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Ok so I have decided on BBL. I've only gone for...

ok so I have decided on BBL. I've only gone for one consultation and since I've been on this site I really havent seen anyone mention any Dr's in new york. Im a little scared of having surgery outside of the country.

How many consults before you decide on "the one"? What were the deciding factors? I know pics are important. I want to be realistic in what my expectations are and what looks good for my body type. Did anyone take wish pic to consults? Serious stuff and so many things to think about

Any ladies who have had bbl with Duran? How was...

any ladies who have had bbl with Duran? How was your experience? I've added her to my list and would like some feed back.

So I just sent Dra Yily an email. I hope I get a...

So I just sent Dra Yily an email. I hope I get a response. I hear its hard to get in contact with them. I have been going back and forth with who to choose as my doctor. I feel like I see some of the after pic and to be honest I'm just not that thrilled.

I'm waiting for a am email from Dr Azurin in fl. I've seen the his work and it looks amazing. I'm hoping to hear back from Dr Yily and Duran since they seem to be more popular. I have to say its been a great help reading everyone story and their experiences.

So I got a quote back from dr from fl. I know I...

So I got a quote back from dr from fl. I know I needed a TT but it's not something I think I want to do. I have one daughter and has tried twice to have another child only to end in miscarriage.
I feel like I don't want to have another child and should be happy with the little girl I have. So much to think about.
Would it be good to have a TT now and enjoy it for a few years then get pregnant? Ay I don't know lol

What's the longest time you've waited for a...

What's the longest time you've waited for a response from Dra Yily or Dra Duran??

Ok so it's early in the am and of course the first...

Ok so it's early in the am and of course the first thin I do is check my email and sign onto RS. Yes I want this this bad. Lol

I got an email from Yily and a quote. I've decided to do the TT. Hubby says he will pay for a second one should I get pregnant any time after that.

Lets keep in mind that I don't get pregnant very easily. My first child is my miracle baby. After being told I had a 1% chance of getting pregnant and going thru a treatment of ivf a few years later I get a surprise. I got pregnant and I didn't need any medical help to do it. So I think if I do this now I will at least enjoy it for a few year. And of course we will both use contraception to help.

So now it's deciding when. I'm thinking of going end of this year. I send out an email to Dra Robles. I have to say she was more thorough. I had to fill out a medical form answer all this question which is good. Ill be waiting for her quote then making my decision.

So I got the email from Dra Yily. I have to say...

So I got the email from Dra Yily. I have to say I'm not to thrilled with what I've seen in the emails. I know she does great work but I need to make sure it's not gonna be just an in and out type of surgery. I asked specific question and she really didn't answer them. It felt like she just copied and paste her response. I want to make sure I can trust my dr and know that she is paying attention to details.

I'm waitin on my quote from the other dr but at this point I wil say Yily is out.

Any ladies who have done these procedure on the...

Any ladies who have done these procedure on the same day? How was your recovery and would you recommend?

I don't know what to do! I torn between yily and...

I don't know what to do! I torn between yily and Robles. I know I said Yily was out but I keep looking at everyone's pic and it changes my mind.

Anyone planning on going to yily early 2014? I'm...

Anyone planning on going to yily early 2014? I'm want to plan to go then and would like to buddy up

Hey guys. Question? How far I'm advance did you...

Hey guys. Question? How far I'm advance did you send your deposit to Yily? I won't be doing anything till jan of next year and I kinda don't want to send my deposit this early. Any thoughts?

Can someone please help me with the email address...

Can someone please help me with the email address to reach Duran? Thanks!!

Still looking

So I seriously had to back off this site since it was consuming my whole day. Needless to say I still have not had anything done. I'm thinking of going in jean to dr and I'm waiting to get quotes form drs so I hope they get back to me soon although I see from last time I was on that that has not changed. I've been checking out some of you girl and ya look great!!!

Mini tummy tuck

Ok I have a question and hopefully someone can answer. I've seen a lot of pic of TT done in DR. Why after TT does the belly button look stretched out? Does this happen to everyone?


Hey guys!

Can anyone help me with getting in contact with Duran thru the app? Does she have it?

Great news!!!!

So I have great news and of course couldn't wait to get home to share it with chicks that would get it lol I decided to call Duran today and finally got to speak with Elizabeth!! I set a date for April 15. Duran is so booked they are scheduling for April! Anywho I'm just waiting for bank info so I can lock it. It I've been able to speak with her thru what's app so I should be getting it soon!!

Need help future Duran dolls

Ok guys so I need some help. Duran sent me her bank info so I can send the deposit. I went to my bank and the wanted to charge me 150 to send 250 !!! Negative. I remembered a doll had said you can go to Wells Fargo which I did but they were saying I had to open an account and that I had the wrong routing number. Can anyone please private message me the bank info you have. I sent Duran an email but we all know how long she can take to answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Ok so after all that trouble I was going thru in sending this damn deposit I was able to do it today. Thanks to the spouse lol I'm seeing so many of you wonderful ladies looking great!! Can't wait till April.


Can anyone recommend a good massage place in dr? I'm going to duran in April and want to get some info. Thanks!!

How far in advance

Did you guys start taking your meds? I'm thinking of starting two months before. I know Duran says a month but I want to make sure everything is good. Any advice on what to take that helped you during recovery?

Hey guys!!

Was wondering what faja you guys would suggest. I know Duran offers one there but I want to get one here at home to take. Not sure which one tho

In the meantime

I'm so excited about sx. I can't wait til April. Anyone else going to duran week of April 14? I've been making my list checking out recovery houses. I really like armonia since they offer massages there. Still haven't decided what faja to get but I'll get that once I'm there.

So since I can't get Duran to confirm thru email I literally call Elizabeth every week and make sure that I'm on the schedule. Hint call at 830 in the am. Lol.

Getting things done

I'm so excited!! So far I have sent my deposit and booked with camellia recovery house. I have to say carli has been very helpful. Has anyone stayed there? April is around the corner (or so I feel it is lol) I'm starting to make a list of supplies and trying to keep somewhat of a budget. Everyone is looking super nice and I just can't wait for my turn. I'm happy that my sis will be coming with me. As she would say I drag her along my crazy ideas and she follows. Lol

Anywho hope you guys had a great Christmas. #teamduran

Can't wait

Only 4 more months. I'm making my appt with my pcp a month before and will be starting to get my pills ready to start also a month before.

I'm nervous but excited!!!

Recovery house

So I'm curious to know if anyone has stayed at this recovery house? I'm booked with them and so far very thing has been great as far as communication but I wanted to get your opinion

Count down.....

I cant wait! Better much I've been just reading you guys journey and enjoying them! Makes it easier for us girls that are waiting our turns. I was able to make my appt with my dr here. I've always been straight forward with my doc and really honest. No modesty here when telling her whats up. I love that she is cool with that and always looks out for me so I really hope she doesn't give me a hard time with rx and all that jazz. I know that they are not to fond of us going out of country.

My husband is excited. He's not the jealous type so I won't have any problems with the extra attention.

Guys I took my pics down. I'm a little worried. Going online the other day I was looking for TT scars and I don't want my picture popping up. Don't wanna blow my cover lol

Duran vets

I was wondering if you had to the pay the 150 for post op meds that she recommends or were you able to get them on your own? It looks like pretty much you can get them on your own. Is that 150 for other meds??

April 14

Anyone else going to Duran April 14? Just curious to see how many girls will be there. I got the count down app and I only have 98 days lol

I feel like I have done the most important things which are to set my date and confirm and to book my recovery house. I'm waiting to check flights but dang prices are crazy!! I'm going with my sis so I will be paying for her flight since I asked her to go with me. Every time I look at the flights and how much it will cost makes me wanna go alone but the reality is that I probably wouldn't make it one day without her so if that means paying an extra ticket than that's what I gotta do lol

Meant April 15!!!

I meant April 15


So I decided to call my sis to check in on her vacation request and she tells me that she won't be able to go with me I can't take it!!! But beauty calls lol so the show must go on.

I really want her to go I would feel safer with her there :(

Why so early.....

Ok so I just got off the phone with Duran office and I have to be there the day before at 7 am. I hate getting up early lol

Flight booked

Ok so I booked my flight last night!! I'm so excited. No turning back this is really going to happen. I am nervous but I keep thinking about the positive (thanks buddy)


Only 83 more days!! Right now I'm working on my passport. I have one but it's about to expire and I also have to change my last name. Next month I'll start buying my supplies. I'm planning on taking what I need. I don't want to be going with 50 bags of stuff I won't use. And I hate over packing.

Thanks to you ladies I've been taking note of things from a few list of supplies that I have seen here! On another note I had to step away from rs. I know we go thru an "I'm on here all day" phase so I took some time to focus on other things like my job lol yeah right. I hate working lol well I just hate my job. I'm hoping to go back to school and do something else. Not to sure what the something else is but I'm thinking about it.

Anyways I can't for April to come!!! I'm also excited to meet buddy lol

Holy moly

I'm freaking out now cause I just looked at my period tracker and it looks like I will be bringing my friend along for surgery. Ay this sucks lol. Will duran be able to still do surgery. How embarrassing will that be!

Getting post op meds

Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone was able to get all of their post op meds here in the states. I have an appt with my dr in March and I'm thinking of asking her for the rx so I don't have to pay for them in dr.

**79 more days!!!

So I have to update

And there's really nothing going on. Just counting down the days. I'll get in motion once March comes but for now I'm just drinking some white wine and jammin to some Selena!!! I love her lol good luck to ladies who at gonna be having surgery this month coming!

Just hanging till my day comes

Today I went to see my dr. I love her!! I told her I was going to dr and she was like I love it there I always stay at such and such. Then I told her I was going for surgery and she was like oh wow. Of course I knew she was going to tell me not to go but did t push it any further she told me what to look out for and things to help prepare myself. My EKG and everything else came back great. She wasn't able to do an iron test but since I don't suffer from that she felt I would be fine and with taking the pills a few weeks before I should be covered.

Other than that I'm just hanging lol. Can't wait for my time to come

55 days

Well I have 55 days to go and I'm super excited!! Today I got my passport so one less thing to worry about. I think I'll start buying and getting things ready in like two weeks

Duran here I come

Death at cipla

My heart goes out the the family member of the person that passed away. I was on my fb and saw that dra yily posted about this person. Don't know the details but was wondering who the dr was? Can say that it was not yily.

So I am booked with Duran and guys I'm confused. I contacted cabral got a quote and date but I'm scared about his history. Has Anyone made the switch? On another note I'm super excited and can't wait for April

Excitement is kicking in

Well ladies!! My 1 month count down will be starting soon so next week I will start to buy my supply's. I HATE over packing so I will be going through my list and making some adjustments.

I can't believe it's almost here I have to say I'm of course excited but also nervous. As I'm sure most of us have been. You post op ladies are look great!!

Duran here I come!!

39 more days

Ok guys so I'm getting more and more excited as the days go by. I do concerned with death and not coming back to my baby but I trust in God and hope that everything will be ok

I really can't wait. First thing that I need to do Vitamins which I will be doing this week. I want to make sure that my hemo is where it needs to be. I've been reading a lot about post op care and want to make sure I do the best I can to help my healing process. So as some of you may know I. Having surgery with Duran and her work is on point. I was considering cabral but it would be to risky. Cabral dolls are going to look on fire!!! So pumped for you ladies.

The issue I. Having right now is recovery house. I don't have the option of staying with a friend but I hate feeling like a burden to someone else espcially when they have kids. I am booked with camellia but I. Hearing so many good thing about armonia that I want to switch the struggle lol. I know I asked before and got a response from a doll here a rs but that was a few months ago and I want to know if situations have gotten better with camellia so if any of you ladies have stayed there recently can you give me some feed back??

Ok until next time!!!


Hey guys so I'm going to start taking my iron pills. I went to GNP and the guy said that the daily dose women should take is 18 mg. is that to low? I've never suffered from anemia but I want to make sure I'm taking enough so when I get to dr I'll be good to go

Help ladies!!

29 days

Ok guys so I'm down to 29 days left. I've started taken my pills I take 2 iron pills 1 in the am with a glass of oj one at night with 1000mg of vitamin c. I also take b12 2000mg of vitamin d and fish oil. The vitamin d and fish oil it take bc they are low and my doc recommended it a few months ago and of course since I've been slacking I figured now is a good time to start. I hate taking pills but I need to be strict with this since I want to be as healthy as possible.

I have not bought any supply's but will start that this weekend. I'm soo nervous. I have so much on here and thank goodness it has all helped me out. It funny how we all go thru these crazy feeling when the time is near. It's like no turning back.

I've decided to leave a letter for my family just in case. Of course I pray that everything goes great but I also want to be prepared. Crazy I know. I'm excited about the outcome and also excited to meet dra Duran. As I said before I'll be going alone so I'm also scared about that lol

Ok guys so any other advise you can give please feel free to comment below

In the teens

So I'm about 19 days away from surgery. I know I said I would start buying supplies but of course I haven't. I did start taking my pills iron etc I'm just nervous that it won't be good enough. I'm gonna call my doc and see if I can make an appt to have them checked.
I promised myself that this weekend I was going to at,east make a final list of supplies and start buying them.

Oh my goodness

My time is almost here!!! I'm nervous excited scared and everything else lol. Tomorrow I will be starting to put things together I just want to make sure I have everything. Of course I have a state test tomorrow so I'm stressing about that now but after I pass this test ( I hope I do lol ) I will be back on my grind.

I have my appt with my dr this friday to check hemo levels which I'm hoping are up to par. My body is so weird it's the type that if something can go wrong my body will let it. No bueno. I've been taking meds an vitamin so I'm helping out lol.

Question and it may be tmi did any of you guys wax/shave the day before? Just random but I thought I'd ask

10 days

Well guys only ten days till I fly out. Today was crazy for me. I'm really getting freaked out about these death that I've been reading. I have my little girl to come home too and I don't want anything to happen to me bc of me being vain

I think my husband is coming but he hasn't said anything. I hate when he tells me it's up to me. Cause I don't like to feel like I'm making him do what he doesn't want to.

There are moments I'm excited and can't wait but today was just not one of those days. I also know that when I'm nervous my blood pressure drops and I have a panic attack. Ay I just don't know. I pray that God takes care of me!!

Other than that I've been making my supply list and thanks to a buddy we've been able to help each other out. Oh I wanted to ask for the ladies who have been to the airport how was it getting your luggage? Was it easy to find? And is there a charge to convert your money to pesos?

Thanks guys.

time is ticking away

well I only have a few days before I leave and a week before I'm transformed. it has been pretty crazy these last few weeks but as time gets closer I'm getting more and more excited and less nervous. I am sure that I will be a hot mess when I get there but I'm not thinking of that right now. I'm trying to get things in order before I leave like Easter baskets for my little girl and Sunday outfits etc. lol I was able to get some things as far as supplies and like I said before I will not over pack!! I pasted it below let me know if you guys see something that I will absolutely need that is not on there. I have yet to send my payment to camellia rh a little scared since I want to make sure that I have picked that right place. I feel I have so I will do that soon but you know when you read reviews you start thinking the worse.

here is my list

1 pack of dial soap (12 bars)
2 packs feminine wipes
1 pack maternity pads (48 ct)
1 pack of large chux pads (25 ct): order thru amazon
p-ez also thru amazon
compression socks tru form 20-30 thru amazon
Benadryl extra strength
scar away strips
water pills
arnica tabs and cream
1 pack of wash cloths
1 pack of underwear (got a size bigger that what I normally wear)

I have already:
vitamin c

what I still need to get:
folic acid
4 maxi dresses
1 lounge pants
5 wife beaters
shower slippers and pj gown
1 pair of sneakers which I will wear to the airport and back

2 more days

So it starting to get serious. Only 2 more days before I leave. I just got waxed and Ouch lol tonight I'm gonna start packing. I've set my things to the side so all I have to do is put it in the suitcase. I'm getting excited!!

Made it to DR

Ok so I'm here!! My flight from NY was not bad. Uneventful which is great lol. We got to DR a half hour early. I was really nervous and cried from the moment I had to say bye to my baby and husband to the moment I got on the plane. So they do give you some papers to fill out while on the plane. You want to have those ready for when you get off. Make sure to get the 10 tourist card then proceed to get your suitcase. I was a little worried about checking my bag in for fear of not knowing where to go to get them but it was easy. Once you get your bag you'll go through customs I went out pretty quickly gave them the paper and she stamp my passport and was on my way.

First I was scared bc my phone wasn't working but thank God that Jose was there to pick me up. Really sweet guy and no he does not drive crazy. Didn't really see a lot of that.

I'm here at camellias nice place cute def not armonia but Carli is really sweet and welcoming. It's feels more like a friends home than a recovery house. Right now I'm the only one here. My friend will come and stay with me tomorrow and Tuesday when I go in for surgery. Carli is making lasagna now lol it smells good.

That's pretty much all for now I'll update tomorrow when I go for lab work and I pray to God my hemo is good!!

My review

Ok ladies so here are how things went down for me. Monday was crazy. Ladies be prepared to wait. I got to cipla at 7 and did not lave until 5. This was just to do my test and blood work. Elizabeth cracks me up. She is just so easy. Fania was great too. Ok so Tuesday comes and there were four girls. I was number 3. Duran does the easiest surgeries first. I didn't go in till about 3ish. I remember drinking the blue pill and laying down. After that I don't remember much. I did wake up during surgery and heard a guys voice. I did hear durans voice after telling them that I can't breath then lights out.

I slept till about 12 am then got up to ask for pain meds. They gave me something and I felt better. The nurses were nice. I had two of them. I did need a blood transfusion. Two bags. I felt so much better after. When they put the faja on it wasn't that bad. They haven't closed it yet. I have a follow up with Duran on mon which I'm hoping I can get my drains out by then.

I don't feel pain just soreness and laying on the bed on your back makes you super stiff. I can start getting massages on sat. I'm looking forward to those.

Camellia recovery house

I'm a pretty laid back person. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I'm finally writing this review bc I'm feeling better. Guys STAY away from this place!!! I got to the rh on us day the 13. The house is nice. The problem is that the person running it doesn't give two craps about the girls!! So Sunday I get there I have dinner and get settled in. Monday am I had to get up early since I had to be at cipla at 7am. Carli the owner/whatever she is doesn't even get up to offer me coffee or a slice of bread. Mind you, you will be at cipla all day. I didn't get back to the house till about 630. I was so annoyed bc after being at cipla all day I get back and dinner wasn't even ready. Not that it wasn't ready but she wasn't even planning on cooking!!! I needed to go pick up a few things so she decides that she will go with me to buy something to cook. It's pushing 730 and you know you can't have anything after 8pm. Finally we get back and she makes shredded steak salad white rice and black beans. Nasty nasty nasty. All I ate was the salad. Tuesday comes around surgery day and again she doesn't get up to see me out or at least say good luck, nothing. Had surgery and got back to the house Wednesday afternoon. Finally I meet the "nurse" who I find out is not a nurse at all. At this point I haven't dealt with her bc my cousin stayed with me that night so she took care of me. Thursday comes and my cousin leaves in the afternoon. So now I get to interact with the "nurse". She was really helpful but no gloves didn't wash her hands so I would constantly ask her too. Fri comes and I confront Carli about what's going on. I ask her where is the nurse, how come she didn't tell me that there wouldn't be one. The food was nasty nothing that she sent in the email I could order bc they didn't have it. She starts going off about she is dealing with some issues and for me to give her till Monday to work things out. I got so angry bc here I am with no nurse to take care of me what if something happens? She tells me that she would know that to do if something happened. So I tell her I'm not comfortable with that. I've worked I. A dental office for 15+ years that shit does not make me a dentist. She tells me that on Sunday a nurse will be here at 1 so I say fine. Sunday comes no nurse Monday comes no nurse I confront her again and she says she cancelled the nurse since the helper so called nurse told her that I was leaving.

I was so pissed I told the helper off and Carli off. There was never going to be a nurse bc no one wants to do business with her. At the mention of her name everybody already knows who she is and refuses to come to the house. The massage lady that came only came bc gabby the helper asked her too. I ended up leaving Tuesday am to armonia. Thanks to Mayra who helped me out. I was broke and in so pain and stress over this whole situation that mayra took me in. Before I left Carli did give me some of my money back and I was able to give it to mayra even tho she said I didn't have to pay. The moment I got there to armonia everyone was wonderful!! All I could do was cry!! They took me to my room and got me some pillows and I cried bc of it. The care that they give you is real!! The food was slamming and Ruth is great with her massages!!

Do not stay at camellia you will not get the care that you need!!! Carli even went as far as to say that she has more important things to worry about. She told me this after I called her ass out on her sleeping all day and having this poor girl who wasn't older than 20 take care cook and clean for two Girls that had surgery!!

I hope that if anyone is considering staying there really think about it. Again aftercare is so important and you won't get it there. Btw I did call Duran and spoke with her to let her know what was going on and she was furious!! So if you ask Duran she will tell you not to stay there
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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