450cc HP Silicone 45 year old replaced 250cc teardrop

Hiya I'm 45 years of age and very pleased with my...

I'm 45 years of age and very pleased with my augmentation
I did not need a lift as my nipple was in a good position still, however I had my 250cc implants which were capsulated removed and replaced with 450cc

I love them
I do worry they will capsulated again but taking it easy, found a good surgeon and hoping 5th generation implants are more advanced than my old ones

My question here however, as I love them so much, is aged against me and will these implants at 45 sag quicker than a younger lady

Can I prevent them sagging ??

Many thanks

8 days post op 450cc HP

Do they look normal only with bra they look very close :(

11 days post op 450cc high profile

Had mixed emotions this week with changes everyday but things seem to be settling down nicely

Feel like I am more my old self today and other than the tightness from my. At as a reminder I am feeling more normal

Looking forward to the next few months and how they settle but so far so good

18 days post op high profile 450cc gel

Today is a good day as I feel both. Readers are matching better

The left one dropped quickly leaving the right one behind

Today I woke and my right seems to be catching up

Pain wise I feel better than ever back to normal however I do keep reminding myself that there are things I still should not do..
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