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Im 25, 155lbs 5'1 and im a mother of 1. I want to...

Im 25, 155lbs 5'1 and im a mother of 1. I want to get lipo and bbl either here in new york or in miami. Ive been looking at Dr.Sadeh because he did lipo and bbl on my mom and she looks fantastic but im not sure how much it would cost. Ive also looked at a surgeon in Miami that has a pretty good deal on lipo from up to 12 areas and bbl plys 5 days stay for $5999. Im going to keep researching and see what other surgeons are offering

Idk if i want bbl lol

When i suck my stomach in my butt looks huge so maybe i just need lipo to my stomach and waist instead of the bbl. my measurements are 36-31-40

Wish pics

Quote from Dr.Almonte

Im pretty sure when i find the doctor i want im going to choose to stat within the US but i figured it couldn't hurt to contact a few doctors outside the US. So i emailed Dr. Fatima Almonte asking for a quote for liposculpture and bbl. she emailed me back today saying $4550 which includes: Liposulpture Abdomen, full back, flanks, waist plus the BBL, as well as 10 days in Recovery house, meals, 24 hour nursing monitoring
Transportation from airport/clinic/consultations
Preoperative Cardiovascular evaluation and blood tests, EKG, X-Ray.
Post operation medications
1 Pair of compression socks
1 Post op garment
1 night at the clinic
Post operation consultation.

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Dr. Diaz quote

Im starting to open up to the idea of going outside of the country for my lipo and bbl surgery. I spoke with Dr. Diaz in the dominican republic and he quoted me $4000 for lipo including thighs, fat transfer to butt, x-ray, ekg, cardiovascular evaluation, anesthesiologist, surgical procedure, one night clinic, garment, massages, follow up, 8 days stay, transportation to-from airport and post op meds. I still haven't scheduled my consult with my moms ps Dr. Sadeh because I've been so busy with work and my son, but I'm going to schedule an appointment next week

Decisions decisions

Ok so for awhile my mind was set on Dr. Diaz until now. I've been checking out Duran, Cabral & yilly. Im not sure who to go to because I dont want to have to return for a round 2. Because of Jennberryjuice review on Diaz I started to check him out but then i revisited Leslie Moskowitz review on here and youtube and i love the results she got with Duran. Then Instagram introduced me to Cabral Dolls lol and im in love with his waist snatching and asses lol. I think im more torn between Diaz and Duran!!! Im waiting for a quote from her, then i'll make my choice from there.

Gonna stick with Dr. Diaz

Ok so instagram had me confused and overwhelmed on which doctor to choose but im going to stick with my gut and stay with Dr.Diaz. I trust that he can provide me with the results that I want and i won't have to have a round 2. I just have to tell him exactly what I want. Im gonna pay the deposit soon and hopefully im able to get a date in March, April the latest. As of today I'm 157.4lbs.. Im thinking I wound need to maintain 160 to get the look i want...idk
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