Replacing Implants Due to Leak. Maitland, FL

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Hello everyone! I originally got my breast...

Hello everyone! I originally got my breast augmentation back in September 2003 (Mentor, saline, smooth, round, moderate profile, above muscle, 300cc filled to (?) I can't remember).
Last month I noticed that my left boob started to look smaller and flatter than my right. I went back to my PS and he confirmed I have a slow leak :( ... Time to change boobs (yay! And bohooo!). Until now, I have been happy with my implants.
We decided to go with Mentor silicone, moderate plus profile, above muscle. My surgery is in April 27th and I am hopping all goes well and recovery is faster and less painful than the first time. My PS has ordered 400, 425, 450, 475, and 500 implants, he mentioned to see a difference, we will need at least additional 100cc to what I originally have. Dr. Mentioned he would not know until he check the implants and see how much they are filled out to.
I am wanting to get at least a size bigger, and hoping I don't get boob greed lol! But I don't want to go soooo big. Any advice? My chest (under boob circumference around my torso) is 28 inches in diameter, I am 5"1 and about 100 lbs.
It's hard to do any type of rice bag test since I already have implants. Here's is a picture of my current boob situation (notice the left is lower and flatter). I would like to be able to wear bras without any (or very little padding). Currently I wear a slightly push up bra.

Sorry... $5.500 (typo on price)

Sorry... $5.500 (typo on price)

Done! :)

Hello everyone!

I had my surgery yesterday at 9:00am. It took a little over an hour.
Everything went well. My Dr. Told my husband that he was able to put 475cc , so we will see how boobies looks. I am only allowed to shower on Saturday and will have a follow up on Monday.
Due to the deflation in my left boob, he had to open the pocket a little bit (it was already shrinking), he also mentioned I had a little bit of scar tissue, but nothing significant.
Yesterday I slept the majority of the day, I only took a pain pill at around noon, and another at around 8:00pm. I went to sleep at 10:30pm and woke up at 3:00am to go pee, then fell sleep again until 6:30am.
I am doing well so far. My left side (under the arms along my ribcage), is a little more swollen but I think it's because the pocket being modified. I am still using the frozen peas from time to time, and I have only taken one pain pill.
I will upload pictures on Saturday, but this is how I look so far. :)

Day 3 Post Op

Ouch! What can I say about back sleeping?! Ladies my lower back and butt are killing me! Lol
Boobies feel ok, left sides are still swollen. I am trying not to take the pain medication anymore (so far I took only 3 since surgery). I hope the swelling goes away soon. I have my post op appointment on Monday.
So far the size looks good on me :)

Starts: 475cc / silicone / over the muscle / under areola incision / I am 5feet 1inch tall and 110 lbs / rib cage 28 inches ** exchanged due to leakage - previous implants sailine 300cc overfilled to 325cc / over the muscle / under areola incision ).
Happy Friday!

Day 4 post-op, and I can finally wash my hair!

Hello ladies,
I feel so much better today. I was able to sleep through the night. My nurse called to check on me and I told her about the horrible back pain. She suggested to put a pillow under my knees while sleeping sitting down, it totally helped! I took a pain pill at 8:30pm and went to be at around 11:00pm. Woke up at 8:00am feeling pretty refreshed.
I was able to shower today. Took my bra off and so far the bruising is minimum and the swelling on the sides (ribcage under arms) seems to be slowly going down. Left boob looks bigger and higher, I think since the little bit of scar tissue I had that had to be removed, and the opening of the pocket. The nipples look aligned to I hope lefty catches up (or righty catches up... Something like that lol)
So far I took one Tylenol.
And yay I washed my hair! I tell you, having greasy hair is no fun at all! ????
Happy healing to all.

Day 5 Post-Op. Feeling good :)

Hello beautiful ladies,

So far day 5 post-op has been kind to me. I woke up feeling great (expect that I somehow took off my neck pillow in the middle of the night and my neck was hurting a bit). I highly recommend sleeping with a pillow behind your knees if you are planning to sleep sitting down during your recovery.
We went to have brunch and to target and back home. it feels good to leave the house lol.
My daughter haloed with laundry and buns and helped with groceries. I guess us mom want to control everything, but I had to remind myself to let them do these things and just to sit and relax, recovery is very important and I don't want to put unnecessary strain in myself.
I have my first post surgery appointment in the morning. I am excited what my Dr. has to say.
Happy healing and I wish you all a great week!

Day 6 Post-Op

Hello ladies!

I went to my first follow up appointment (my surgery last Wednesday). I saw my nurse and she said everything looks good. I am now wearing a sports bra (front zipper). My sides and under my armpits is still a little swollen but she said to keep using the frozen peas from time to time.
I have an appointment in 10 days with my Dr, to go over massage instructions and to remove my stitches. I am still not allowed to pull my arms over my head.
So far boobies look great, lefty a little big but I'm sure she'll drop and catch up with righty.
Happy healing to all!

1 week since my surgery :)

So far, so good.
Left boob update (this is the previously deflated implant, Dr. had to remove a little. It of scar tissue and reopen the pocket a bit)
- left boob hurts around the areola area, specially at the bottom and left side. There's a little pain in the top (pole area). She's a little larger than her sister righty. There's hardly any bruising.
Right boob update: she's doing well, barely any pain. She's a little smaller than her sister lefty.
I can feel my nipples which is good.
Stitches come out next Thursday.
My nurse instructed me not to massage yet, and not to lift my arms over my head (the hugest I can lift my arms is shoulder height).
I'm still using my frozen peas from time to time.
Sleeping on my back almost sitting down sucks lol! I'm a side sleeper.
My chest feels a little tight specially in the mornings, but loosens up throughout the day.
So far no boob greed, but I keep asking my husband if they look bigger and of course he keeps reassuring me they do lol ;)
I think that's all for now.
Happy healing beautiful ladies!
Some reference pics here...

7th day...

A week and one day since surgery. I have been taking short walks since the day after surgery. It's hard not to go on longer walks (we are pretty active) but I must follow my Dr's orders. I should be going back to work on Monday (only my bff knows about my boobs). I'v had a little pain on my left boob today (specially on top, and the skin feels really sensitive). Both of my nipples hurt. I was a little bummed because it looks like my left boob is not dropping yet, perhaps it's too soon... As a matter of fact, it looks like it's higher than the previous days :( My right boob is doing well. I have 475cc on both, and asymmetry prior to this 2nd BA was not that bad, so I am sure that lefty will catch up. I guess all doubts and frustrations are side effects from surgery ;) I can't wait to go to my Dr. Next Thursday to remove stitches and start massaging them. I got this bra and it is really comfy. My husband says they look wonderful, he has been a great help too, and can't wait to grab them (tmi? Lol!) Happy healing to all. Xo ~S~ Stats: 325cc (Mentor, smooth round, moderate profile, over muscle, under areola incision, left deflated, 13 year old implants) ~~~~~To ~~~~~ 475cc (Mentor, smooth round, moderate plus profile, over muscle, under areola incision) (5'1", 110lbs, 28inch around ribcage under bust)

2 Weeks follow up

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing well :)
Today was my 2nd week follow up. My Dr. removed the tape and my incisions look good, clean and healing well. Somehow I was thinking they were going to remove stitches but they are actually inside and dissolvable.
He showed me how to massage (twice a day, each boob upwards and inwards for 10 seconds X 10 times), I need to take vitamin E (twice a day, 400iu each pill), no need to put any ointment on the scars, my left boob is still a little swollen so he recommended to keep putting the frozen peas in a baggie at the end of the day, no underwire bra for now, and follow up again in another 6 weeks.
I went to find a wire-free bra and failed (target, kohls), it was hard to find a size (measured 32dd which the sister size is a 34d... All this according to Google :[ lol...
I went home and I will keep wearing my regular semi-sports bra and will check amazon for a couple of cheaper sports bras for now. Once Boobies get more settle then I will treat them to a nicer bra :)
Here are some pictures. I am adding one of almost full body for reference (boob size/height :)
Happy healing everyone! Feel free to ask questions.

325cc (Mentor, smooth round, moderate profile, over muscle, under areola incision, left deflated, 13 year old implants)

~~~~~To ~~~~~

475cc (Mentor, smooth round, moderate plus profile, over muscle, under areola incision)

(5'1", 110lbs, 28inch around ribcage under bust)

A little over two weeks plus the bra struggles.

Hello beautiful ladies!
I am a little over two weeks post-op. I went to VS to get a wire-free bra because I'm kind of tired of wearing my sports bra. I was sized 32ddd which equals to 34d. I got a 34d because they didn't have the 32ddd in the style I needed. The bra felt well and snuffy, boobs looked great. I wore it when I got home and I started feeling super uncomfortable, and my boobs felt super sore and tight (did a couple things around the house and went to the supermarket). So I had to take it off and I'll have to return it tomorrow :( The bra was a little padded so I don't know if that's why it felt more and more snug as I moved and did things around the house. I really don't want to wear padded bra, I want to leave my boobs free for now (padless lol).
I am attaching a picture of the pamphlet I got at my Dr's office. I have been massaging that way, and it has helped me a lot (make sure to consult with your Dr. about the best massage options).
Happy healing ladies!

325cc (Mentor, smooth round, moderate profile, over muscle, under areola incision, left deflated, 13 year old implants)

~~~~~To ~~~~~

475cc (Mentor, smooth round, moderate plus profile, over muscle, under areola incision)

(5'1", 110lbs, 28inch around ribcage under bust)

Finally! A soft bra that works :)

Hello beautiful ladies! Tomorrow will be my 3rd week post-op. I have been looking for a comfortable bra (not too loose, not too tight, not too big, not too small... Lol). I got one at VS and I was able to wear it for only a few hours (big mistake purchase - see precious update)). I got another one from Hanes, but the straps were too short and the band too tight (ugh...). I finally ended up at Walmart and surprise surprise! I found a type of sports bra, super soft fabric, normal straps, front cloussure, removable thin pads to cover nipples in case it gets cold (I took mine off because I want to remain as "padless" as possible lol) for less than $7... I bought two lol. If you are in the look for a post-op bra, I am attaching pictures here for reference. I have been wearing it to work and it looks fine under my clothes. My Dr. Also recommends to sleep with the bra for a few more weeks, this one is perfect for that too :) Happy healing ladies! XO ~S~

Happy 3 weeks! But lefty is being silly!

Hello beautiful ladies,
It's been three weeks since I had my surgery. Everything is good as normal as it should. My lefty is experiencing pin and needles pain shooting from my armpit to my nipple and some pain in my areola area (more specific on the inside towards my cleavage and bottom boob area), "sunburn" feeling in my skin. Lefty also looks bigger to me (my husband said I am over analyzing them lol). I hope lefty catches up and the pain goes away. I remember on my first BA that lefty gave me a hard time (same symptoms as now), so she may just be stubborn by nature :). I ha e to remind myself that I had surgery and that boobs heal at a different pace (righty is being a good girl lol)
Happy healing to all!

4 weeks and 3 days since surgery :)

Hello beautiful ladies! It's been 4 weeks and 3 days since I had my breast augmentation revision. So far everything is going well, lefty looks bigger to me, but it may just me over analyzing lol. I have some discomfort or little pain mainly in my lefty, the usual nerve shooting pain (I think since my Dr. had to open the pocket a little more). My scars look ok too, slowly healing, they feel hard to the touch but they should be softening and fading with time. Right boob is behaving, but I have to admit that sometimes I look at every little detail and if there's anything different, I freak out (like the scar looks too red one morning, or if it hurts too much here or there...) :). I am still taking vitamin E twice a day and massaging twice a day. I have not been able to wear a regular bra (with wire) as per Dr's orders, so I am still wearing my silly Walmart bra (kind of sports bra but super soft, see my precious update). I went to target and got a bikini top (large size fits pretty well). I go back to see my Dr. on June 29th, I hope I get the go ahead to start working out again, I'm feeling flabby already lol. Here's a pic of the bikini top I bought. Xo, ~S~

6 weeks post-op :)

Hello beautiful ladies, I has been 6 weeks since I got my BA. Things are going well, I have a little pain or rather discomfort every now and then, I think lefty still looks a little larger than righty, and I think I can finally start excersising and running. I have my 8th week post op appointment in two weeks. I have been having trouble getting a normal bra, I am not supposed to get anything with wire, so I got a couple of bras at Macy's. I bought a bikini in target and it fit perfect (size L)! I am adding a picture of the scar balm I am using. This was recommended by my Dr. L Happy healing to all! ~S~

Dr. Jon Paul Trevisani is without a doubt one of the nicest people I have ever met. During my first BA (2003), he answered all my questions and made sure I was 100% happy with my results. From the time I first walked into the office until my last follow up appointment. I would not trust anybody else with my BA. Soon, I will have a BA revision due to a leaking implant. I am glad to be able to go back to Dr. Trevisani.

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