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Well, I am now booked for a lower face and neck...

Well, I am now booked for a lower face and neck lift in 7 weeks time. If anyone has any tips for me, or a list of things to buy to make life easier after the surgery, or expereinbce of a facelift themselves, please let me know :)

I will post pictures on here for before and after with any regular updates.

Before pictures

Taken a few weeks before the lower face and neck lift.

Getting nervous now .....

..... Can anyone tell me what to expect, when I first wake up from the operation?

Nearly time!

This time tomorrow I will be in the operating theatre! It may be a day or two before I can get back on here, but I will post pics etc as soon as I can x

Day before pictures

Still here - Day 2 :)

Just got home after my op yesterday morning. No phone signal and lousy wifi at hospital. So I thought I would just post a day 2 photo now and do a full write up when I am feeling less tired xx

Can someone who has been through a facelift advise me please.

Had my op on Monday and my face is more swollen and painful now than it was then. It's sore behind my ears where my staples are and the sides of my face and the glands under my ears are really sore and swollen, feels really tight. Is this normal? How long before the swelling subsides? Can anyone who has been through it please advise me, not seeing my ps till Monday :(

Day 2 and 3 - stitches and staples (sounds like a song!)

Just some more picture updates. Still a bit swollen, sore and tired. Just ask me if you have any questions xx

Day 7 bruising and stitches

Ventured out today :)

Fed up with being stuck inside, so donned my turban, hoodie top and some light makeup and went down town. Really enjoyed looking round the second hand shops and lunch in a cafe :)

Today's stitches and bruising

Stitches, scars and scabs

Not sure about the healing on my right ear. Does my scars and scabs look similar to yours?

Feeling good :)

Feeling so much better today :) Bruising is almost gone and the scars and scabs seem to be healing well. My face is a still a little swollen at the sides and under my ears, but I think I can notice some reduction in the swelling. Not taken any pain killers for a couple of days now and can move and eat normally. The best thing is last night for the first time I slept with just one pillow again and managed to alternate between lying on my back and both my sides! Will take some more pictures on Sunday, when I am 2 weeks post x

As Promised - Things that helped me before and after the operation.

Useful Before the Operation
1. Cutting my toe and finger nails before the operation, so I didn’t have to worry about them afterwards and so I didn’t catch any stitches or scars when washing my hair or applying cream etc.
2. Getting my hair cut and coloured before the operation, to make it more manageable and not having to worry about getting it done until after I had healed.
3. Getting all my waxing done before the operation, so I felt better and could wait until I had healed.
4. Cleaning my teeth just before I was taken down to theatre.
5. Slimfast shakes (love the Café Latte flavour) and bottled water, as the hospital only offered me a sandwich after the operation! Not much good when you can’t chew!
6. Zip front clothes and nighty/dressing gown, so you don’t have to pull them over your (sore) head.
7. A tablet computer to keep you occupied (check if they have Wi-Fi and a phone signal before you go).
8. A neck travel pillow. The small cheap ones filled with polystyrene balls from the Pound shop was the best.
9. Lip salve for dry lips.
10. E-cig in hospital :)

Useful After the Operation
1. Half a dozen 100% cotton thick white flannels soaked in water or saline and then squeezed out. 2 in the fridge downstairs, 2 in the freezer downstairs and 2 in the fridge upstairs, all in little Jiffy bags.
Great for cooling your face and neck. You can also secure them on your face with your Face Bra :)
2. Not having the ‘Face Bra’ too tight. Use it more for protection than for strong support.
3. ‘Simple’ wet wipes to clean my face with in the first few days.
4. Hand gel to keep my hands clean before touching my face and neck.
5. Paracetamol Capsules (easier to swallow than Caplets when your throats sore).
6. Plenty of soft food for the first few days, such as Slimfast drinks and soup etc.
7. A couple of light head turbans that covered my hair and scars around the house and if I wanted to answer the door or go out – http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TURBAN-VINTAGE-STYLE-Head-Wrap-Headwrap-Hat-Bandana-Scarf-Hair-Loss-40s-50s-Tur-/321417000040
8. Small baby toothbrush for the first few days after the operation. After that I could fit an electric toothbrush in.
9. Bed pillows x 5 to make a pillow cocoon to sleep 30-40 degrees upright on my back. Three piled up behind me (the top one being really soft) and one either side of me to stop me rolling over.
10. A neck pillow for taking naps on my recliner chair. The small cheap ones filled with polystyrene balls from the Pound shop was the best.
11. ‘Simple’ Baby shampoo to use on my face an hair in the shower each morning.
12. Towel turbans to put on my head after a shower, to let them dry my hair without rubbing – https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00WI0BDGU/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
13. Johnsons Cotton Buds for drying inside my ears after a shower.
14. Dulcolax 5mg Gastro-Resistant Tablets for possible constipation if you take co-codamol.
15. A good moisturising cream that isn’t too greasy. I used - http://www.boots.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?productId=1440784&storeId=10052
16. Easy to apply light makeup for scars, I use MaxFactor Facefinity Compact Foundation.

Stitches and scars progress

9th October


How was everyone else's swelling at around 2 weeks post? Mine didn't seem to have gone down very much. Any pictures appreciated:)

Before and after

Scars and scabs update :)

Before and after pictures

I am now at 3 weeks so as promised, here are my before and after pictures. The before one was taken last year, before I have my eyes done (02/11/15) and before my facelift (26/09/16), both with no makeup on. I am happy with the outcome so far :) Sharon.

Quick question

Just tried putting my hair behind my ears, like it used to be before the facelift. But noticed that the 2 scars above my ears are quite away from my hairline and are very noticeable. Can anyone message me pictures of their similar scars and let me know if theirs are more hidden in the hairline? Also, any suggestions of what to use on the scars to make them fade quicker?

Before and after

The before picture was taken last year, before I have my eyes done (02/11/15) and before my facelift (26/09/16), both with no makeup on. The after one is 3 weeks post.

Nearly 5 weeks post

Managed to get some photos taken today, so I have uploaded them to show my progress.

I am a little concerned about the scarring on the right hand side at the back of my neck, as it is very long and below the hairline. Also the scarring above both temples near the hairline seems very far forward. The scars seem very prominent and are not as hidden in the hairline as I had hoped.

Other people pictures that I have seen on here seem to have the scars more hidden under the hairline than mine. Has anyone else experienced scars like mine and have they faded now and how long did it take?

Now that most of the scabs have gone, I have discovered a couple of stitches that have been missed, behind my right ear. The one behind my earlobe is quite sore and scar tissue has started to form around it in a lump. So I am seeing the nurse tomorrow to get them removed (my PS is on holiday).

Besides these few niggles, I am still happy with the facelift itself and how much better it makes me look and feel :)

Scars 2 months post

Scars 4 months post

How do they compare to yours?
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