Getting 420cc Tsx over but Worrying I've Chosen Too Big!

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I thought I would write a review as I've been...

I thought I would write a review as I've been reading so many peoples and it's really help me out but has also scared me a bit lol, I had my consultation with Mr meleagros at transform, all went well, I told him I wanted to be roughly a D/DD, he measured me up and gave me the choices of 3 sizes, 375cc, 400cc and 420cc. The 375cc weren't really doing much for me so he gave me the 400cc to try on, loved them! He asked me if I wanted to try the 420cc, I wasn't going to as I was happy with the 400 but my mum convinced me to just try them! And I loved them too lol couldn't tell much difference between the 400 and 420 so I went with the bigger, I left the consultation feeling really happy with my choice but after reading so many reviews and looking at pics in freaking out that im going to end up an E!! Help!

Height- 5ft 4"
Weight- around 8 stone/49kg
U.K. Size 6
Current bra size 34A

Pre op pic

Boobs now, 6 days pre op, 34a I think:/ can't wait for the 2nd October:))
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