20 Y/o No Kids 34DD. New York, NY

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I'm 5'2, 34DD & 127lbs. I'm tired of back pains...

I'm 5'2, 34DD & 127lbs. I'm tired of back pains and getting depressed every time I attempt at shopping for things for the upper body. I'm just super annoyed with my boobs and want them gone. Most of them at least. I do everything in a bra, my boobs are almost always tender. I only take a bra off to shower then it's back in another one of these ugly things. Seriously, big bras are ugly. If I want a sexy top might as well go in a plus size store. Seriously, I've done it before. Anyway, I contacted the office of Doctor Adam Basner in Maryland so let's see where this goes..

Different Doctor

hey again, so i decided on another doctor because of location and convenience seeing that I live in new york. He's also a very well known and highly respected doctor. His name is Dr.Urmen Desai and I am super excited about surgery. It is scheduled for August 13! Any tips would be helpful! Also i will be blogging my entire experience for upload on youtube. my channel is wandererbri if any of you would like to watch in the future :)

3 Days to PreOp App

3 days left until my preop appointment and im so nervous and excited! To make sure my body heals properly ive been taking 500-1000mg of vitamic C everyday! Is there anything else i should be doing or getting? I got paper tape, a thermometer & I ordered some sports bras off forever 21. Only one of them are zip front. I figured id go between it and my surgical bra for the first two months and then start wearing the sports bras after. I'm also on the fence about ordering an Adoriwear bra since they are cute and does the same job as the surgical bra.


I'm so excited to do this. I didn't even know this existed until September of last year and I'm so grateful that I'm able to do this less than a year later! 10 days until the day of surgery and PRE OP tomorrow!

Different Pain Meds?

I was prescribed Percocet but the pharmacist gave me oxycodone. Does this matter? I had my preop today, will update later when I'm well rested.


They said NO vitamins at all. Then in the forms it says to take vitamin C. My vitamin C is the spring valley brand and at the bottom it says 'dietary supplement'. Confused because I'm sure I saw or heard something about not taking dietary supplements.

Before picture

I know black is slimming but I couldn't bring myself to post a picture in another color (super self conscious of them).

Date reschedule

I had to reschedule my date to the 19th of August because conveniently I had a very important interview moved up to August from September without my notice and if postponed won't be available until January. AND IT HAD TO BE ON THE DATE OF MY SURGERY. Well, everything happens for a reason. 13 days PreOp once again.

Thank you Dr.Desai

This office is so amazing. I can't stress enough that the staff is so considerate and tries their best to work with you and your needs. Thank you Dr. Desai. Can't wait for you to work your magic on me!


My anxiety level is at an all time high right now. It's almost my surgery day! I was just going through the motions of if I should or shouldn't do it. Then I remembered hey, I paid out of pocket I better show up lol. Then I remembered him explaining that he was going to make my areoles smaller and fix my slight nipple inversion as well and those for a fact NEED a fix! I'm getting everything I ever wanted, small boobies & regular nipples ????. I'm excited. I can't wait! Let the countdown continue!

Adoriwear Surgical Bra

I ordered this post surgical bra from adoriwear in a size small and this is it on me pre operation. It won't even close. I can't wait to see how it fits post op! Excited!

Forgot the picture.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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