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Hi Realself sisters , here is my journey. After 2...

Hi Realself sisters , here is my journey. After 2 yrs of slaving away at the gym 5-6 times a week and not seeing the results i was aiming for, I decided to have a consult w/Dr.Schulman. Although i was thin and somewhat in shape after countless lunges, and ab exercises, I just couldn't get my booty and waist right. Everyone at Dr.Schulman's office was very nice. I drove up from PA with my husband and Dr.Schulman was very punctual. He was informative and gave me realistic expectations of what he could deliver since i was a bit thinner (weighed 137)...I told him I wanted the S shape curve (so tiny waist, big butt & hips) he said he would lipo all the fat that he could out of me and use it to contour my butt & hips. He also told me i may have some loose skin in lower abdominal area after lipo since I already had the loose skin from my pregnancies, he offered a mini tummy tuck would take care of that little pooch and loose skin so I said go for it! I spent years trying to get rid of that little pooch w/no success.I figured if i'm going to have this surgery done might as well get it all done & over with at same time. So my surgery was scheduled for April 3, 2014. BBL w/lipo of back, flanks, bra roll, upper & lower abdomen, inner thighs, and mini tummy tuck. I gained about 8 pounds from my consult date until surgery day and let me tell you i enjoyed every minute of it lol..I ate whatever i wanted when i wanted lol! So In order to prepare for my surgery we booked 2 nights at the Marriot hotel & rented a minivan. My surgery was scheduled for 1pm. We got there at 12:15 and Dr. Schulman went over everything w/me and drew his marks on me. I told him to give me the shortest mini tummy tuck scar he could (i already had 2 c section scars he was going to get rid of) anywho before i knew it i was in the OR room and getting sedated. I woke up and i was in a daze, they were talking to me and making sure i was ok. After about 1 hour in recoop room my loving husband came in. They explained all the post op instructions to him and we were on our way. Day 1 at the hotel wasn't too bad i was sore and had nausea but did not throw up. Now when all the numbing medicine started wearing off into day 2 holy moly the pain was out of this world, i was sooo stiff & sore, even eating was uncomfortable, plus i was going to the bathroom every 2 hrs to urinate. I could not get into or out of bed without my husbands help. Day 2 was hell & we had to head back home that day. So i kneeled w/pillows under my knees facing the seat in minivan for our 3 hr ride home..let me tell you I was soooo happy to be home. My husband has been making me meals w/no salt and healthy fruits & veggies. Day 3 was rough also lots of pain. Ladies the first 3 days are PAINFUL, plus i was very swollen & sore. Sleeping on my stomach is hell & when i wake up in morning I'm so stiff & sore. Well i'm currently in Day 5 and doing much better, i can get in & out of bed on my own. Still sore & stiff but not as bad. Finally took a shower today and took my compression garment off ..soooo happy w/the results! My butt is huge! I know its swollen & will go down some but my overall shape he gave me i absolutely love! I have a waist and hips! And my tummy although swollen it is flat! So very happy i chose Dr. Schulman. He is a wonderful surgeon and his staff is great. I forgot to mention that Dr.S was able to put in 1125 cc's in each butt cheek. I weighed 145 right before surgery. Happy healing Real Self Fam!!

Updated pics, still very swollen, bruising getting better

Hi some updated pics, still swollen especially in the afternoon. Have my post op appt w/Dr Schulman next Friday. Bruising is getting better, looking fwd to sitting on my butt again..7 more weeks to go!

New pics 13 days post op

Finally starting to fit in some of my jeans, swelling going down little by little, i have my garment on under my clothes

Playing dress up

Can't wait to be out & about again:)

Dress pics

Still a little swollen

Waist getting smaller

Had my post op appt w/Dr. Schulman this week & he told me my waist will only keep getting smaller..and he wasn't lying. So happy w/my results, Dr.Schulman is truly the best! Ladies don't forget to keep your compression garments on, especially the first 8 weeks:)

Recovery progress

Starting to feel great & sleeping better at night..on my way out today..Finally!


Bathing suit pics

Still get swollen through out the day, but def much better

1 month update

Hey girls i'm at my 1 month mark & still SUPER happy w/my results! I still get swollen in the evenings but getting better, my stage 2 garment is loose on me now so i wear a waist cincher on top of it during the day for atleast 8 hrs. Shopping is fun but i've noticed that what fits my hips is too big on my waist. My waist has gotten even smaller now so i have to wear a belt..technically I went from a size 8 to a size 4 or 6 depending on style.. But i have to buy size 8 and wear a belt or i can wear a size 4 in pencil skirts as long as it stretches..anyways i HAVE to try everything on before i buy it cuz everything fits different & the size will vary. I also went from a medium to a small or xtra small in tops..again depending on style..sleeping is still uncomfortable but other than that i feel great..4 more weeks to go til i can sit & i'm sooooooo excited.

BBL projection Dr.Schulman

Just wanted to give Dr.Schulman credit on the projection he is able to give his patients! He's truly the best!

BBL projection Dr.Schulman

Hi just wanted to give Dr.Schulman credit on the projection he is able to provide his patients..he is truly the best!

Bbl projection by Dr.Schulman



Just an fyi for all the real self girls recent post op like myself i found that NY & Company jeans fit nice w/the waist to hip ratio and are stretchy but fitted at waist:)



Mothers day

Some pics of my Mother's day weekend finally went out & had a nice time..still no sitting lol

Pre op pics last summer

Just some pics of me last summer w/clothes..i was in shape but no culo (booty) lol or waist..i did gain about 8-10 pounds for surgery

2 months post op & sitting

Well im 2 months post & couldn't be happier! I'm sitting no restrictions & loving it. I've lost barely any volume since my 3 week mark and my waist keeps shrinking..super happy ready to enjoy my summer!!

2 months post op

More pics

2 months post op


2 months

Pics..Bebe dresses


The booty is holding up..sitting & sleeping on my back , no restrictions

Pics update

Out & about w/hubby celebrating our Anniversary & some shopping pics

3 month update

Hi guys just wanted to give you a quick update, saw Dr.Schulman for my last follow up appt he said everything looked great & the booty was not going anywhere and he was right I saw very little shrinkage after 3 week mark and none after the 8 week mark, he said my waist will continue to get smaller for about 1 yr! I'm
A small in all tops, a size 6 in jeans, and size 4 in pencil skirts..I couldnt be happier & I've started my workout routine so feeling ever better, swelling is very minimal, i no longer wear any garments or waist cinchers. I have no regrets & so very happy I chose Dr.Schulman..he was worth every penny as he transformed my body. As I continue my workout regimen which consists mainly of strength training & toning (little cardio) my results will get even better & after i do my legs & glutes workout the booty looks well goid luck to all considering this surgery..make sure you research & pick an experienced surgeon as this is a surgery that takes an excellent surgeon for you to have nice results;) happy healing xoxoxo

Pic 3 months


3 months


Out today

Pics update

4 months

Hey guys just an update ..went in vacation and let me tell you it felt great to be in a thing bikini! Yess the booty is looking great & Dr.Schulman told me at my 3 month follow up, that was it the booty wont go anywhere but my waist will continue to get smaller for a 1yr! So very happy & pleased with my results...good luck girls & happy healing


Hi girls just an update ..haven't lost any volume & feel great..very happy:)
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