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Hi I've been considering rhinoplasty for quite...

Hi I've been considering rhinoplasty for quite some years. I used to have a cute as a child but as I grew so did my nose. It's not the worst nose in the world is just prefer a smaller one to improve my confidence and to be able to let people take my photo without me moaning. I have decided to go with jawed tahery at the pines hospital in Manchester. I've had two previous consultations and both surgeons said they wasn't much wrong with my nose. Mr tahery said I had a slight overprojection so I figured he might have more of a idea of the nose I want. I really want to make sure tahery knows what kind of noses I like and what I don't so I having another consultation on weds as I forgot to take pictures of noses I like. I've noticed quite a few rhinoplasty can look really good from the side but not so good from the front. I am also concerned that tahery said I will need to pay extra for a graft to take cartilage from my ear as I haven't had any previous surgery on my nose and I want it smaller not bigger. I will keep you posted on my journey

Had rhinoplasty 13th April

Hi I decided to have it done earlier than planned. It's been nearly a month since I first had it done. I am happy with it apart from i still have a tiny bump but hopefully it's just swelling. I was really surprised at how little it hurt. I heeled really well to. I have noticed that my nose changes shape throughout the day. I just hoped have abit of swelling left as I wanted abit of a curve

Few more before pics

Manchester Facial Plastic Surgeon

Seemed ok. He showed me pictures of previous clients. He didn't explain about the graph in detail just told the patient coordinator who went to double check with him. It would have been polite if he had come and explained it again in detail instead of her telling me

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