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Hi everyone! I'm 23 with basically the same...

Hi everyone!

I'm 23 with basically the same story; I've hated my nose for as long as I can remember. I have a nice hump and my nose is really long. (I'm Italian) The front isn't too bad, I just hate the side profile, it literally makes me cringe. I'm so self conscious about it that I just feel like everyone is just staring at my nose. I've dealt with nose comments back in school and ever since then it’s just killed any confidence for my nose. However, I hardly expressed this to my family/friends because I didn't want to offend my family heritage/draw even more attention to my nose by complaining about it.

With that being said, I basically have little support coming from my family. I've had to finance and coordinate everything on my own (which is fine, but a little support would be nice during this time.) Everyone tells me I'm pretty but I just wish they would understand how much this will boost my inner confidence. Hardly any of my friends know I'm getting this done, I just don't want any nose attention (before at least) like usual lol. I'm pretty sure my close friends will notice, but I've decided just to wait for that.
Anyways, I was very happy to find this site filled with people I can relate to/can receive some support from! I'm not looking for a drastic change, just a smaller version of my nose, sans hump! The doctor I've selected does very natural work which is what I was looking for. (Hoping it comes out like we've discussed!)

My surgery is this Wednesday, September 4th, ekkk! I'm so excited/kind of nervous. I'm a little worried about how I'm going to feel post-op. If anyone could give me any advice/tips, that'd be great! I look forward to chatting with you guys! :)

Some pre views.

Just posting these reconfirms how badly I want this procedure done. Lol

Surgery Tomorrow!

So tomorrow is the big day! It actually doesn't feel real to me and I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be today. (I have such a headache from no coffee that I'm more worried about my coffee sadly haha)
This morning I started taking Keflex. My doctor prescribed me to start taking this the day before surgery, once in the am & once at pm. When I took it this morning it made me feel really sleepy. I don't know if it was because I was up earlier than normal or who knows. But it's just an antibiotic/kills bacteria/prevents it. So I'll be taking that again later tonight - hopefully I'll fall asleep early and not be tossing and turning.
Then later I also need to shower with Hibiclens - hoping that doesn't smell too bad haha haven't opened the bottle yet.
But otherwise I have my meds all set up, outfit ready, and created my own recovery room with pillows and blankets everywhere! :)
My surgery is at 8:30 tomorrow. Say a prayer for me tonight.

2 Hours Til Go Time!

Laying in bed right now, didn't sleep too much last night. I have anxiety in general so I woke up earlier to take my normal med for that.
At 7am I am prescribed to take an Ativan and put my Transderm Scop patch on. I probably won't be able to update while I wait because I feel like I'm going to be loopy as hell. Haha I'm even setting a passcode on my iPhone so I don't text nonsense. (I'm treating this as a drunken night out lol) Hopefully I won't be as looped out as I think though.
But my last feelings: I'm very excited, not nervous, kinda hungry, wish I could have a water & can't wait for coffee soon! Lol.
Wish me luck! Xxx

I did it! I did it!

Just wanted to let everyone know.. I survived my procedure, wooo! :) I feel absolutely amazing. Twilight anesthesia was just literally amazing. I had absolutely no pain during the surgery and zero pain so far after. I wasn't awake during any of it - just woke up to a nurse asking me if I wanted water. I only have a little black and blue line under one eye but that's it. The meds have made me a bit loopy, but it's funny/I'm having fun. Lol.
My only complaint from everything is just how dry your mouth gets. I think it's a combo of the meds & breathing through your mouth. My doctor doesn't do packing, so I can actually some what breathe through it right now if I try. But I'm just drinking water like a storm!
I'll do a more in depth review of my procedure tomorrow. I just wanted to let everyone know I'm okay and that the surgery went extremely well. :)

Day 2: Post-Op

Hey guys! So I'm my second day of post-op now and finally got decent sleep last night so I figured I'd go into a little detail of my experience (even though I don't remember much) Lol.
So I got there, met with my Dr quickly then the nurse took all my vitals & such & then I changed and was brought into the room. I definitely was pretty loopy from the Ativan & other anxiety meds before I was even given the twilight cocktail. The anestheiologist was really funny which made the whole set up much easier. Then the last thing I remember was asking if he wanted to see my tattoo..? Hahaha then I was out, knocked out the entire procedure. I know some people don't end up fully asleep and hear parts of the procedure, but I didn't. Then next thing I knew, I was sitting up in a chair & woke up to a nurse asking if I wanted water. I already had my cast and drip pad on my face. Don't know when that happened. Then one of the nurses helped me dress and later wheeled me out. Then I continued being extremely loopy after, I guess I told everyone in the office "that was the best nap of my life" repeatedly. My mom said I just kept slurring my words and just telling everyone about my nap. Lol girl loves naps.

There was literally zero pain during the procedure and after. So easy. I still only have bruising under one eye, however the bruise coloring got darker the next day. My eyes were very swollen yesterday but they went down a lot today. But it's no biggie. Since I have no packing I can actually decently breathe but I've just been sticking to mouth breathing for now. I'm still on a bunch of meds until probably next week. The
Biotene has been a blessing for post-op, the dry mouth is no fun. I starting doing nasil rinsing yesterday, it feel good but I just wish I could blow my nose soo bad right now. Can't wait for healing to be over so I can just enjoy everything! :)
Now I'm pretty tired again from typing all this, nap time. Xxx

Day 3 Post Op: Boredom

Sooo my 3rd day of post op has finally coming to an end. Thank goodness - I am getting really really really bored. No pain at all still which is great but just a few annoyances. Since I have no packing I can pretty much breathe, however, it feels like I have a stuffy nose & need to blow it. (Except I can't) So #1, it's driving me absolutely insane that I can't blow my nose.
#2, My bruising & swelling has gone down but still existing. I feel really good, so I wish it was gone so I could just go out with my cast (cast doesn't embarass me but a swollen face does lol) I'm just starting to feel really housebound.
#3, Nasal rinses. I don't know how much "stuff" is supposed to come out of my nose when I rinse. But when I do, hardly anything really comes out. I'm not sure if it's because I feel like I'm healing very fast/I can breathe/no packing
#4, Sleeping elevated. This actually should probably my #1. I just can't sleep elevated in a chair, or my bed. I always sleep on my tummy/sides and it's super annoying. My parents keep checking on me in the night & waking me up because I somehow moved myself back to my side. I'm scared I'm going to unconsciously hit it in my sleep, which worries me because I already love the shape my nose is taking.
Anyways, that's all for now. Gonna ice my face & listen to some music and hope my bruise goes down for day #4! :)

Day 4 Post Op: In the Books.

Today the minor bruise coloring under my right eye was completely gone! However, under my left eye it looks like a beautiful rainbow now. My left eye consists of purple, pink, yellow, & green. So magical. (Sarcasm)
(The excitement of my day/only thing going on with the nose right now. I'm feeling good!)
I get this bad boy cast off on Tuesday-thank goodness! Just need to get through one last full day tomorrow..please go by fast!

Day 5 Post Op: Summary

So today I woke up feeling really good. My sleeping has been improving and basically all my face swelling is gone. It's so nice to finally see my normal eyes again! Lol. Still have the left eye bruise. The purple was pretty deep yesterday so was expected. My breathing was really good today too. I went out with my mom to get iced coffees and sat outside on my deck after, it was nice! Had a minor close call though - mom half-opened the garage for me to come out to the car. I'm pretty tall & a tad clumsy (probably the worst person for rhinoplasty) and so I thought it was high enough to get under but nope, didn't clear it and smacked the top of my head. Literally FREAKED out because if that had been my nose, I would die. Thankfully I just smacked the tippy top of my head. Got very lucky. The doc should probably provide an air bubble for my head for the rest of healing haha. After that I just took it easy, did a bunch of nasal rinses, and iced my face for pre-cast removal. (Don't know if that will even help prepare it but..)
Tomorrow is the big day - cast removal! I've been very excited all week for this except now last minute I'm a bit nervous. I'm worried it'll look the same or something will be wrong. Need to stay positive and keep remembering that there is going to be swelling and it will change! But I'm definitely ready to get back to my normal life and routine! Hoping he gives me the OK to work out a little earlier - having gym withdrawals.
Wish me luck! :)


Dr Ahn is an absolute genius. A god of noses. I am so beyond happy I cannot describe it! I wanted to wait until the end to do any kind of doctor review because I was just so anxious for my results (& didn't want to jinx myself lol.) But I am SO pleased beyond belief! He literally is the perfectionist that everybody told me about. I was told he loves doing rhinoplasty and just really has a passion for it. So true. When he came in and saw my nose he was literally smiling the entire appointment and looked so happy about his work. This made me feel even better than I was already feeling inside. LOVE him. I'm so happy my gut instinct to select him as my doctor was right. So happy. Zero pain, minor swelling & bruising, the twilight, and the no packing made all the difference in the world. Everything was a breeze from the start. Seriously Dr Ahn gifted me with more confidence than he'll ever know. I have little swelling on the tip and between my eye area but I'm still already in love. I can't even imagine how obsessed I'll be when the swelling goes down. In the pics you can see where my cast was and the parts that weren't covered because the skin is a little red. I'll post more pics later on when my bruise/nose swelling goes down some more.

Also- Mom & Dad came to the appointment! They love it and are happy that I'm happy. Both are very impressed with the doctor and the office. (Knew they'd finally come around!) This makes me even happier with my decision to do this procedure.

Day 8 Post Op

So it's been 2 days since my cast removal & I'm still very happy with everything. I definitely have a bit more swelling on the tip and bridge between my eyes than I did the first couple hours after cast removal. My nose is still pretty sensitive and I go back and forth between feeling stuffy & then feeling normal. The stuffiness is definitely most annoying. It just feels like I have a head cold or something.
But I'm still so in love with feeling my nose and there being no bump! I went shopping today with my mom and I asked her to take my picture with something funny in the store to send to my bestfriend (something I'd typically do) and when I got my phone back and saw the picture I literally had forgot I had my nose done & then had an immediate wave of excitement go through my body seeing the picture of myself with a cute nose! No bump! Normally I used to look at a picture and immediately look to see how bad my old nose looked. So this just felt amazing!
Because my recovery has been rather fast and I feel pretty normal, I literally keep forgetting I had my nose done. I was outside kneeling playing with my neighbor's puppies and when I came in my mom was like "what were you doing, the doctor told you not to go near pets!" (In case they tap your nose) Haha and when I was out there I honestly had forgot. Lol. It's great to be out and not even concerned about my nose/people looking at it. I feel like I just have this new-found freedom from my old nose.
No more worries! :)

Day 11 Post-Op- Swelling, you suck.

Welp, since cast removal my nose swelling has definitely increased, especially at the tip. I never thought swelling would bother me as much as it is now. I still have my cast, (my dr said I could use it if I wanted to wear sunglasses or etc.) So I just tried to see if the cast would still fit, and it doesn't with all the swelling. Lol ugh! Swelling you are bumming me out!! I was so thrilled with how my nose looked the first few hours after cast removal but now the swellings sucks. I know it'll eventually go down & it's not instantaneous but I wish it was! Lol

Other than that I keep icing my face every so often, still taking Arnica (which I feel like does absolutely nothing haha,) and nasal rinses. I think I've been out and about too much and need to just take things easier. I was out all day yesterday and I think that may have to do with the swelling I have now.

Day 18 Post Op

So I'm a little over two weeks post op, still very pleased. I am still swollen and sore on the tip and have random bridge swelling often. I actually haven't been feeling too well the past week. I think I have a cold. The weather here has been changing and I always get sick when the seasons change. Not sure if it's rhino-related because I get colds so often, but on Tues I have a check-in apt so we shall see. I have no sinus pressure or headache, just feel lousy, keep sneezing, and my nose is just stuffy in the AM & runny.
Other than that I'm well! The bruise I had on my left eye was pretty gnarly. Took FOREVER to finally go away- doc had to give me more Arnica. It went away but then all the sudden yesterday my left eye was all dark again. So don't know what that's about haha.
Also my skin on my nose/near my nose has been SO dry lately too. (Could also be the weather changes in combination but..) I've been using moisturizers and I've been finding none seem to last too long and I have to reapply constantly! If anyone has any advice on product for dry skin after rhino that'd be lovely! :)
Darkened my hair for distraction as well. Tehe.

2 Week Pics

9 Month Update!

Can't believe it's been 9 months since my surgery- feels like I've been rockin my new nose forever! I'm still so pleased and in love with my nose! I probably take daily side view pics of my nose because it makes me so incredibly happy to see no bump! My only complaint is that I wish I did it sooner! Would have drastically improved my confidence through the years.
The tip of my nose is still very sensitive, 9 months later. I guess the tip takes the longest to heal and can be swollen for up to a year, so doc says. I don't notice any swelling though however if something does touch my tip it is like OW!
Mainly back on here because now that my nose is fixed, my chin has been bothering me. Has anyone whose gotten a rhinoplasty gotten a chin reduction in addition? I don't know if I'm just losing my mind now but I have a really long face and I feel like my chin looks wider now that my nose has shrunk. I don't know because then I feel like if I got a reduction it'd look like I have no chin at all. But who knows, I'll be posting updated pics soon!
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