28, Tuberous Breast Correction NYC

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Hello real world! I am 28, 5'4" and 130-ish...

Hello real world! I am 28, 5'4" and 130-ish pounds, but who's counting! I've been unhappy with the appearance of my breasts since I started developing. I always imagined one day I would have an augmentation, but it wasn't until I started having consultations that I found out I had tuberous breasts. Learning this simultaneously both bummed me out and validated my hang-ups. After thoroughly researching doctors, outcomes, techniques, and opinions I made a consultation with Dr. Kolker. All of the work on his website and reviews here on RealSelf meet or exceed my expectations. In previous consultations with other surgeons it seemed like they just wanted to use big implants and cross fingers that this would reshape my breasts. In contrast, Dr. Kolker advised against large implants. He recommended a combination of small implants, scoring to release constrictions, and a periareolar lift to correct my breast shape. That's great because I want to have awesome boobs without changing my personal style! I will hopefully be a B (I'm like a "sad A" now).
Also I really like the lady who schedules the appointments I think maybe her name is Jill. When I was slagging my weird boobs she reminded me that guys don't care, that we are our own worse judges. I appreciate that she encouraged me rather than reinforce my insecurities.
I know I trust these folks, and that they are worth the wait and cost. I'm calling on Monday to put my deposit down, we will see! I will try to keep this updated. Thanks to all the people who post their experiences, it was really helpful to research here on RealSelf.????


I quit smoking cigarettes on New Year's Day, I put down my deposit, and I am scheduled for April 18th! Yay, feelin good. Can't believe it's 4 real!

Blood test and upcoming pre op

I got my blood test done today after work. The first of many things I am squeamish about in this process!

My pre op is Thursday. Any advice about what to ask or communicate? I don't have any sort of pictures or anything for what I want to look like. I feel like I just want him to do what's prettiest and healthiest. I mean... It's not like a haircut right?

On the other side--- aw yeah!!!

So much to say!
I stayed the night before in Manhattan to make things easier. I was with my mom and 2 cousins.
My arrival time was 7:45. I took the Valium and the other muscle relaxer an hour earlier as directed. What a *fun* walk to Dr. Kolker's office... We walked like 16 blocks and it really made me feel great. That and the drugs and the gorgeous weather!:)
first the nurse Stephanie asked me a bunch of questions and filled out paperwork. and then Dan the anathesiologist came in to ask other questions and explain the process. then Dr. Kolker came in! Dr. Kolker is so sweet! He gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek when he saw me, he is so genuinely kind and it's clear that he loves what he does. He was as excited to see me as I was to see him! I told him that I don't care about the size, I like having small breasts and only want implants to enhance the shape... But that being said, I am fine with having slightly bigger breasts if that's what will improve the shape. He warned me that I may need a small vertical incision. (I didn't end up needing it tho!! Lucky.) Then he took some measurements and drew on me. Oooof... My boobs looked terrrrrrible with the markings on them. If I needed any last minute motivation... There it was.
I woke up in the recovery room and sipped water. I was tired and out of it but also too excited to rest more. Plus one of my best friends from college came to say hello because it was her lunch break! I'm so blessed to have such supportive friends and family, truly!
I feel pretty tired and sore. The soreness mostly feels like if you work out really really hard for the first time in a long time. However at one point I felt some intense pain in my right breast, and it was draining much less than the other one. I don't know that there is a correlation with that though. Nurse Shay reminded that I really had TWO surgeries not one. So I shouldn't expect them to feel the same. I took some Vicodin and I'm back to feeling sore but not awful.
Lastly, the looks! Happy so far, can't imagine what they will look like after they soften and drop. I'll probably update a lot because I'm soo bored i am NOT a tv watcher. I like to keep busy.

Feeling pretty good!

Feeling good despite the fact that I'm bloated! Yuck! the pain is minimal. I'm taking maybe one or two vicodin a day, haven't had to touch the Percocet. They had to switch my antibiotic because it made me violently ill. By far the worst part of my recovery so far! But he swapped it for something milder that I take 4 times a day and it's been all good ever since.

My parents really didn't want me to leave their house and go back to my own house, but it's a lot quieter at my house:) and I missed my kitty. plus my mom is a great cook and was feeding me all sorts of treats I shouldn't be eating:) so this afternoon my mom brought me back to my cozy apartment and my roommates are more than happy to help me with anything I need... They are not just roomies but lifelong buds!

I'm being patient waiting for my implants to drop, right now everything still feels very tight. I also feel like they are really big, but maybe I'm just not used to having nice round boobs... Hopefully they look slightly smaller when the swelling goes down. Also looking forward to getting the drains removed and having fresh bandages put on Monday at my first post op. It will be nice to have everything looking neater. I'll keep the pictures coming because these reviews really helped me when I was making my decision. Hope everyone is doing really well:)

First post op tomorrow

I have my first post op tomorrow and ill be glad to have these drains out. It will help to get to be more social...

I should be super grateful about how much better I look... But... I feel like they are big and fat:( and high up! I hope they shrink a little and drop soon. Honestly, if they just would drop I would feel way better. There's not a chance they won't drop right? It's all the upper pole fullness, it looks weird! I want the shape to round out on the bottom.

Also my nipples are swollen and puffy looking, but I am sure that's temporary. Anyone else experience this?

I should be much more patient..


I had my drains out yesterday. Everyone has been reassuring me that my breasts look pretty. The nice folks at Kolker's office, my friends .. But I just can't believe how big they are. I measured at a 32D and it made me cry, because I was an A before and now I am a D. I will get used to them, but I just never saw myself as a person who could or should have big boobs. I just imagine that this is what he needed to do to fix the deformity, although I see others results with smaller breasts. I said at my consultation and pre op that I wouldn't care if I was still an A, would be happiest at a B, and would be uncomfortable with a C. Having small breasts were part of my style, my style of person. I feel like they make me look fat yet I'm at a low weight, a barely maintainable low weight. How did this happen? Now I will just have to accept them?

10 day pics

Not crying over the size anymore:) at least not right now;) The knockout bra and the exercises I think make them look better already so now I see what everyone is saying, that they are gonna change. Surprise surprise, my doctor and the entire internet are right.

Also, I tried on tons of clothes that I thought wouldn't fit anymore. Most of them fit great, and I could get away without a bra if I want:) tho I'm sort of shy so I probably won't ...

6-8 weeks post op

I haven't updated in a while! Life has been crazy, but in good ways! Being busy has made the time pass quicker.

My breasts aren't sore anymore, just a little tight sometimes. I'm supposed to do exercises 4 times a day but most of the time I think I only do 3 because I don't have a lot of free time or even privacy at work...

The tape has been falling off slowly, as you can see in the pics. The newest pics are the ones wth the least tape. Some of the tape has blood on it and I worried it would look gross underneath, but every time tape falls off I am shocked to see that there's no scab or wound. Hope that it continues to be that way. One of the breasts seems a little bit fuller on the top than the other but I don't really care. No two boobs are symetrical, even my eyebrows are a little different from eachother when you really look! And I have nice brows, and nice boobs now ;-)

I am very happy with them! I have another post op appt on Friday, so I'll ask about scar care. I wish there wasn't tape on my boobs anymore but I'll be patient!

I haven't had surgery yet but Dr. Kolker has been very nice, he was really nice to my mom, umm his office was cool and they offered me a fancy coffee. All of that is good, but most importantly his results are great and I trust him lots.

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