Lux 1540 Fractional Laser

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Just got my first Lux 1540 laser treatment last...

Just got my first Lux 1540 laser treatment last Saturday at my doctor's office. The procedure was painful despite the use of numbing cream and sedative but at least it was done pretty fast, 25 min (one pass) for the entire face and after that I was given an ice pack and 30 min of Omnilux Light Therapy to help reduce the redness and pain.

My face was in pain and very red like a very bad sunburn. The following day (Sunday) the skin was still very warm and red and today (Monday) the skin is totally cooled down and not as red.

I'm going back to my doctor for follow up this Saturday but overall it's not too bad, at least I didn't get red bumps or small pimples. I guess the most important thing is the number of passes and the intensity level that's being used. My doctor set the intensity level at the lowest to start with and just 1 pass because it was quite painful for me to bear.

I might not get great result on the first treatment but at least it didn't ruin my face. Have to wait and see how effective this procedure is in a few weeks time but so far my recovery has been very satisfactory.

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