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Finally have the courage and savings to get my...

Finally have the courage and savings to get my upper and lower eyelids done.

I have lost over 4 stone in weight and promised myself I would get my eyes sorted this year and a lower facelift next year, as a reward for my efforts :)

Upper eyelids have a lot of extra skin and make me feel and look tired. Lower eyelids have a lot of loose skin due to age and weight loss.

Going for my final consultation on the 20th October with my procedure scheduled for the 2nd November, so watch this space!

Only 11 days to go!

Well, I saw my PS on Tuesday and everything is a go for the 2nd November :)

I have bought loads of things to help me through the recovery and I will let you know which ones end up being the most useful :)

In the mean time, here are some 'before' pictures.

Extra Photo

Operation day!

Just got home after the daycase for my upper and lower eyelids. Will tell you more about it when I have more time tomorrow, but in the mean time I'm feeling a lot better than I expected :)

The operation was from 11am to 1pm and no real pain yet, just a bit of heaviness. PS and staff were wonderful and I have posted some pics below. More updates tomorrow.

Day 2 - Day after the operation

Well, as promised, here are more details from yesterday and today. Followed by some tips I found useful :)

Left home yesterday at 7am and arrived in Wilmslow just before 9am. Nice hospital and helpful staff, even had my own ensuite :) Had my obs done by the nurse, then visited by the pharmacist, anaethestist and Dr Marando. Taken down to surgery by the assistant anaesthetist at about 10.45 and was told I was in theatre from 11am to 1pm.

Woke up about 2pm and thought I had gone blind, until i realised I had swabs on my eyes LOL. Once these were taken off a few minutes later I could see OK, just a bit blurry from the eye ointment. I was really surprised as there was very little pain, just a feeling of heavyness/stiffness.

Had a glass of apple juice and a chicken sandwich but not being a very 'patient' patient I was eager to get home. Dr Marando said everything had gone well and that he had taken a lot of skin from below my eyes (12mm upwards and 15mm sideways!). As well of the excess skin off my upper eyelids. He re-did my sterri strips (I look like Adam Ant now!) and said I was OK to go home.

Pharmacy gave me a course of antibiotics, pain killers (codeine and paracetamol) and antibiotic eye cream to help keep my eyes moist. Nurses did the discharge papers and we left about 4.30pm.

The journey back took and hour and a half, which was a pain in peak hour traffic, but it was nice to get home. Top of my left eye blead a little during the jouney, but I didnt notice until I got home, by which time it had stopped.

Went to bed at 11pm and slept through until 4.30pm. Got up for half an hour and then went back to bed until 8am this morning. Slept quite well really for the first night (see tips below).

Feel OK today, did a bit too much before I came down stairs and making the bed made me feel a bit dizzy. But now fine and sat typing away on the computer. Eyes are not tired yet and feel stiff but pain free :)

Will post some more picks later.

Tips for recovery that have helped me so far.

1. A large pair of sunglasses to cover the sterristrips LOL (see picture).

2. A 'pillow palace' and neck pillow. By using these I was able to sleep on my side, without putting pressure on my eyes or stitches :)

3. Facial wipes while I cant wash my face. I still had a shower from the neck down, but used the wipes on my face and hair (I have short hair). Tomorrow I will wash my hair in the shower, wearing a big diving mask I bought, to keep my eyes and steristrips dry.

4. Antiseptic hand gel, to keep my hands clean before applying eye ointment etc.

5. Antiseptic wipes, to keep other equipment etc clean.

6. Gel eye masks to keep in the fridge. I have 2 with eye holes in (so I can still read or see the TV and 2 without, for if I need them in bed. Only use them occasionally, if my eyes feel hot or swollen.

I will post more things as I try them out.

Day 2 pictures

Having a problem with the eye ointment soaking into the steri-strips and making them (and my eyes) greasy :( But only 6 days before the stitches and strips are taken out :)

Day 2 extra pictures

Having a problem with the eye ointment soaking into the steri-strips and making them (and my eyes) greasy :( But only 6 days before the stitches and strips are taken out :)

Day 3

The steri-strips just below my eyes were so full of grease this morning they were hanging off, so I have had to trim them.

On a positive note, used my eye goggles today and managed to wash my hair in the shower :)

Eyes were a bit itchy, but used my gel pack and some Optrex Intensive eye drops which helped.

Day 4 photo

Day 5

Unfortunately I woke up this morning with the majority of the steri-strips hanging off. They were so greasy and dirty they must have loosened in the night. I have managed to save the 2 small strips holding the stitch threads at the top corners of my eyes (see attached picture). Should be OK, as going for my stitches out on Monday :)

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8 - Before stitches removed

Day 8 - after stitches removed

Hurray, stitches are out! Feel so much better now they are gone and it wasn't too painful :) PS says I am healing really well and things look good. Can't wait to be able to wash and moisturise my face again ina couple of days x

Day 10

Seems to be getting better everyday :) Had a proper shower today, with hair wash, soap and water on my face and moisturiser afterwards. Will post again at 2 weeks preop.

Day 13 - with makeup :)

Today I applied makeup to my eyes, just a little foundation to cover the bruises and scars before I went out. It covered them quite well and I am pleased so far.

But there are noticeable scars and lines on the outer corners of both eyes, that I didn’t have before the operation. Does anyone know if these ill these fade eventually and if so, how long do you think it will take?

I have attached pictures so you can see what I mean.

Day 16 photos

4 weeks post with face powder

Christmas party :)

Christmas party :)

Deleted other photo by mistake!

6 weeks Post Op

Well, I thought I should post and update, now that I am 6 weeks post op. I am going to see Dr Marando tomorrow for a routine follow up.

The lump on my outer right eye from the internal stitches has now nearly gone, but the lump on my outer is still there, guess I will just have to be patient :)

There is a small white internal stitch poking thorugh the outer corners of my right and left eye, which I am told it common. I will ask Dr Marando to cut them when I see him tomorrow.

Besides this there is nothing much to report. xx

Incision cysts

I seem to have developed several small incision cysts/millia on the scar of my upper eyelids. Has anyone else had these?

7 months post op :)

Manchester Plastic Surgeon

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