Brand New Me Bye Bye Fluffy Tummy. Lutherville Timonium, MD

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I thought my review was posted, but did not see it...

I thought my review was posted, but did not see it. Well let me start by saying dr. Schreiber is the best board certified surgeon. From the beginning everything he said he would do he did. I had been thinking about a tummy tuck or -abdominalplasty for two years and researched for doctor for four until I came across an article on the #1 MD board certified doctors. I made consultation with him and he was so easy to talk to and his staff was so professional and made you comfortable. I had decided to do the procedure because I had a hysterectomy over 7 years ago that left fat in my top and bottom portion of my body. I had two children but never was left with a bulging belly and now that I was 50 my birthday present to myself was to get back myself. I also wanted to remove some fat from my back area that budge when placing on my bra, so dr Schreiber suggested flanks and liposuction. My full back was done. So imagine trying to lay flat when both your tummy and back is done. Painful. Let know one tell you different unless they like pain. It is expected and with good medicine it relieved it, but I ran out fast. So the Doctor put me on a pain management plan (2 oxycodone, 600mg Advil and 600 mg Tylenol every three hours rotating each.) I only found real relief with oxycodone. Dr. Schrieber provided his cell phone and answered one but him even in the middle of a family event he responded to all my questions. I had four drains and had three taken out on Sept 9th, going for the last removal on Sept 16th... hopefully bc it is on my leg and very annoying. Also I chose dr. Schreiber because the surgery is done in the hospital and you stay overnight. Northwest hospital in Baltimore, MD is great. Took care if me 150?. Kudos to his staff. You have your own room. My insurance would not pay, so paid out of pocket (some cash, small lian and Carecredit). Please understand you need someone to help you get around, bathe, drive, everyday chores..dont try to be a hero. It will win. Thankfully I have a great boyfriend who did everything. I got and probably still getting on his nerves to breakup point. Lol
Would I do it again. No. I am done and satisfied. I never had a c-section so alit people described the scar and pain like that but I rather take the pain of delivering naturally, and my hysterectomy over this pain. All in all I think it is going to look good. Still recovering. Will post pic soon. Still shy and not ready to give that much of privacy, but know it will help. Give me time.

Swelling is slowing going down - Ready to post pics

It has been four weeks since my surgery by Dr. Schreiber. I am not going to say it has been all fun but I am progressing. I am not back on-site at my job, but they are allowing me to work at home during my recovery. As I stated I am 50 years old and wanted to reclaim my midsection and get into a bikini NXT year. Well I have finally got up the confidence to take some pictures of how i am doing. Some may appear kind of uggh but it looks better than it looks. I have a before and now pictures (at four wks and still swollen). I did not know it was this hard to take selfies since I am not of that technology. I will have to get someone to take my back pictures to post. The back is the best improvement but having the most pain...they say expect it, while the abdomen is healing is still swollen. I have cried from this intense pain but my granddaughter has consoled me and said "nothing to be scared, there are no monsters outside or inside. I am here with you and will take care of you." Then she proceeded to rub the spot on my back where it hurt before falling asleep. So have a great support system even with the little ones. The pain can be warmed by the heart. So I am pressing on and when my tears of pain comes...I will think of her. I hope the pics helps someone.

Eight week post-op and looking better

Well it has been 8 weeks and I am starting to see improvements in my body specifically my tummy. I have found some nice bodyshaper panties, slip and full bodyshaper s that are not just comfortable but affordable. You can find them at Burlington's in lingerie section....ranging from $5.99 to $12.99. other places would start at $35 and up. I had only one and washed it and it has kept it's shape and color. So I bought more to wear under my business clothing. Check me out now. Oh I am liking the sports bras better under or over my shape wear. Very sexy.

Eight weeks after TT and lipo

Well some people ask me for photo updates on how I am progressing. I still have swelling at night, but expect it. I have decided to really keep check of my sodium intake because this is what bloats me in the abdomen and now flank area, but it goes down in a.m. I also love food but don't want to have fluffy come back especially what I paid to do this out of pocket (surgeon and hospital). So I have decided to cut back on quick foods especially since I am going back to work tomorrow after being off. Working hard at exercising 3xs a week. Treadmill right now. Believe or not I still have issues sometimes picking up things dropped on floor. So crunches will wait a little longer. I also ask my surgeon when is the best time instead of going at it bc I am gungho...nope I listen to him.
50 years old and feeling renewed. I still have a hard time looking at myself until the full recovery is complete. Feel like something going to happen. Trying to keep positive. Here are the pics.

Improving and still recovering but happy

OK. It has been 6 months since my TT and lipo on flanks. I am doing well and still recovering. I went to Dr. Schreiber on my last visit with my concerns (tummy still sore, slight swelling in adominal area and feel like my midsection bends when having sex). Well he told me as long as the midsection is not bent when standing alright and that is due to how he snatched by navel and upper part of my stomach to make it more contour for my size and shape. My muscles were pulled very tight and the nerves are beginning to get back to normal so there continually will be pulls and tugs even soreness. OK I am going with him on this but listening to the body for any other unusualness. I do and feel different in a very positive way...More sexy. My man loves it even when I complain. We women always find fault even when fixed. I am telling myself everyday you look good. I am thinking so good that I am going to take budoir pics for me and a surprise gift to my man. I getting sexy back and the new free woman to be real and glorify on her image..called me loving me. Embracing it all no matter the end result BC it is damn better than before. I have attached some new pics but keep in mind the doc said it may still be another year for full recovery. Don't estimate your healing on me BC we all are different with different circumstances just focus on that you heal. NXT appt and anniversary August 2017.

Outstanding and great bed side manners. Doesn't hurt that he is great on your eyes. Lol Read my testimony for all details. He is just nice. highly recommend his svc and support

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