27, Male. 3 Previous Rhinoplasties. Hate my Nose. Trouble Breathing, Want a 4th Surgery to Finally Sort It out - Manchester

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Hello all, I am hoping for a lot of help and...

Hello all,

I am hoping for a lot of help and opinions here from fellow patients and surgeons.
My story is a long one but one that I have not shared and want to so that I can finally get it resolved.

I'm a 27 year old Male from Manchester in the United Kingdom. I had my first Rhinoplasty in 2009 which was a Septorhinoplasty done on the NHS. I had a blow to the nose playing football when I was a child which for years caused me severe migraines. Ultimately when I was 21 doctors advised that I have a Septorhinoplasty to fix a deviated septum as well as the surgeon saying he would shave down a little of my bone.

After swelling had gone down a few months later their was a problem with the appearance of the nose. I went back to the surgeon after a year and he said he would do a revision. After the revision he told me that Gristle had formed in the nose which he then removed. However, after a few months had passed the revision was a complete mess up. He had filed down the bridge of my nose so flat it appeared that I had half a nose from a profile view and flat and squashed in from a front view, I had bad open roof deformity. As well as this a scarring appeared on the bridge where the skin was damaged in surgery. Although my breathing had improved and migraines and headaches disappeared.

But I hated my nose because it looked the complete opposite of my natural nose. It was well and truly ruined, I had gone from having a strong masculine nose to a very feminine nose. I left it for around 3-4 years before going back to the surgeon stating to him that I hated it so much and that it had affected me a lot. He agreed to do a 3rd operation to try and resolve the appearance of the nose.

However, following the third surgery a lot of the issues were not resolved, I still hate the appearance of the nose so much, my natural nose was slim and refined but now it looks fatter all over and bulbous on the tip as well as flat and indented on the bridge, it is not straight and very deviated which has made my breathing far worse than it was originally with migraines and headaches returning with a vengeance.

All the surgeries were performed on the NHS.

I just want to get this finally sorted so I can get on with the rest of my life. I will be wanting to have it revised again on the NHS but with a different surgeon. I want to choose very wisely and know everything before I go ahead with it.

The skin on the bridge of my nose is scarred and more red in appearance than the rest of my face. I would like to be advised if this can be sorted out to improve the appearance of the skin either with creams or lasers, and if I should see a dermatologist if I have another revision.

I will upload all photos of my journey so you can see to help me out. Sorry for the long read and many photos.


Mark Cookson
NHS, e.n.t

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