BBL on a Slim Woman. 33 Y/o - Manhattan, NY- Michael Gartner Doll- Worth It!

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After searching through hundreds of doctors, I cam...

After searching through hundreds of doctors, I cam across Dr. Gordon Andan. I called the office to schedule an appt. and I have one today at 4:45pm. I am nervous because I am slim, (5'1 119lbs) and I don't want to waste my money on a procedure that will not look right. I am concerned about whether or not, there will be enough fat to harvest, but hopefully there will be! After scheduling my appt., I composed a list of questions to ask during my consultation, I even researched this doctor and was concerned when I could not locate him on any of the board websites. There are testimonies all over the internet about how great this doctor is, but if he is not certified, I do not want to be bothered. Anyway, I am hoping everything goes well, and I'll post after my appt.

Ugh, so annoyed after wasting my time going to this office today...

Ugh, so annoyed after wasting my time going to this office today! I will write my full experience tomorrow, I am exhausted after wasting my time, but I’ll just let you know that after I asked if Dr. Gordon Andan was board certified in any area of cosmetic or plastic surgery, I was asked to leave the office and told he does not want to see me! Who does that? I would expect him or his office staff to explain the type of certification he does have or say something to make me better understand how it works, as this was my first time having this type of consult. Instead, they asked me to leave and while leaving, the receptionist tells me, he’s not certified in Plastic Surgery! While it does not say on the Advanced Cosmetic Surgery website that he is, it does say he is a board certified surgeon and in some states that's all you need to have, not sure how it works in NY. But what I do know is that, that was a horrible experience for me and I consider it a blessing that I didn't have him touch me! As a result of that, I was able to locate another doctor on here, Dr. Sadeh, and I'm looking forward to seeing him next week.

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Consultation with Dr. Schulman (so excited)

So, I saw Dr. Schulman's work when I first started my journey to located someone to do my BBL, however, I after calling his office for a consult, I was unsure if I could afford the $10,800 starting point for the BBL. His office staff is very nice, and they advised me to send in a pic. because I am thin, after sending in the pic, I scheduled consults with other providers. I had a bad experience with one, and I have another one tomorrow with Dr. Sadeh. Over the weekend, while I was snowed in, I read so many horror stories about other PS, that I decided to contact Dr. Schulman through Realself. I immediately I got a follow up email with information on the doctor and his techniques, I was almost sold! This morning (Monday) as I was about to dial the number to the office, they called me and we set up my consult for Wednesday 1/27. I am sooooo excited, because I know he is the booty king and I wouldn't even have any concerns with him, would just let him work his magic and I'll go home! I will let you all know how it goes!

No appt. with Dr. Sahed

My appt, with Dr. Sahed was supposed to be for today at 4:30pm, it's now 3:14pm, and I am still waiting for an appointment confirmation. Last night, I received a voicemail from his wife Mikal, I didn't understand what she was saying, so I called the office and asked that the young lady have her call me back. She usually calls right away, so I was surprised she didn't call right back! Anyway, I called twice this morning and even filled out the Contact Us page on their site for a call back just to confirm my appointment. I also just got off the phone trying to reach the office before writing this review, the phone just rang and no one answered, not even a voice mailbox. This is very disappointing, as I was looking forward to this consult. Guess I should just gear up for my consult with Dr. Schulman tomorrow, does anyone follow him on snapchat? He's so funny!

Ended up Consulting with Dr. Sahed

Just got home from an awesome consult with Dr. Eric Sahed! I was annoyed earlier because I couldn't reach anyone earlier, however, the receptionist ended up contacting me before I left work to apologize for the communication issue. Anyway, I made my way to the office after work, the building is nice, and the office appears to be ok in the waiting area. After making great conversation with the receptionist, the Dr. came out and took me straight to the exam room. We discussed my goals and I did not have to get fully undressed, just took my shirt off and pulled my pants down to my knees. (I was happy about that cause I was so sweaty from walking from the train) We discussed the areas I would have lipo'd and I was please that he would do my abdomen at no additional cost. After that was finished, we met back in his office and discussed more of my goals and also what he felt he could do. He stated that because I was thin, 5'1, 119lbs, he could only really expect to give me about 4-500cc's. (just an estimate) I showed him more pics and explained how I wanted my curves and the body sculpting. I liked him because he appeared to be very straight forward and had no problem telling me what was not realistic. He explained the recovery process and also showed me his operating room, which was very clean and appeared to have some good equipment. (I've been researching instruments so I knew what to look for) I believe he is giving a great value for the amount of money he's charging for this BBL. I got a great deal of info. and I am looking forward to working with him. I also still have my appt. with Dr. Schulman tomorrow, a piece of me is kind of like, what's the point, but since I already paid a $100 consultation fee, I'm going! lol I do believe I'll be booking my surgery with Dr. Sadeh


After my appt. with Dr. Sadeh, I was deadset on him, I went home and again started doing some research on BBL. I came across a video clip of Dr. Schulman from years ago and he mentioned that she mixes the fat with some type of growth hormone prior to reinjecting it. This was new to me, I've never heard anyone mention this, anyway, my appt, with Dr. Schulman is today and I am torn between the two doctors already. I feel like with Dr. Schulman, it will be 100% perfect, but De. Sadeh can do it very soon and he's cheaper, Ugh, I don't know what to do! Guess I'll know after my consultation today.

Had my consultation with Dr. Schulman today!

Let me first tell you all that Dr. Matthew Schulman is so awesome! I had my consult with him today, he is so nice, funny and honest. I weighed in at 120lbs today (less if naked) and he basically told me that although I am thin, if he lipo'd my stomach, he could get a pretty descent result. I appreciated him spending so much time with me and listening to all of my questions and giving me his opinions. I felt very comfortable and did not mind him touching me to show me what he could do, while in there I decided I wanted him to make me one of his dolls! Oh, btw, his patient coordinator is also such a cool and sweet person. Anyway, after the visit, I sat down with her to discuss price, my mind was blown away when she quoted me $14,300, I was like WTH? She explained that there was an additional $3500 to lipo my stomach and without that fat, there would be no way to do the bbl. I was very disappointed because I know I could not afford that, I almost started crying right there. She did tell me that since I said I would consent to being on TV if ever asked, that could assist with decreasing the price, but who knows if that situation would ever arise. The also offer an aftercare package with garments, gels etc. for an additional $350. Overall, my visit was awesome and if I could afford it, I would be there in a heartbeat, but I can't, was really hoping it was around $11,000. Guess I'll continue my search.

Update, consult on Monday with Dr. Michael Constantin Gartner, DO

Hey Dolls,

My friend referred me to this doctor Michael Constantin Gartner, who is supposed to be the Booty King of New Jersey! I looked at his website and reviews, and he appears to be amazing! I saw at least 100 pics on his site and spoke to his office staff who stated that BBL's are his specialty. I am so excited, and I hope all goes well when I see him, I will be seeing him out of his NYC office and the surgery will be in Paramus NJ. That's not too far, I drive and my mom lives very close to that. I am soooo excited, I truly love all I have seen. Anyone, heard of him? Dr. Schulman said that if ppl do alot of bbl's they will have many pics on their site, and he does! Also, that they will do them at least 3 times per week, and he does! I feel more comfortable with him than I do Dr. Sadeh, only because I can see recent work, and a lot of it at that! Oh, his price is $8,500 for 3 areas of lip and $1500 for each add'l area, I feel like that is a great deal and within my budget.

Thanks for reading, sorry if there are any spelling errors!

Sx in 5 days, omg, so nervous!

My nerves are starting to get the best of me and I'm going crazy! I know my doctor is awesome, just nervous and hoping he does it the way I want. I gained 11lbs over the past month, which is more than what they advised, so I'm hoping everything comes out great! Ugh my nerves

wish pics

pre op photos

Sorry ladies, but I took them myself! Current weight 133lbs, 5" 1.

pics pre op

Sx in the morning!

My nerves are all over the place and I feel like tomorrow is so close! I have to be there at 6:30am for my 7:30 Sx. I was fine until everyone started asking me and I sure I'll be ok, I don't know why ppl do that. I still have things to do tonight, like line my bed, I am using a shower curtain I purchased, old sheets and some chucks. I will hace to do the same thing to my car in the morning. My finace' and my mom are both coming with me, so I'm confident that I'll be in good spirits. You can check out my other review for more detailed info, I was actually jumping between the two and didn't realize it. Anyway. ttly ladies

Today is the big day!

Not as nervous as I was yesterday, just ready for it to be done so I can began my recovery! So sorry for the spelling errors in my post above, updating from my phone and auto correct has a mind of its own, lol! Thank you so for your support throughout phase 1 of this process, I look forward to recovering with you! Gotta go get ready, have a great day, will update tomorrow!

2 days post op Gartner Doll

Hello ladies,
I have attempted to write this review 2x's and accidently deleted it both times. Gonna make this very short and sweet. My doctor, Dr. Gartner is such an amazing doctor and sculptor! My sx was on Monday at 7:30am I got there early, found out that I weighed 133, which meant that from my appt. on 2/22 to 3/07, I gained 14lbs. That's so awesome! My doctor came in after a while, discussed what I wanted to achieve again and began marking me up and taking pics. I as extremely nervous and hungry. The anesthesiologist was very nice, and before I knew it the Sx was over and I was heading home. The first day was pretty easy, I had my mom, sis and fiance' with me and hardly any pain cause I was numb. I kept throwing up every time I drank Gatorade and ended up just buying flavored water. Throwing up from the Gatorade also made it difficult to keep my antibiotics down, but once I stopped drinking it, it stayed down. I was not leaking a whole lot and did not have any drains. Trying to remember the important things cause I'm sleepy and need to lay down, if I forget anything, feel free to ask.
My behind looks amazing, my stomach is snatched and the pain is very minimal. Yesterday my pain level was around a 9, but today I was able to get up and go for a walk with my daughter. I was very nauseas yesterday but my doctor said it was from the vomiting and dehydration, so now that I have been drinking mostly water, I am no longer light headed. My doctor and his staff has called me everyday to check on me and be sure I have no unanswered questions. I am so pleased that I decided to go with him. He was only about to get about 1000cc's of good fat and I got about 498 in each cheek. I have been staying off my behind, and bird bathing, the garment was extra tight around my cheeks, so we cut it a bit, so I wouldn't kill my cells. Hoping to shower tomorrow, as I really don't want to have to put this tight garment on again, I hate it! Ummm, I can't really think of anything else that is relevant, other than my doctor was the best, and my recovery is going well. Thanks to all of you for your support. I will post pics too!


4 days post op


Had my first bowl movement, ugh, long story short, felt better just squatting as opposed to trying to use things to help me sit. My butt is so tight, but I'm loving it! Been walking outside everyday, drinking pineapple juice and blended Kale. I also ordered a larger garment cause mine was very painful even after I cut more if the cheek area out. Using my ab board in the front and lipo foam in the back, can't wait for my final results. Going shopping for some clothes tomorrow, cause this bootay needs to be shown off, lol! Love you Dolls

dropping inches

Hey ladies,

I know I need to buy a measurer to accurately document my size, but until I get to the store, I'm using a show strong and will later line it up with the accurate numbers. Right now, I can see that I lost 1 inch since my SX Monday. This is both in my waist and audio around my butt and hips. I am concerned about losing too much volume, as I did slip up and smoke two weeks prior to my sx, but I told my doctor. The day of sx weighed 133, two days ago I weighed 135.8. I have not had much of an appetite, but I will start back to waiting so I do not lose anymore weight.

actual sizes

4 days post op
Butt/stomach 40.2/3 inches
Waist 29.5 inches.

6 days post op
Butt/stomach 39 inches
Waist 29 inches

Today I am feeling so much better, could almost sit down for my BM, no more meds, and body feels great!


6 days post op

not wearing my garment, unnecessary supplies

Hey ladies, Just wanted to write a quick update on what's been going on with me. Today, I'm 13 days post op, I have not warn my garment since I hit 1 week, once the swelling went down it was baggy and I couldn't find a smaller one. Anyone know of a good brand? My doctor's office didn't stress me getting a new one because I'm already small and I had a major snapback after surgery. But, I really want to wear one. I asked when I can't start waist training and he said 6 weeks, can't wait! I've been having some tingling in my butt cheeks, which lets me know that things are moving around in there, hopefully those blood supplies are being created! My lower back is still very numb and sure at times, as of late, my inner thighs have been burning from the lipo and I just can't wait to see my final result. I'm already considering another procedure because I would like to gain more weight, but I understand that since the fat was transferred, if I gain it should already to back there, guess we'll see! I'll measure my waist today and post some pics. Hope this makes sense cause the auto correct on my phone is crazy! Oh, I also feel like I waisted so much money with the unnecessary supplies, I should've just listened to my doctorv and not everyone on different websites. Guess I'll Sundays some stuff to the Goodwill.

2 weeks post op

Guess who just bought their first pair of jeans!!!

Since the surgery, I've only been wearing leggings and sweat pants and I'm tired of it! I was afraid that any jeans would be too rough/tight and cause pressure on my behind which I did not want. Anyway, I headed over to H&M and tried on some jeans, I ended up finding some the were study, but they also hugged me well, I bought two pair. I also bought a catsuit which is something I've never been able to were cause my butt was flat. I'm so excited! I will be back on later writing another review about my first Sexual experience since the sx, and my technique for shaping my body without the garment.

Compression & waist cinching techniques!

Hey All,

I have been saying I was going to write this review, so here I go! So, the day after my surgery, I put on my garment provided by my doctor, (I will provide a photo below) and it was extremely tight! Not only could I not get my but cheeks to fit through the holes, but the pain around the cheeks felt like pure hell! I contacted the office and they told me I could make small slits around the area where my cheeks should be exposed, which will provide comfort and prevent any pressure on the newly transferred fat cells. By the end of that week, I lost 1.5 inches and the garment no longer fit, it was very baggy in many places, like my butt, back and stomach. With so much additional room in the garment, I knew that the compression that was needed, was not being applied. I looked online on Amazon, Ebay and some other random places and was unable to locate the type of garment that I was seeking. So, my surgery was on 3/7 and from 3/8 to 3/18, I did not have a garment! I contacted my provider’s office and was told they would send me another one, which they did not, and I had to figure something out. So, I had to improvise instead of just jumping and buying any garment that I found online and risk it not being the type I needed. That being said, when I used to work out, I did a lot of waist training, so I reverted back to what I knew…… When I left the center the day of my surgery I was provided with a binder, which was a wraparound compression type piece, with Velcro at the end. So, what I did was, some days I would use a product called Sweet Sweat, which is a clear cream that induces sweat while working out, or if it’s worn during the day. I used the Sweet Sweat and wrapped one layer of saran wrap around it, along with the compression wrap on the top. I would wear that for about 12 hours, than remove the saran wrap and just use the compression wrap. I also, put on two layers of leggings that I had prior to the surgery, and since my body was swollen, it was tight enough to create compression. When I went to the doctor for my 1 week follow up, I wore my homemade compression garment, and my doctor was in shock at the results he saw! My provider could not believe how much my swelling had gone down, especially considering the fact that I did not take any pills or anything for the swelling. (I will insert pics from my first visit above) I am, and was so happy with the fact that my stomach managed to locate the abs that I once had prior to the weight gain, lol! BTW, I ended up locating a garment that I paid $141 for and here I am a week later and I can’t fit it any longer because my waist is too tiny, and with the diet I created, my hips are spreading, lol, such a waste! Back to my homemade garments!

Pics of compression wrap & Sweet Sweat product

Pics from my post op appt. 1 week

check out my new waist!

Butt/ thigh = 39.5 inches
Waist = 26 3\4 inches

Thanks to everyone!

Hi Dolls and future dolls,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for reading my reviews and commenting. All of your compliments and questions have really made me feel good about my results and about helping you all to decide on the provider you would like to consider. While I love the decision I made, to go with Dr. Michael Gartner, I understand that everyone has to go with the provider that is the best fit for them. I hope that my updates and information I have provided has helped you all a great deal with your journey, we are all family now, and feel free to inbox me at any point if you have any questions regarding my journey. xoxo

4weeks post op

6 weeks post op

Hey Dolls,

I made my six weeks on Monday, and I'm overjoyed with my results!!!! My doctor told me that what I am seeing is pretty much weekday I can expect and that if it goes down anymore, it will be a very unnoticeable change. Right now, my behind had not changed in size in about 4 weeks, and I love it! My swelling is 99% down, he told me I no longer need the faja and I'm cleared to workout! I also signed a consent form to be on his website, yayyyyyy! I love, love, love my results and the office staff over there! I'm actually thinking of taking some pictures to show the future dolls the positions I used to stay off of my behind for 5 weeks. I returned to work and everyone's heads turned, lol, loved it! I feel so much more confident and this was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about my recovery and techniques. I just took a pic, gonna post it for you all to see.

7 weeks and on cloud 9!

I think the pics say it all!!!! Thanks Dr. Gartner!

Beware of pictures in Doctor photo galleries!

Hi Dolls,

I just wanted to write this because I noticed that, like myself, many women who are looking to have a BBL (and other surgeries) done by a doctor, we first base our opinion off of the pictures we see on their websites. As many of you see in my own photos, I have a great deal of projection and not much hip. This is a comment that many have made, and some just look at those pics and assume that this is the type of work my doctor always does. However, this is not the case, we are not able to base our decisions or opinions off of a picture, because we are uncertain about what the patient asked for. With me, I did not want anything to my hips AT ALL! I only wanted projection because I knew I was working with a limited amount of donor fat. Please do not exclude doctors based off of someone else's pics, take the time to do your own research and let the doctor know what your goals are, everyone does not have the same goals, therefore, will not have the same result.

Have a great day ladies!!!

Checkout that Gartner bootay!!!


3 months post!

Happy 3 month birthday to Shabooty, I only lost about 15% after my Sx, I know they say around 30-40%, but I guess my techniques worked. This has drastically changed my life!

update on my stomach!

Looking good!

Ab update!

Update on these abs, lol, still going strong!
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

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