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I have to be honest: This surgery has changed my...

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.

I have to be honest: This surgery has changed my life.

Prior to my initial BBL surgery on May 7, 2012, the best way to describe my appearance was "cute." I just wasn't the girl that people stare at when I'm crossing the street. I never thought anyone would consider me attractive based on my body. My tummy has always been big, even when my legs were like twigs growing up and I had a huge pot belly. As I grew older, the rest of my body didn't grow into my big tummy, my tummy just kept getting larger.

As a small girl 5'3, a big tummy stands out--and not in a good way. By the time my teenage years hit, I just kept getting larger and larger, until I was 170 pounds at my largest. I have no idea how I became so big! I'd never worked out in my life, and between working full time and going to college full time, I never made time to work out.

At my largest, my now ex-husband would make fun of my size and would occasionally tease me for looking pregnant. He thought it would encourage me to workout, and it did encourage me to work out, but it also encouraged me to find a way to live without his pessimism.

At the beginning of last year, I divorced him and started to think about who I really wanted to be. I lost about 65 pounds, and at my lightest, I was a terrifying 104-105 pounds! I couldn't even recognize myself, and while I liked being tiny, my true shape came out--I was pretty boxy, but I wanted to be more feminine.

I started to Google inspirational images of very feminine women and I noticed one thing they all had in common was an hour glass shape. Somehow during that research, I came across Realself and saw the image that I considered to be ideal. After a few clicks, I noticed there was a procedure called the "Brazilian Butt Lift" -- I don't know about y'all, but I about crapped my pants knowing that surgery could achieve the look that I wanted!

I decided to shop around and I visited a few doctors in Manhattan. I considered traveling, but while price was a concern for me, I wasn't convinced that saving money would justify the risks I may be taking with a doctor outside of my home state.

Picking Dr. Schulman was so easy after my initial consultation. When I say no pressure, this man truly puts no pressure on his patients. His consultations are free, he is attentive to your concerns and he knows exactly what he's doing.

I was able to schedule my BBL for 2 months after my initial consultation and that's when my whirlwind adventure began! I became obsessed with the images I saw on Realself! I must have had 20 wish pics!!

The same reason that led me to my initial BBL is leading me to my revision: I want to have the ultimate feminine body.

I believe during my initial BBL, Dr. Schulman had to spend a lot of time sculpting shape that wasn't there already, but now that I have a better foundational shape from the initial surgery, my shape will only get better. I think Dr. Schulman had to do a lot of work to get me where I am now. My body seems small, but he took out 11 pounds of fat! O_O

While I'm still shapely, I want perfection--or at least something close. For those of you who followed my previous review, you recall that my butt wouldn't take much more fat that 250ccs because my skin is very taught. Now that I've had an initial BBL, my butt will be able to take more fat and I can't wait!

I'm also concerned that during recovery, I didn't get back to working out quickly enough. Now that I have workout equipment in my apartment that I use daily, I'm not worried about putting on fat in the same places. I also didn't have the right garment sizes during my healing because I was negligent in ordering the right sizes when my initial sizes became loose, but I have made all the necessary waist shaper/faja purchases, and I know I'll be able to maintain my new shape--trust me the right faja is very important.

In short, I'm going for an even better me. I'm a little nervous that maybe my body is just not meant to be a stunner, but I refuse to give up before I try. Maybe I'm fighting my body type, but so what? I'm fighting my way to hotness, and nobody can stop me! ;)

I'm back, Big Booty Beauties!! <3 (I explain why I've been away!) I missed you all!!

Wow... Where do I begin? It's been about one year since my last review (I'm sorry, y'all) and I'll explain why it has taken me so long to update!

First, I had planned to have Round 2 earlier this year. I was so excited about it y'all. About two months before surgery, I started to have this ridiculous heartburn and uncontrollable coughing fits during the night and couldn't sleep! After a few weeks of not being able to sleep and being delirious because of my insomnia, I finally let my friends convince me to see an ENT (Ear Nose Throat specialist).

My ENT did a quick endoscopy - He stuck that skinny tube so fast in my nose to look at my throat that I didn't even have time to prepare for the nasty feeling! He told me that I had something called LPR (Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease). That it is usually common in kids, but I had a severe case and my voice box may be permanently damaged from the stomach acid that was not properly receding. He asked me if I wore tight clothes (and I knew this dude was messing with me because post-surgery, I've been wearing body con dresses pretty much all the time and a waist trainer...). I looked at him like "Why are you messing with me?" He said I needed to stop wearing tight clothes if I wanted the LPR to go away. He said the waist trainers and tight clothes were compressing my stomach so much that the stomach acid didn't know where to go, so it started chewing away at my throat and even my voice box. He said I could permanently lose my voice and damage my throat if I didn't stop and heal.

I was shell shocked~~!

What the hell? Clearly I knew nothing about the dangers that I had exposed myself to with my waist training and tight clothing...

So I backed off waist training and stopped wearing any fajas to sleep.

Truth be told, it took 3 months for the acid to recede. I was on Prilosec/Zantac 3 times a day (one before each meal, and one after each meal). The acid was bad, y'all. When I say I couldn't sleep but a few minutes each night, I mean it.

I called Dr. S and told him what was going on. He agreed with my ENT doc's recommendations and we decided to postpone my surgery until I was healed completely of LPR.

Fast forward to late summer, I started feeling better~! My acid wasn't keeping me up at night anymore, and as you may have guessed it, not wearing a garment took it's toll on my tiny waist.

My waist size went up from a 24 to a 27 in like weeks, and then settled at a 28-29 (damn, y'all). What's interesting is my butt never changed. That behemoth is still a 42!

Another bad thing happened, my back fat grew with a vengeance. I started to look like a very heavy up-top hour glass, ew!

So, *ring* I called Dr. Schulman and scheduled a consultation.

The moment I saw him walk into the exam room, I confessed: "Dr. Schulman, I went and got fat." Those of you who know Dr. Schulman, already know his response: "Well, why did you go and do that for?" We get to talking and he examines my weight gain.

Truly I gained most of my weight in my back. From the front, I still look stunning, but my back doesn't look great anymore. There's just too much weight in my upper back for you to see my shape anymore. Also my inner upper thigh has a fat pooch.

Dr. Schulman says "So are you going to workout, or you want to make me do all the work?" My lazy ass says, "You are going to have to do all the work, Dr. S!"

I've decided that I like my ass just the way it is. I would just like to make everything else smaller. My surgery date is set!

The Ten Stages of the BBL Journey

Those of us who have gone through this surgery know exactly what this journey means and hopefully this list will resonate with you. For those who are yet to go through this surgery, hopefully this will help you prepare and you'll realize everything you're going through is normal!

Stay Butt-iful

1. Excitement
You have come to the realization that you can change your body to the hour glass goddess shape you've always wanted. You stumble on RS and start to discover "wish pics". You start collecting wish pics and have hundreds! You settle on the shape you actually want. Maybe you download an app that modifies your pre-surgery body so you can see what you may look like after surgery.

You find a surgeon or several and ask for quotes.

2. Fear
The BBL surgeons give you quotes and the prices leave you shell-shocked. You realize BBL is a huge commitment and will change your life--that is very scary. Also, BBL can be expensive. How are you going to justify spending this money on yourself? You start to wonder if this was even a good idea. You decide you're going to go through with it anyway because you never do anything for yourself!

3. Shopping Addiction
You buy every ointment, gauze, pillow, garment you can find or that someone recommends, you buy. You buy new clothes in anticipation of your new body. You take some before pictures with the clothes on and fantasize about what your new body will look like in those clothes.

4. Anxiety and Doubt
Several times during the process, you are struck with a sense that this may not work out well. What if it's a scam? You check on reviews for your chosen BBL surgeon again and again. At this point, you've paid for surgery so there's no backing out, but you just want to be sure you're in good hands. You look at RS reviews by other women who have had this surgery by your chosen surgeon.

You try to calm your nerves and just go through it. Your surgeon sets your mind at ease and you feel no pain during surgery day~

6. Exhaustion and Pain
Surgery is done and all your anxiety about it has made you tired. Plus this is major surgery and it hurts. You feel every movement and sleeping on your face is no joke when you can't roll over on your back simply. You are stiff when you stay in one position for too long.

7. Sadness/Depression/Disappointment
This usually comes in its most dramatic form on Day 3-5 post-op but you may have it at different points during recovery. You start to think that because you can't see the results dramatically that maybe the surgery was a waste of money and it didn't work. You cry -- a lot. You go on your RS profile and you vent to others. You post pictures wondering if you're overreacting--in most cases you are overreacting. You realize the only people who can truly understand what you're going through are those who went through the surgery.

8. Exhilaration
The pain passes slightly and you start to notice your new butt. Maybe you've walked outside and others notice you more than usual. You start to feel a bit more confident.

9. Fear
If you didn't tell anyone you were having surgery, maybe you're afraid about what people will think since you clearly can't hide your donk! You start to think: "What if people I know ask me about what I've done?" Then you realize they won't...and they don't. If they do notice, you tell them you've been squatting a lot lately and eating well.

10. BBL-itis
After some fluffing, your butt really looks glorious. You may start to have some butt envy or BBL-itis as I like to call it and you are convinced that you can get a better bigger rounder butt. You start to plan for round 2 and go back to #1 on this list!

1 year and 7 months post Round 1 (Pictures - NSFW)

Alright, so I figured I might as well put up some post round 1, pre round 2 pictures. I really let myself go after my round 1. But given that I did that, I still look pretty good in some areas. The scoop and shelf butt at still there (42inches) but I'm not happy with my 28/29 waist, or my huge back with so much back fat.

My goal for this round are reducing my waist, stomach, back fat, and inner thighs. Dr. Schulman will reshape as though he's going to add fat into my butt, but without adding any more fat.

Perception Problem

Alright ladies, I'm going to level with y'all. Sometimes I think the problem with how I look really has nothing to do with how I look. It's kind of in my head. Yes my body can be improved with some lipo, but what would really make a dramatic difference is if I decided to make a lifestyle change. I don't workout as much as I need to, I don't eat as well as I could, I don't really make the difficult choices necessary to have a banging body. I need to though. I don't want this surgery to become an annual thing. I want to look great by my own two hands. I'm just tired of looking in the mirror on some days and seeing how great I look and other days thinking I look awful. I need to work on my eyes not just my waist...

Surgery next week! (Added fat grafting to my butt)

Alright - so this is a bona fide BBL now lol. I just spoke with Rachel at Dr. S' office today and Dr. S is willing to graft some fat to my butt. Can I be totally frank? The fat in my lower back is like 0% right now and it physically hurts - I feel like I need less of a shelf and more of a slope so I plan to ask Dr. S to put back some fat in my lower back so I have less pain in that area. I also plan to ask Dr. S to round out my butt a little more and fix one of the potholes that were not completely rounded out in Round 1. Maybe I will emerge from surgery with a 44 or 43 (instead of my current 42). Maybe I should ask for more hips? Idk... Thoughts?

Also, I was just going through some old posts and came across the old profile for BirminghamBooty:

BBLDollie May 19, 2013
I know Birmingham is busy recovering from a post I read on another RealSelfer's review (mbones). I wish you speedy recovery and I'm praying for you. For those curious about what's going on, here's what she wrote to mbones: "BirminghamBooty 16 May 2013 Hey girl I meant to check on you after I saw your comment on my page but I haven't really been up to it. Basically my surgeon told me that Dr P used a contaminated cannula on me bc I "tunnels" of infection up my back so they had to cut out about a foot of infected tissue. They told me if I wouldn't have came to the ER when I did it would have spread to my organs and I would have died within a couple of days. Just keep massaging and keep your pretty head up bc it could be worse, I find myself mad too bc not only did I spend money on the sx but also my insurance isn't covering my $50,000 hospital bill, try and stay positive, we are both lucky to be here, guess he had an off week when we were down there. Much love to you."

This post reminded me that this surgery is serious. I am thankful that I am putting my life in the hands of a professional, but I do not take this process lightly at all. I want a better body but I refuse to let that cost me my life. Thank God for sending me Dr. Schulman and I know his hands are blessed and that surgery will go very well.

Planning Post-Op/Recovery Meals

So because of my IBS and reflux issues, I've been watching my food intake and being pretty particular about what I put in my body. Now I'm working on planning my post-op meals. I've made a number of smoothies and put them in the freezer, I've seasoned chicken breasts (pictured) and put them in the freezer and washed/prepped veggies and tofu for easy access after surgery. I don't take for granted that after my round 1, I ate like a pig and that's why I'm back for round 2. I intend to watch what I eat without starving myself from now on.

Anybody else planning out meals for post-op?

I've also bought:
- bbl pillow
- a foam wedge
- 5' extra firm memory foam topper for my bed (so I can cut a whole for my butt and sleep on my back if I absolutely have to)
- a bunch of tiger balm-like rubs for soothing comfort to help with itching post-op
- some baggy jumpsuits (long sleeved and with gym clothes fabric for the first few days post-op)
- lots of spandex so I am not tempted to wear any jeans for at least the first two months after surgery
- new underwear called "skimp skamp" that is very comfy and goes up to midwaist so I don't get that funky underwear crease at my belly button
- undershirts for under my garment
- two new spanks bras so I don't get the funky dimpling in my back from a regular bra strap
- epsom salt baths (soon as I can take a bath, I'm using these)
- compression socks
- Scar Away adhesive for incision sites. I used these after Round 1 and they helped in many areas and I have no scarring in those areas where they stayed on.
- Lipo foam
- Ab binder (Ka'oir waist trainer)
- Abdominal board
- Diurex water pill (I need to ask Dr. Schulman if this is OK to use)

Didn't I say I wasn't planning to shop for Round 2 :) I guess things change!

Dr. Schulman has a BBL recovery package

Did you know?? I just found out from his FB page today that Dr. Schulman has a BBL recovery package that includes the following all for only $350 ( I wish I had known before I purchased so many things on my own because it is a steal

A completely comprehensive kit of everything you will need during your Brazilian butt lift recovery. A $150 savings!

Kit includes:
Arnika Forte, Adhesive Remover, Biocorneum Scar Gel, Body Of Knowledge Contouring Recovery Cream, Additional Stage 1 Compression Garment “FBOS”, and your choice of Stage 2 Compression Garment “FBS” or “High Waist Thong”

Recommended Use:
Arnika Forte
• A natural dietary supplement to reduce bruising and swelling and speed recovery after surgery
• Begin two days prior to your surgery
• Take one capsule twice per day for 7 days

Adhesive Remover
• After surgery, you will have adhesive foam on areas of your body where liposuction was performed.
• When permitted to shower (usually 4 days after surgery) spray adhesive remover all around foam to remove before shower

Biocorneum Scar Gel
• You may begin using the scar gel when approved by Dr. Schulman. (Usually 10-14 days post-surgery)
• Apply to clean, dry skin. Apply to area in a very thin layer and allow to dry completely (4 to 5 minutes).
• Once dry, bioCorneum+ can be covered with cosmetics or compression garments.
• Adhering to the twice daily treatment schedule consistently every day is important
• Use until bottle is gone, typically 3-4 months.

Body Of Knowledge Contouring Recovery Cream
• Begin using on affected area 7-10 days post surgery
• Apply twice per day on clean, dry skin
• Cream can be massaged in until absorbed
• Will assist in firming, contouring and soothing skin after surgery

- See more at:


My BBL is at 11:30 A.M.

I'm just waking up and taking a shower (antibacterial soap). Going to wear my jumpsuit. I can't decide how to explain my butt wishes to Dr. Schulman. I definitely don't want a much bigger butt. I just want the hip that went down filled in and I want the butt rounded out. I guess I'll just say that! Maybe to be safe I'll ask him to make it bigger than I want so it can go down :)

See you all on the other side!

Awake and not loopy! (Sneak peek pics)

Hey y'all - Round 2 is not playing! Dr. S and team said my BBL is for the record books and literally looks perfect. I can't see it fully yet but I'm super happy with what I see. I am bootiful for real. Now I feel like a doll.

I went in the OR at noonish and was out at 4:30. I was awake by 5:30 and released at 6:30.

I'm grateful to God for everything. I never dreamed in my life that my body could get even better and it has. My God never fails me! I'll update more when I'm less sore.

Side note: if you have loop issues with Percocet, ask for something else! I'm on hydromorphone hcl. Takes the edge off without the loopy feeling.

Xoxo dolls

Pictures from surgery day

Day 2/3 Pain is Intense

I feel like I forgot how bad the pain was, especially getting out of bed the first few days. I'm so stiff and sore. Gravity is being such a pain and it feels like my stomach is ripping everytime I get up. I don't regret this but I've definitely cried from day 2 pain... I did not miss recovery

Day 4 - Shower!

I finally made it to Day 4 and took two showers today :) One at 5am and another in the afternoon right before my first massage.

I called Alexis who makes house calls and she came over for my massage. Lord it hurt like crazy. I thought I had massages last round, but clearly I didn't know what I was talking about. This massage was PAINFUL but my swelling went down tremendously. I don't know what I was thinking but right now I feel better and I'm already wearing a one size smaller garment (crazy). Alexis is thebombdotcom. No other way to say it. Plus she's had the surgery too and she looks like a beautiful Barbie with a donk!

I'm not going to lie, I cried, screamed, threatened, yelled and generally hated the massage during the massage. But now that it is over, I feel so damn good. I'm booked for 10 massages so I'll be seeing her again on Wednesday for the second one.

Day 5 - Worst recovery day ever... (but I did poop!!)

I don't know why but day 5 always gets to me. I took 3 showers today and each one was just to calm me down...

I nearly passed out waking up this morning because I wore my smaller garment to sleep and woke up swollen like a blowfish. I could barely breathe. I stripped off the garment and hopped in a hot shower. The showers this round are a godsend. I also felt the urge to poop after drinking 5-6 glasses of cold water before my meals this morning. It was amazing y'all. There's a stitch in my butt crack that was trying to get in the way of my poo service this morning, but I screamed through it all. It was an overflowing service (tmi) LOL

Also I felt so loopy... I called Dr. Schulman and got instructions to stop taking every medication, stop massages (he advises against it anyway), get back in the surgery day garment and chill. I took his advice and I feel slightly better.

Round 2 is NO joke. I think the massage may have been too soon and too aggressive for me. Look, I don't handle pain well! My body knows how to resolve pain well on its own but I really don't handle pain well generally. I feel every twinge and I hate it.

Good news though? My arms are stronger than a mug since I've been using them hard core for the past five days. Every time I reposition myself, I do a solid arms only push up LOL...

I miss being my normal self though so hopefully I'll get some medication free sleep tonight and I can get better by tomorrow...

Masseuse Info - Alexis (347) 723-6475 (Lymphatic Drainage)

I know she's doing her job well since I peed like 10 gallons overnight (and it smelled funky - tmi) and today, but I just can't take the pain at this stage.

Hopefully Dr. Schulman will give the OK for massages on Tuesday during my first post-op appointment but I have this feeling that he may say no based on the swelling and bruises I got from the first massage he may make me wait a while or say no entirely.

Few tips about the massage
- It will hurt more than surgery. Trust me. There is no pain medication imo that will make it better. Even her "gentle" version feels like a vice grip!
- You will cry and cuss her and her momma out.
- She doesn't use a massage table so it's a plus if you have one at home or you can use your bed like I did.
- Each 1 hr session is $70 (cash); you can get a package of 10 for $600 (I tried to negotiate but it's already really affordable so I failed in negotiating a lower price lol)
- She brings all her supplies - oils, heating pads, plastic wrap, gloves, etc.
- She's had surgery before so she knows exactly what you're going through (I don't want to put all her info out there but if you ask her for details about her surgery she will tell you I'm sure)
- She has really good energy and I like her soul... She's also a professional so don't worry about anything


So I've been going through the motions and earlier today I was adamant that I was never planning to physically carry my own children in my belly because I never want to feel this type of pain again. Lord... I was crying. I cry a lot apparently LOL

Anyway as of right now I'm feeling much better. I think it takes a while for all the meds to pass through your system and I'm still detoxing... I can feel every pain but it beats being looped up.

I took some measurements:
Bust (fullest part) - 37
Waist (smallest part) - 31
Hips/butt (fullest part) - 45

Not bad and going down every single day

Day 7 - Never looked better (PICS)

I'll take measurements later tonight but I just got really happy seeing myself this morning.

Also, I'm almost passed being loopy. I've been trying to drink 1 gallon of water each day to help with the flush, but it's been tough for me to drink that much water at once so it took me a little over a day each day to finish one gallon, but I think I can do it today.

My pain is also much much better today than any other day since surgery. Getting to sleep is still tough as nails (really it feels more like my body is made of cinder blocks when it's sleep time), but I was able to sleep on my 5' memory foam with a hole cut out for my butt (measured with my preop butt).

I slept uninterrupted in two 3 hour shifts last night. I woke up at 3am because I had to pee and woke up again at 6am because my body was so stiff and painful that it woke me up. One of my sides has a badly swollen area near my underarms and it's been such a pain...

It's much better right now that I have my garment, foam and board on :)

Things that have been incredibly helpful Day 1-7:
- Showers (when permitted) - I've taken multiple showers a day. I start off very hot to get my blood flowing and softening aching muscles and nerves and then once I start sweating in the shower, I switch to cooler water which is numbing and refreshing

- Washing my garment daily - I wash my garment every morning during my shower and toss it in the dryer on delicate for 30 minutes. When I'm not wearing my garment, I'm wearing a shaper and tight yoga pants. The best feeling is slipping into a HOT garment because it's like giving your muscles a full body HOT hug. Irreplaceable and especially feels nice on the thighs

- Planned/preseasoned meals - I meal prepped and even though I don't have much of an appetite, I force myself to eat one of my preseasoned chicken breast each day. I wrap the chicken breast in some aluminum foil and toss it in the oven. Put some green beans or asparagus in some foil and toss it in the oven too.

- (Try to) Drink 1 gallon of water a day. The only way to clean out/detox after anesthesia/drugs, etc.

- Have someone helping you! Man, I do not recommend going this journey alone at all. It is rough and it is nice to have someone who will care for you for the first few days.

Day 8 - First time seeing my own BOOTY (IN SHOCK! PICS)

Even I can't believe what I'm seeing really that I would get such an improvement.

A few picture taking requirements on my part and to maintain integrity of the picture:
- Choose a white wall for anonymity
- Stand relaxed. The distance between my feet is no more than the length of one of my feet (I wear a 6.5-7 shoes) I think it's not fair when folks stand with their legs far apart and pretend their doctor gave them a thigh gap when they really don't have on standing regularly
- Do not raise my hands/arms in the air - keep them waist height. I think this gives the illusion that bra rolls are completely gone when they may not be. But I had to cover my boobs
- Post all the pictures I took in the session even if I thought it didn't look great.

I noticed a few other dolls doing this instinctively and I think it helps to keep the process honest. There's no way we can have a generally uniform way of judging the work of our doctors if we keep trying to make the results look better so we can get compliments

Measurements on Day 8
bust (fullest part) - 38
waist (natural waist - may not be the smallest part) - 30
butt (fullest part) - 43 (Happy to come down from 45! I slept on it a little to make sure this happened lol

Day 8 - PICS now attached

Day 10 - Best recovery day yet!

I'm in the medium sized garment now (still Stage 1 garment). My upper body somehow lost 2 inches in the last day or so. Dr. Schulman was not playing with my lipo!

I'm still very swollen and bruised in my upper body but it's almost as though you can't tell because I already look like I lost weight since before surgery.

Bust (largest area) - 36 inches
Waist (smallest area) - 30 inches
Butt (largest area) - 43 inches

My only qualms are that I haven't really been comfortable enough using the foam/board because I seem to get more swollen when I'm stuffed up with all those things.

My appetite is back but because I've been controlling my sodium intake and other things (for my reflux), I am not able to eat things I loved before surgery like over spiced foods (ew gross too salty), kettle corn popcorn (ew gross too sweet!), fried foods (gross too heavy) and I actually think this will help me a LOT going forward.

To say this surgery changed my life again is an understatement. I've never looked or felt this good -- even after round 1. I feel like this time around, I treated surgery as a lifestyle change from the inside out (previous surgery was just a physical change). I decided I would no longer do crash diets, but rather eat as much as I wanted of healthy food: lean meats, loads of veggies, loads of earth to table foods (not processed) and I feel so good.

I hope my round 1, round 2 helps other people so maybe they don't have to go through round 2... I hope my pictures show honestly the results that my surgeon can provide on someone with a body similar to mine.

I wish all the other dolls happy healing! This surgery is not for wimps lol, and I will never do this again.

I have my post-op on Tuesday. My stitches will be removed and Dr. Schulman will tell me all about the surgery including how much fat was removed (pounds and ccs)

I meant to share this - In round 1, Dr. Schulman was only able to add 350ccs to each butt cheek. In round 2, Dr. Schulman was able to add 450ccs to one cheek and 550ccs to the other.

In total round 1 plus 2 that means 800ccs and 900ccs were added to my butt. It definitely results in a dramatic improvement from my pre-surgery butt.

Day 12 - Stitches removed!

It feels good to have the stitches out. I barely felt anything when they were being removed which is great -- I was so worried. The stitches used for my surgery were not the dissolvable kind since I had a bad reaction to the dissolvables used last time. Allison had to remove every single stitch and she was very good at the removal.

I also got some details on the fat removal - 2500ccs of fat was removed from my body. 1400 from my abdomen and 1100 from my back (gross!)

bust - 36
waist - 29
hips - 43

I think I'm healing up nicely. This stage 1 garment is incredibly comfortable so I plan to keep wearing it for the recovery period. I don't plan to get a stage 2 garment, but maybe I'll use one of the old garments I have lying around.

This recovery is no joke. I know I couldn't have kept my chin up without the dolls here who kept me in their prayers and said kind words to me. I'm so thankful for you...

3 weeks post (measurements)

Bust - 35
Waist - 28
Hips - 42

About the same. I'm able to fit in an XS of this Faja (

I wasn't able to fit it after round 1, but round 2, it's no problem at all :) My inner thighs have been going down dramatically and my shape just looks beautiful to me.

In sum, yea still never doing this surgery again but it was so worth it.

(Sidenote on stitches: I've found three stitches that were not removed so when I go for my one-month PO appointment, I'll have them removed. I just hope they don't leave tracks in my healing since I seem to be healing very quickly.

5 weeks PO (Pics)

Hi there!

I'm now 5 weeks out and my results are clearly much better because my swelling has gone down dramatically.

5 weeks PO (a few more pics)

The previous update is incomplete!

Anyway - I'm no longer taking any meds for anything and my swelling has gone down dramatically.

Measurements are:
Bust - 35 (I still have some massive swelling on one side of my boob that feels like a rock)
Waist - 27 (No plans to waist train smaller because of my digestive issues)
Booty - 41/42 :)

Almost 7 weeks...

I just wanted to share my picture randomly taken in bed yesterday morning...

Bust 34
Waist 26.5
Hips 41/42

Happy healing friends :)

Two Months (9 weeks) Post Op! (Progress Pics)

Yesterday (3/11/15), I had my two month PO follow up appointment and photo op with Dr. Schulman. He expects I won't lose any of the fat in my butt and says I should sleep naturally from here on out (thank God! Shhh I've been sleeping like a monster for two weeks lol but thankfully no negative effects).

Bae loves my shape. Truthfully he's bae because he loves me as Sponge Bob and as Jessica Rabbit ;)

Bust - 34
Waist - 26
Hips/Butt - 41

I think I may lose a little more weight but not because I'm trying to really. My goal is to stay healthy including working out so I figure a little more may come off in the way of inches. No more waist training for me, and I only wear my garment to work -- since it is cold outside, the garment is like thermal wear for me haha :)

I decided to start massages with Alexis again and it still hurts like crazy but it hurts so good on some level. My arms (lipo-ed in R1 only and not R2, have seriously needed some crazy kneading as they stayed painful/sore) are getting a lot of attention from Alexis and she has made it her goal to make them go down and show the best result of that R1 lipo and to be honest, it's working.

I'll update again with more pictures when Dr. Schulman sends me the official before and after pics :)

Side note: The wedgie level on this R2 booty is ridiculous! I've never had such deep wedgies before in my life LOL.

New Obsession: Ab Etching

If you asked me in January, February or March if I'd ever consider surgery again, I would've told you that you were mad and stormed off crying remembering the pain from this R2.

But.... I recently heard about ab etching in Colombia and I've been gawking at pictures of this procedure. Just go to instagram and type in #abetching and you'll be hooked too!

Anyone ever considered it?

[Pics] About 6 month PO

It's been about six month since R2 and I still get pain in my abdomen, and some pain when I sit down for too long, but I am content with my results and have no desire to get a BBL again. I definitely have the slope and donk that I wanted ;)

Measurements are:
bust - 36
waist - 27
hips/butt - 44! (fluffed)

I haven't worn a garment in months (lol) and have no plans to waist-train or anything of the sort. I've just been focused on eating well and working out, and that's really it. Oh plus massages by Alexis.

I've missed you guys though but I'm so out of the loop that I wouldn't know where to start.

Some tips for those considering surgery: this surgery requires maintenance and even if you maintain expect to gain weight in unusual places like your face, arms, knees :/ That waist may stay snatched but that fat will find somewhere else to sit which is sad but so true. BBL is not a cure all... It changes the distribution somewhat, but if you do not maintain, you will gain and it'll be nasty (trust me!!)

Happy to answer any questions :)

My ass is still fire

Measurement update
Bust: 36
Waist: 29/30
Hips: 46

It's been a year and a half since round 2 and my ass is still phat - It grew a little lol. I still workout daily, but I don't really watch what I eat and that's probably why my size is the same. That said, I have no complains.

I would say I prefer the surgery after a good year and a half because it took this long for my butt to get soft lol (thick skin - what can I say). Incision points still itch every now and again and I would love a tummy tuck after I have children, but this is still my best investment in my body to date.

Zero regrets~!


One more pic

This is from this morning. I'll have to take some true body pics later today!
New York Plastic Surgeon

The best record and experience in my opinion. My revision went amazingly well. At my most recent follow up, Dr. S confirmed that he has no fat left to remove from my body LOL, so no R3 for me. I have a slim upper back and waist and full butt. I feel so glad I chose Dr. S for R1 and R2. I never had to worry about an infection, lipo lumps or dead space (hard spots/dead fat) in my bottom. You get what you pay for, imo. I paid for the best, and I got it!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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