24 Years Old, No Kids 5'4" 135lbs -almost 25th Birthday Gift to Myself - Mamaroneck, NY

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I'm nervous, but I have wanted this surgery done...

I'm nervous, but I have wanted this surgery done for so long. I had a lump removed when I was 16 and it was the scariest moment of my life. Now that I'm older, I still want the surgery done. I want fuller breasts with volume. Not sure about sizes yet. I have wanted to get my boobs done since I was about 18. im really excited to start this journey. I've started looking at doctors and have a consultation next week.

It's booked!

So I finally booked my surgery. My doctor seems phenomenal. He answered all my questions and seemed so confident. I was really happy with everything so far. Especially the price which was a concern for me. I'm getting 350cc's in one and 325 in another since I have such asymmetry.

Sizing help? Want a 34D? Is 350cc's too small?

My surgery is scheduled for March 23rd 2016. I wanted to give myself some time to get everything prepared and together for the surgery. Also my doctor is completely booked in Jan and Feb. I'm taking that as a good sign.

My one concern is sizing. I want a full look, lifted with volume. Maybe a 34D would probably be my ideal because I do have wider hips and thighs. Doc suggested 350cc's for one breast and 325cc's for the next (I'm very uneven because of my lumpectomy). I'm just worried it might be too small. I'm currently a small 32B (can barely fill it). I know the one regret most people have is that they went too small. I just want them to be perky and look even as well. Should I bump up to 375 or 400?

Surgery day

Had it this morning at 8am. Procedure went quickly. Feeling a lot of pressure. Very sore.

Post Op Day 1

I'm itchy. But I looked at them and they're looking super small :/

I gained some weight and I'm really nervous that I went too small. I did 325 CC's and 330cc's because of my asymmetry. I didn't want them too big but I want to know that I actually have breasts and right now I don't really see it. Hoping I'm worrying over nothing and once they drop they'll look better.

Day 2-post Op

I'm stressing a lot. I spent like an hour crying last night because they look so small. I don't want it to be that I spent this money and went through this pain, and I don't see a difference. Right now I'm not seeing a difference. I guess they need to drop and fluff? I don't know but I spent an hour crying because it looked so tiny.


So I know that they're new and they need to settle, but I can't stop crying because they look so small. Like I feel like I did all this. I'm going through the pain and of course there's the money and I feel like I got nothing done. I'm so sad. What do I do? I think my doc is amazing and I haven't had any complications so far, but I'm so sad about the size and I have so many regrets about not going bigger.

Don't know why I worried

I was freaking out when I first got them done. But they look great. I'm healing nicely and they still look natural. I'm in love. I can't wait until they fully settle, but so far so good. My doctor was amazing but I'm still a bit swollen. So far results are fantastic.


I'm having so much itching on the tops on my breasts. Anything I can do to alleviate. Also my nipples are so sensitive.

25 Years Old 32B to 34D Feeling Confident

Dr Greenwald has been nothing but informative, helpful, and professional. I had the best experience and follow ups with him. I love my breasts. They look natural and he picked the right size. I definitely had reservations, but I'm so happy that I finally did this. I probably drove him crazy with random questions, and my fears but he was constantly reassuring. They're really healing nicely.

I think that the follow up is super important when finding a right doctor and Dr Greenwald was really on top of it. He also was assuring to my mom who was freaking out. Thanks doc!
New York Plastic Surgeon

I probably drove my doctor crazy. But he was amazing. I felt super comfortable with him. And trust him completely. Super professional. He really did a lot to calm me down because I was freaking out.

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