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This will be a bit of a long read but I hope it's...

This will be a bit of a long read but I hope it's enough information to help someone looking for a surgeon. All surgeries are intense but something about plastic surgery, in knowing we are choosing to do something to ourselves that is not (always) medically necessary, that is invasive and expensive is frankly pretty scary and having the right surgeon makes a world of difference.

A little over two years ago I seriously began considering a "Mommy Make-Over" and made an appointment with a doctor in MLT. I googled plastic surgeons near me and called the first one I saw and when I met him I liked him. The office manager was also very nice, looking back I think I may have actually liked her a little more than the doctor himself, I left their office happy, sure I'd end up going with them. I had a TON of questions and ended up with two follow-ups, the second with a new doctor. She was VERY nice and had I met her first I may have stayed with that office but having a stranger walk into the room left me feeling like I'd been passed on to someone else - like the fact that I'd had more questions was annoying and I wasn't worth the initial doctor's time any more.

Flash forward a year later and I googled plastic surgeons near me again and this time came across Dr. Jonov. The office was able to schedule my consultation pretty quickly and the first visit was very comfortable considering how uncomfortable this type of visit can be! The thing I liked the most was that Dr. Jonov was able to "draw" on my pictures (using his computer) which gave me a visual of his intent, of what the surgery could/would do for me. This may sound like a small thing but when you're researching, trying to decide what you'll look like it's hard when you don't see a "before" that looks like you.

I did not schedule surgery that day, I needed to be sure I was "worth" the amount of money I was going to spend, but he had answered all of my questions and in a manner I appreciated, straightforward and direct. I did leave with injections though, nothing was overdone and he left some of the life on my face. Meaning I'm 47 years old and 47 year olds have wrinkles -- I didn't want them gone just softened which he did wonderfully.

About 6(ish) months later I did end up going back for a second injection under my eye area ( I do not remember the name!) to plump the hollows a little bit more, Dr. Jonov explained my options, the differences in the amount of fillers he could use and what each would do.

I admired and appreciated the fact that when I asked him about a couple alternatives to the procedures I'd initially asked about as well as a possible second injection/filler around my mouth he straight out said he would not do either simply because it would not benefit ME. He could have very easily pulled in more money by giving me additional fillers I did not need and perhaps even the other procedures but that was not what was important to him.

I left the office that day with my surgery scheduled - breast lift, tummy tuck with abdominal muscle repair and flank lipo.

Everyone in his office has been beyond amazing as well - Belinda and Nicole, Laura and Jessica - small things from walking into the office and them knowing my name without my needing to identify myself to offering me something to drink and asking how I am to the 'bigger' things such as answering my many (MANY) questions pre and post surgery.

Pre surgery: During my pre-op visit Laura answered my many pre-op questions with kindness and patience, she went into detail my post-op care, making sure I understood everything. From that visit, she's responded to every email I've sent without making me feel like I'm being a pain by asking "too many" questions. Everyone in the office has treated me to the same kindness and patience and believe me, I've asked a LOT of questions!! The anesthesiologist calling the night before was a very pleasant surprise (I don't remember her name!) and yet another warm and inviting person.

Surgery: The day of surgery, the small talk while being marked up by Dr. Jonov still makes me smile. Is there anything more uncomfortable than standing naked in front of a man and having your body marked up with everything to be removed? Not much but it was only momentary and that small talk helped put me at ease.

I don't remember a lot after that other than walking into the surgery area, saying hello to the anesthesiologist, laying down and then waking up. But I remember kindness, caring and concern.

My recovery/healing was easy - with the exception of if I pulled on the drain or coughed (that hurt!) I did not feel pain throughout my recovery, not like I'd read/seen others had experienced. Getting in and out of my binder was uncomfortable and if I wasn't careful it "hurt" but was not painful.

At each post-op visit Jessica and Laura have been supportive and very encouraging. I love the fact that Jessica picked up on the fact that I can be inpatient and has been very straightforward in keeping me grounded, reminding me "you're only at xx weeks". I've had a ton of questions, concerns and things that have scared me so her support in general has been great!!

At my 5 week check-up I'd teased Dr. Jonov about something he'd said, telling him that I hadn't posted my review yet and that it could still go either way -- he laughed at that, another thing I appreciated about him, his sense of humor, I already knew I was going to give a good review of course, that was never in question, not for me but it was fun to tease him just the same.

I am now just shy of 8 weeks, my scars are healing beautifully, the ones on my breasts have faded quite a bit more than I would have expected at this point and the one on my stomach is low and straight. This may sound like a "what'd you expect" comment but I've seen many, MANY, videos and pictures with scars that are almost a U or zig-zag in shape so Dr. Jonov's skill is again GREATLY appreciated.

Read reviews yes, of course, but take everything you read with a grain of salt, mine included, I did -- After my first meeting with Dr. Jonov I did some research on him and while most of the reviews I read were positive there were a few not-so-much-so. The "negative" comments I read seemed to have more to do with personality differences. I appreciate Dr. Jonov's sense of humor, the straight shooter way he'd answer my questions. I never doubted that he was there for me simply because he'd stop and turn back to me if I had one more question even when he already had one foot out the door. I chose Dr. Jonov for that reason as much as anything else.

I can say without a doubt that I am 100% happy with my choice and have recommended Dr. Jonov to more than one person.
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