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Hello. I am 31 years old and 3 children. I have...

Hello. I am 31 years old and 3 children. I have been considering a bbl and arm lipo for about 2 years. I had breast reduction in 2011. I went from a 38DDD to a 38 C. I am 5'6 and 190. I had a consultation with Dr. Yager but, his bbl did not convinced me. I found Dr. Schulman here on RS. I had my consultation yesterday 4/6/13. Him and his staff made me feel so comfortable and he answered all my questions. My surgery is scheduled for 5/6/13, yayyyy. My dream of having the butt of my dreams is coming true. My only concern is the recovery process. I am wondering how am I going to feel right after I wake up from my surgery. For some reason, I can't download my pics.

Today I went cloths shopping and reminded myself...

Today I went cloths shopping and reminded myself why I want this procedure done.

Hello BBL sisters...My day is almost here. Less...

Hello BBL sisters...My day is almost here. Less than 2 weeks to go. I finally got my meets and still nit nervous at all. All I do is wonder how I'm going to look. I stopped shopping for clothes in case I size change.... I hope lol. I have faith that Dr. S is going to meet my expectations. I am wondering if I should get another garmet. This so surreal

My sisters will be taking turns caring for me. They still think I dont need this surgery but, continue to be very supportive. That's all I. I'm not sure about what other meds to buy besides the one the prescriptions my doc gave. I am so excitedBob

Can't upload pics:-(. Could it be my phond? I got...

Can't upload pics:-(. Could it be my phond? I got a Galaxy 3

I got medical clereance today. I'm good to go. I...

I got medical clereance today. I'm good to go. I also informed HR that I will be taking a week off from work. Hopefully I'll be comfortable enough to rerurn to work after 7 days. I also got Arnica gel and tablets, female urinal and will be getting a boppy pillow next week. I'm trying to keep a positve mind through thia journey. This surgery dir sure will change my life.

Still struggling to upload my pics :-(

Finally able to download pics... this took a lot...

Finally able to download pics... this took a lot ot courage bbl sis.. lol

Good morning bbl sisters.. I have been thinking so...

Good morning bbl sisters.. I have been thinking so much about this surgery. I even had a nightmare last night that an Anesthesiologist was chasing me holding a big

OK, so as off today I'm scheduled for Monday 5/6 @...

OK, so as off today I'm scheduled for Monday 5/6 @ 10:45am. I was told to arrive at 10:00am. Omg bbl sisters, there's no turning back now.

Tomorrow is my big day and I'm excited and nervous...

Tomorrow is my big day and I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I know I'm in good hands. God in charge.

I first want to say thank you for all the best...

I first want to say thank you for all the best wishes and prayers sooooooo, that being said, I made to the other side BBL sisters. I got to the facility at 10:05am. 5 minutes late, downtown traffic. The team was already waiting for me and made me feel si special. I was taken to another room where I met my Nurse and Anesthesiologist (sweet ppl). The both asked me a few questions about previous surgeries and meds that I'm taking. The surgical team was already waiting for me. I changed into the gown, took pregnancy test and Dr. S took pics. He pointed out that one of my butt cheeck was a little bigger than the other.I think this was a first for He told me that he was going to try to even it out. Dr. S. Made me feel calm and confident. After they finished prepping me, I was taking to the OR. When I woke up, my butt fell a little sore. The lipo area do not hurt. They just feel tender ti the touch annd numb. My butt feels numb too but, I LOVE IT. I GOT A BEAUTYFUL, ROUND BOOTY. I know I'm swollen but , I love what I see. Dr. S did his thing. Got 1050 in one butt cheek and 1250 in the other to even them out. I cried a little when I first saw my self. I am one sexy mama.

First night was a turture. I sleep probably 1...

First night was a turture. I sleep probably 1 hour at a time ; (. I was getting up to use the bathroom a lot. I'm very sore and swollen. Would I do this again, yes a thousand times. ;)????? my results. This is soooooo worth it.

I am following my ps discharge instructions...

I am following my ps discharge instructions RE:nutrition, garmet, showering, medications, eating/drinking. I also walking a lot around the house about an hour or more at a time. Last night I had get up and walk because I was to sore. Walking helps ladies. Do not stay in bed all day. Happy healing.

Day 3 Recovery is no joke. I'm not in pain just...

Day 3
Recovery is no joke. I'm not in pain just a little sore when I out if bed. I got to shower today and it felt soooo good. I almost cried when I saw my shape. My back rolls are gone and I look hotttt in my old dresses. My butt is huge. I stopped taking the percocet yesturday. Only taking Tylenol 500mg. I'm still sore. I plan on going back to work on Monday.

I been trying to update but, RS has a mind of its...

I been trying to update but, RS has a mind of its own. Smh. It erased my review.

It's been a week since my surgery. I'm doing so...

It's been a week since my surgery. I'm doing so much better Re: swelling, bruising, sleeping. Went back to work yeaterday and it was hard. I kept thinking that my butt was going to go flat but, thanks God is intact. Lol. I felt tire and sore at the end of the day. I walked a lot around the office. I think I lost some volume as expected but, I still love, love my results. I posted a before and 1 week after pic.

2 weeks post op

I'm feeling great. I had my check up last Friday 5/17. I'm healing nicely. My recovery has been better that what I expected. My back is still swollen and us still uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach. I can't stop looking at my self in the mirror lol. I love how I look in my clothes. I can't wait to get take this garmet off. Is starting to get on my I got my stage 2 garmet. I will start wearing it at week 3.

16 days post op pix

3 weeks post op pix wearing stage 2 garmet

I'm 3 weeks post op and I'm feeling great. I'm able to sleep through out the night but, is stil 'll umcomfortable. My back is stiff in the morning. It goes away when I'm on my feet. I'm still loving my results but,...... I think this stage 2 garmet makes me look a little flat. I posted some pix. I have hope that I'll able to keep a nice size after u stop wearing this garmet. I love how I look in I think I mentioned it before.
Ladies, plz don't rash to buy new clothes until you now for sure your end result. I can now fit some of clothes that I could not fit a week after surgery. They look soooooooo good on me now. Happy healing to all my bbl sisters.

corrections on previous review

* I meant to say (don't rush) and (I stop wearing this garmet).

3 wks n 1 day post op

Some of the things I haven't mentioned are that my wais

cont of previous post

RS has a mind of its own. So, my waist is much smaller and my back is smooth. @ 3 I'm It feels like my booty is the same size before the swelling lol. Today it feels big. It's going to take some time getting use to my new booty. I'm already planning for my tummy tuck and arm lipo. With Dr. Schulman, of course.

4 weeks post op pix

I can't believe it's been 4 weeks since my surgery. I'm feeling better and better eveyday. I only feel tightness in my back. My massage it as often as I can and it helps a lot. I decided to continue wearing my stage 1 garmet most of the time. Feels more comfortable to Me.
I am loving my results more and more. I feel Fabulous bbl sister. When I first came out of surgery, I did not want to get use to the attention from men and I wanted to adjust to the idea of having beautiful curves. My family and coworkers love my results as well. They say that it looks like I was born with it... I told them, I was they were just underneth my I'm also posting my 4 wks pix. Happy healing everyone.

Pics did not post. Reposting

omg..trying to repost these pics

4 wks post op

4 wks p/o

pix not posting :(. I'm going to try to repost more pix later

For some reasonmy pis are not posting. I will repost later.

More 4wks post op pix

4 wks op

5 weeks post op pix

5 weeks already past since my surgery. Feeling 90 percent back to normal. The only thing I ccan't stand us the swelling on my back. It has gotten better, is does not feel as tight as before. It's just annoying. I'm now able to go 12 hours w/o the garmet. I am planning on using it for as long as I can. I think it helps keeps the swelling down. I am scheduled to see Dr. S on the 25th for my second post op f/u. I am alternating between my first and second (stage 2) garmet.

Almost @ 6 weeks post op

6 Wks post op pix

Feeling better and better every day. There are day I feel n think my butt has gone down some more. Other days, it feels like it's too Specially when I'm out in public n getting a lot of attention. This are my 6 wks post op pix.

10 weeks post op

I know is been a while but, I needed time of from My back is still healing and it itches a lot. I stop losing volume at week 2 or 3. I love my results. I dont have think about what to wear anymore. Everything I wear looks fabs. The attention I get is ridiculous. My frieds say that my butt looks round and juicy. I love all thus attention. I really had this surgery done for me and I would so ut again and again in a heart beat. I have downloaded some picS @ 10 weeks post op

4 months p/o

It's been a while, I know. I had my surgery exactly 4 months ago today. I just needed some time away to focus on my recovery. I am 95% back to normal. I'm no longer swollen but , my back, were I had the lipo is still healing. I love how I look in my clothes. I feel all eyes on me when i walk down the At this point , my butt shouldn't lose any volume. Honestly, I haven't lost much volume since about week 3. I love love trying clothes on. Specially dresses and skirts. I went away on vacation in July and August to my country. My familyamd whole town noticed I was looking very

5 months p/o

9 months post op

Hello bbl sistera. It's been a long time. But, I'm back to give you an update. I'm very, very satisfied with my results. I didn't lose a lot of volume. I look so good in anything I wear. Dr. Schulman is the best.

1 yr and 8 months update Dr. Schulman

Hello bbl sisters. It's been a while!!!. I just wanted to update you on my results. I want say that my surgery is going on 2 yrs now in a few months. I can not believe it's been that long. I love my dr and loveeeeeee my results. I can anything I want And I feel sexy and beautiful. Don't let anyone change your mind on having this surgery done. It will change your life. Just make sure you choose the right doctor. Make your research. Happy healing.
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