other side which was more sagging got more of an anchor lift
Dr appointment tomorrow - to get stitches out and I'm interested to see what he thinks
I just Pray they stay even
Honestly recovery hasn't been difficult very manageable I got off pain meds early on & switched to extra strength Tylenol. I feel good!!

Day 8 tape off

I went to Dr.Desai yesterday for my 1 week & he took the tape off! Said to start massaging them & to rub Mederma on the incision lines to help with scaring! I have to admit I cried last night & had trouble sleeping when I saw how big my scar is under my left breast it's 5" - originally was told I was getting lollipop lift on both breasts - But right before surgery when he marked me up he told me I may have a small incision & made a gesture of about 2" with his fingers - I wasn't happy but thought ok at least it's in my crease BUT honestly it's 5" and extends past where my crease will be and then goes crooked I really hope this scar fades away!! Cause I'm pretty upset about how it looks My right breast with lollipop lift looks AMAZING & that's how I pictured them both looking!!!!

3 weeks got stitches out that didn't disolve

My nipples felt like they were on fire & were all red where the stitches were -
So I called up my Dr office & got an appointment- he took them out & said my body didn't like that type of stitches -they were like plastic or nylon? So my body wasn't healing well because of them! I'm So glad I called & got it taken care of!! Now to continue working to get rid of these scars & continue healing!! LOL!!

Day 24 - Feeling good!!

This weekend was my nieces wedding and I must say - I have always had a pear shaped body style
But I felt so good in my dress with my new boobs and I also felt that -
I finally have an hourglass shape!!
My boobs are still up high - but even still I felt so much more confident in myself w/ my dress fitting me the way it should!!
So- Goodbye Pear! I won't miss you!! LOL ;-)

4 weeks - doing well

Week 4 and I can't believe it's been that long already
I am really liking them more and more - healing well and still putting creams on my scars and doing massages
My raised scar on left boob that extends to my side of my body is getting flatter

5 week side view comparison before and Now

5 weeks doing well loving them more & more there still up high & haven't dropped and fluffed But I'm loving the side boob I finally have ;-)

7 weeks starting to drop

Starting to drop- my right is dropping faster probably because it only has lollipop lift - verses left had anchor lift & so the skin was tighter So it will be slower I continue to apply Mederma 3x a day to my scars

11 weeks still be patient and hoping they get bigger lol

It's 11 weeks today - the scars are still red - but flat & smooth so hopefully will just continue to get better!! I still don't feel that big even with 405cc I think they still haven't fully dropped & fluffed yet
But otherwise doing well! Still numb on the bottom part of my breasts

Victoria Secret Bra Shopping

Found some super soft bras & they push up with NO wire!
Ok I was shocked that I measured a D - I don't feel that big!
Beige is VS easy push up
Navy is VS twist push up
& leopard was a clearance bra lol

4 Months / 17.5 weeks

Doing good! I wish my scars would lighten up and be less red - I'm still using Mederma on them & sometimes silicone tape. I still think around my nipples in a few places my body is still having a few spots where there still acting up from the stitches - cause my body didn't like the desolvable ones used! So I can't get laser scar removal treatments till those spots look better! I still feel numb on the bottom part of my Breasts.

5 Months Still Wish I was bigger

So I'm 5 months now - still wishing I was a little bigger - also not happy that my left breast that got the anchor lift is NOT the same size as my right breast! I wanted Dr Desai to do 2 different size implants since my left was 50cc bigger - he said he would take a little more when doing the lift - Well the little more was Too much & So now what used to be my bigger breast is now my smaller breast - not very happy about that - and you can't gain breast tissue back - not sure how many cc's smaller it is now - the last time I saw the dr I told him my concerns he didn't seem to really say much about it??


11 months - wish they were bigger

So it's 11 months now & I still wear a padded bra - ugh why did I pay 8,000 to still be wearing a padded bra- he never asked to see wish pictures of what I wanted - or do the 3D imaging I really wish - cause I don't want to go through surgery again & I'm unhappy that what used to be my larger breast is now my smaller breast - very frustrating! :-(
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Told at consult and scheduling I was getting lollipop lift on BOTH - Then Day Of Surgery- 5 minutes before getting on the operating table I am told differently - anchor lift on one side and lollipop on the other :-( WHAT???? :-( So I have Mixed feelings right now about my unexpected two different styles of Lifts and the LONG 5 inch unexpected Scar I received!! My breast with the lollipop lift Results are Amazing - WISH they were BOTH like that!! READ my honest reviews! I hope they stay symmetrical! I will update as Time goes by and let's see how they turn out in the next few months!!

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