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I have always hated my nose , since I was 16 and...

i have always hated my nose , since I was 16 and always wanted to get a nose job , I started looking for surgeons in Manchester and found out mr tahery is one of the best surgeons so I had surgery last month I was very happy and excited to see my nose but unfortunately I was very disappointed when the cast was taken off , I was told the swelling will go down in 2 weeks it's been 25 days and yet I'm waiting for it to go down , not only it got better there is a hump appearing where the bump used to be


So i had revision on Saturday , everything went really well, I had no pain and Mr tahery saw me a few times before surgery and spoke to me about the procedure .
I still have the tape on and won't remove it until Saturday.
I know it is way too early to judge but I can see the difference already and I'm very hopeful this will turn out to be my ideal nose .

And it's still the same ...

I regret my nose job ...

Bone sticking out from both sides , and the tip is extremely droopy


Hate my nose


I had rhinoplasty 9 months ago

At first Dr Tahery was very convincing , I explained how I want my nose to turn out and he assured me I will get the result I wanted to. I was very unhappy with the result I had from the first surgery as the nostrils were completely uneven and the bones were sticking out where the bump on my nose used to be . ( one of the reasons to undergo the surgery was to remove the bump and it only got worse . When I saw him after a few weeks he told me that he can't control how my nose heals and the reason it looks like this is because of the way it had been healing 


if I knew half of the things he told me after surgery, before surgery I would have never gone through it . 

After admitting that my nose needs fixing he agreed to book me in for revision . I was very hopeful and kept telling myself it will look better as he said the revision was an "easy" procedure 

What a mistake I made for having revision done with the person that had ruined my nose once . My nose got even worse and I'm left with an ugly nose. The whole situation is so depressing . It wasn't easy for me to pay 4300£ for the surgery but I did whatever I could to save up as having a nose job has always been my dream and I've always wanted a normal nose but not only my dream came true it turned to a nightmare. 

I wish someone in the same situation wrote a review before I went through surgery . The reason I wrote this review is to make people aware of what might happen to their nose
Manchester Otolaryngologist

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