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In 2011, 2012, 2013 I had went out of the country...

In 2011, 2012, 2013 I had went out of the country for "PMMA" buttock injections. To my knowledge it was a safe injection that was FDA approved just not in large quantities (hence why I went to Colombia and Mexico) for the injections (red flag I know) but I was desperate and didn't really see negative things regarding PMMA injections. After the injections I was fine, for a short while I didn't have any issues. Then I started noticing lumps in my hips and my butt. My best friend who came with me was noticing the same lumps in her body. I was seeing symptoms that I didn't know was related to the injections because I was so used to feeling sick all of the time. I was always sick with a cough, I was diagnosed with hypertension, I was exhausted ALL the time even after waking up after a full nights sleep. I had foggy thoughts, I sometimes felt like I was a foreigner who wouldn't speak English because id mix up my words and fail to make sense, I was forgetting things all the time, my butt was always hot to the touch, and recently I felt the product had migrated up my spine. When I felt the lumps all over my lower back, I suddenly knew it was all connected to the injections. I was seeking a doctor who specializes in silicone removal, and contacted the dr who did my BBL in 2014, he ordered an MRI of my buttock and told me he would remove it via liposuction and it would be thousands of dollars. Luckily my insurance required prior approvals for the MRI and delayed the exam because during that time my mom had saw a segment on Dr. Oz of a surgeon in NY who removed silicone. She sent me his information and I explained everything to the receptionist, she made me an appointment and I quickly called my best friend to share the news. My best friend had made her appointment for that following day and called me telling me the dr didn't feel she was ready yet for the removal because she was concerned with how she would look after the removal (rightfully so, I mean we've both spent thousands of dollars on our butt and don't want to look deformed). She called me up crying, feeling rejected and panicked because she wanted the poison out of her body asap. Fast forward to my mother came with me to my appointment and was so excited to meet Dr Mir, she told me she knew he would be the one to save me. During my consult, dr mir told me my butt looked very good, the skin wasn't discolored but he confirmed my recent discoveries such as the lumps being migrated product, the fatigue, fogginess and etc...I knew then I wasn't crazy, I felt validated but was still concerned that I would look deformed after he told me some of my buttock muscle would need to be removed. I showed concern of how I would look after and he expressed, "When your health becomes priority, then I will feel more comfortable removing it for you". He instructed me to take the next month deciding how I felt about the removal, and told me if I was still coughing in the next month then it needs to come out regardless. Meanwhile, my best friend wasted no time booking her removal with a surgeon in Colombia. I waited the month, and was still coughing badly all day, everyday. I called Dr. Mir and told him I was ready and still coughing. I drove myself to Lennox Hill hospital in NYC and told them my symptoms (I was so embarrassed) but they quickly admitted me. I saw many doctors who evaluated my buttock and had lots of tests and blood work, and then Dr mir came in to see me a day later. He informed me we would be doing the removal the following day. The day of surgery I was starved, nervous, excited, and worried, but when I was wheeled down to the operating room to see Dr Mir i was at ease, he marked my buttock and my back while asking me what areas felt painful. After the 2 1/2 hour surgery, I woke up in recovery where I had a pain pump that i was able to press every 6 minutes if needed. The pain was pretty bad, and i was really nauseas but i had to wait to be cleared to be escorted to the 9th floor (surgical unit), i didn't get up there until 11pm. When i was transferred up there i was greated by the night nurse who was really sweet. they gave me medication and made sure i was comfortable. I had a catheter in and a vacuum seal across my back over the wound, it also drained the blood and fluid into two large canisters. after two days i was ready for my second surgery. Dr mir does two, first to remove product and then go back in to remove more and do a lift. After the second surgery i didn't have a catheter, because they wanted me to move around a bit. I didn't like using the pain medication, it wasn't necessary. I got by without the meds except for the nights after surgery. My total hospital stay was 8 days, and then i was discharged home. I had a portable vacuum still attached to my back which looked like a band connected to a purse that contained the little vac. the vac helped seal the wound, and i had four drains coming out of my sides. I definitely feel like my old self again, with more energy and less fogginess. I am so grateful i had the product removed. Please note dr mir cuts the product out, you will be left with a scar across your back but i warn you there is no other technique for removal! you cannot lipo the product out, if this is done the product will be spread further throughout your body. I am currently 21 days post op, still with drains but feeling great! Ladies please do not ever inject anything other than fat into your butts, it is not worth dying over! also, I WAS Able to go through my health insurance because it was medically necessary!

Silicone removal NY

3 months post op, feeling pretty damn good! I was so blessed to be able to have it removed with no complications!
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