26 Yrs Old 130 Lbs 5'9" 600cc - Miami, FL

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Decided to write a review because it was hard to...

Decided to write a review because it was hard to find people with my beginning stats look for my results... I was too busy being a mom and working to write prep op but now that I have time on my hands while I recover, I can update you all on my progress... I chose Dr. Hocstein to do my Breast augmentation because I was refered by a few friends and his reputation and work was excellent and I live in the Miami area. I thought I wanted to go around 400cc moderate plus profile but after working with the PS we decided 500-600cc high profile would give me the look I was going for. O was very shocked by his recommendation as o always though high profile would give me the extra fake porno look and that amount of cc's sounded like a lot. I didn't have much Breast tissue to start with so I knew I needed a bigger implant but I was also afraid of the complication thay could come with choosing a bigger implant. I also love a rather active lifestyle with a toddler and I am a reservist in the army so that made me a little worried as well, but he assured me that I would be fine and that it would look great on me. I got my procedure done yesterday morning and it all went by pretty quickly.... I ended up choosing the look of 550cc but he adds 50 cc's to replace the volume you lose by going under the muscle so I have 600cc high profile implants. I'm haven't been in much pain at all which is very shocking because I just assumed I would be after reading a lot of reviews on here but I guess it's different for different people. I have my alarm set to take my pain meds so maybe that's why my pain never sets in too bad. I slept like a bay last night and I'm so glad that I have a very comfortable temporpedic bed that can incline at the head and foot. I woke up a little sore but very tolerable... I have to remind myself to relax and not do much around the house because I feel so normal. So I'll post some pre op and post op pics and if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask... :)

Boob greed?

I don't of I'm just getting used to them already or what but sometimes they seem smaller than what I thought they were... Maybe that will change once the bandages come off tomorrow...

Bloating is terrible....

Can't wait to take the bandages off... Still no pain... I take the muscle relaxers every once in a while.... Easy breezy so far! :)

Bandages removed.... Yay!!!!

First post op appt was today and PS said everything looks good and that I cany start massaging them. I got fitted for my surgical bra and that was about it... I'm loving them so far... Can't wait to see how they will change later....

Playing in my closet ????

Views laying down

Ask me questions!!!! Lol

After my whole experience I feel damn near like an expert! I think my boons look great so far and I'd live to help others have the same great experience I had! :)

The constipation!!!!!

Omg! Today is my first time going reinvent surgery and I'm still having a very hard time.... I've taken every stool soften and laxative so my last resort was a liquid supository :-/ I'll nevee do one of those again because they are just disgusting and didn't work like I exowcted it to..... So mu advice is to load on laxatives before hand if you hate someone like me that normally doesn't go on a daily basis to start with.... might be TMI but I know it will help some one out there!

New bikini :)

Hit the beach for a couple hours...

Not much has changed but.....

They are self getting softer each day and I don't have pain. Just uncomfortable when I reach too far or at an awkward angle.... I slept flat last night for the first time and it took me a while to get comfortable bevuE I'm a tummy sleeper so I took a pill to help me fall asleep... Other than that I'm on no medications not even Tylenol.... My boobs don't feel foreign to me at all except when I'm naked because I'm obviously not used to seeing boobs on myself lol. I think I chose the perfect size for my frame... Obviously people have noticed I got them done after posting pics on social media in a bikini but because they are so tastefully done most people are just saying how great I look which makes me feel great! :)

Forgot pic

Beach bunny :)

ID card

Found this in an envelope with my name on it.... They must have hiveb it to my Bf after surgery and he didn't tell me or I don't remrmber from being loopy....
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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