30yr, 5'8", 160lb Getting 350-400cc Mod Overs - Lutherville Timonium, MD

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I have stalked this site for months now and it's...

I have stalked this site for months now and it's finally my turn to write a review! My BA is scheduled for Sept 1, less than 48 hrs away!

My PS suggested 400cc hp but since it's over the muscle I'm nervous to have too much cleavage. I still want to look athletic, I just want to fill out more than an A cup! I was thinking 350 would be the magic number but he said since I'm tall and have quite a wide chest, they will look like b or small c. I keep waking up with nightmares about cleavage up to my neck! Any other tall girls out there with 375 or 400 overs? I have read all the pros and cons about overs but I lift a ton and plan on competing and ps said I had enough breast tissue to go over, so he agreed that was best.

I initially wanted a benelli lift as well to reduce my areolas but he said it could stretch out if I have kids so why not wait a few years and decide later. So I'm ok with keeping my giant nips for now...maybe I won't hate them as much once there's actual cleavage too haha

I guess that's enough for now, I'll update if an anxiety attack hits tomorrow!

Prepping and wish boobs!

Got all my scripts filled and snacks for the weekend! I am hoping that working out 6 days a week prior to BA will help w my recovery. Not looking forward to bloated belly or staying out of the gym! ????

There aren't many boobs on here that will look like mine because of the Areola size but at least this is the size and shape I'm hoping for!

Still freaking out about 400cc being so large..everyone keeps saying that with my height it won't be huge but I still want to be discreet. I have my wedding in November so I don't want to be too obvious!

It's Boobs Day!!

My surgery was at 730am and after an hour in recovery was home by about 11! The staff at Northwest was so sweet and friendly! I was nervous right up until the time walking in to the operating room and they did everything to make me feel so much better! I took a nap and now got up to make soup and answer some work emails. Maybe it's the overs but I am shocked how little pain I have had so far. More just tightness and a little discomfort.

Scared of torpedo boobs!

Mine are definitely riding high and tight right now, I was scared for the torpedo look they are definitely still pointy! Can't wait for them to drop! Commonnnn Gravity! Lefty is dropping slower and is a bit tighter.

I am glad we didn't do the Areola reduction because it would add more stress on the sutures and create healing problems. I also don't hate them as much since my boobs are bigger! Can't wait until I get more feeling back and can see the nips hard lol

You know what's funny though? Feeling the soft natural breast tissue overtop of the hard implant, it's the only thing that currently has feeling when I ice it!

Can't wait for the bf to get back, he has to live at police academy during the week so I finally get to see him tonight! He says he doesn't have an opinion and loves me no matter what but I think he will finally admit to love them in person ;-)

Day 2 post op

I felt great this morning. Up walking the dog and showered for the first time! I still feel quite tight and am still wondering when they will drop. I thought overs were supposed to settle earlier!

I also have a little red spot on top of my left one..hoping it's just a little bruising. Any ideas?

Supposed to go to a friends bbq today but now in the afternoon they feel tighter than earlier :-(

Day 4 post op

Trying on different shirts and bathing suits to see what fits! They are softening slightly but still quite high. They don't look all that big In photos but I'm still hoping there is a decent bit of swelling to end up a little more discreet. What I notice about the shape is the projection...if this is mod what I'm the world do HPs start like!?
hopefully this will change as they drop and soften

I haven't taken any ibuprofen today and still feel good. The red dot from day two is nearly gone so hopefully it was just a bruise.

Here's hoping it continues to go well because I have to fly to Boston for work tomorrow!

Better photos, sorry!

Sorry, I wish you could edit posts here, here are cropped and brighter versions since those all ended up far away!

Sad before vs day 4

Wedding dress and befores and afters!

Feeling great guys so I did some shopping and made some before and after pics to compare! My main stress was being able to fit in my wedding dress for November so now that they have dropped and softened a tiny bit I tried it on and whew!! Still fits, just better cleavage! I did not want to look huge and fake at my wedding so I cannot explain how relieved I am.

Hope everyone else's recovery is going well! I have to fly out for work this week so I packed extra bandages and tape and bras haha. I haven't taken ibuprofen the last 24hrs but I brought some in case travel makes me a little sore.

I have to give props to my PS, I have had practically zero bruising or discomfort so it shows he doesn't mess around in there! I resisted the urge to go to the gym and walk on an incline yesterday because I read that dispute feeling good, raising blood pressure can affect healing :-(

This cabin fever of being inside for 5 days is killing me! I can't wait to see PS on Friday and hopefully be cleared for light workouts. Hope this helps any other athletic girls thinking of going over! They look just as natural as unders and the recovery is great.

..disregard the bloating still in the current pics..being out of the gym for 5 days and eating carbs on the couch is clearly not agreeing with the rest of me haha

Post op went well!

One week boobiversary was yesterday! I feel like I've seen changes over the past 2 days. They are finally starting to soften a bit.

Flying to Boston for work this week was not ideal because they were definitely swollen when I got off, even though the flight was an hour.

Today was my post op, so I had to drive my manual car for the first time! Tried to be gentle because even though they are over the muscle, I feel movement or tingling when my pecs contract.

I don't know if anyone else is nervous for post-op but I certainly was! I just didn't know if they look normal or are at the right stage after 7 days etc. he said they look great but I can't help thinking...do you tell everyone that so they don't freak out!? Haha I think I was also nervous because it's like hi, the last time we saw each other you were inside me, ok let's talk face to face now! It does help that Dr Schreiber is so friendly and courteous, he makes you feel comfortable even when sweating in a paper vest haha. He was great at checking in to make sure recovery was going well and answering quickly I had any questions. I told him today, I'm glad I trusted his opinion because now that swelling is starting to go down, I'm getting much more comfortable with the size. All the compliments I'm getting don't hurt either ????. Couldn't help but start shopping for some new gear!

Incisions and pics day 8

The tape I was using started giving me rashes so I've stopped and got the go ahead to start w silicone strips. The incisions really don't have bruising can its just the remnants of glue and marker I haven't been able to get off yet. Love the new cleavage! They look quite high profile laying down!

Pics didn't upload!

Ps got me pretty darn close to my wish pics!! Loving them! It's amazing how quickly your emotions change during this process. Over the last 24 hrs or so more swelling has gone down and they are getting softer..while I'm probably getting comfortable with them too..so I don't want them to go down any more!

So glad he talked me into 400!

More pics that didn't upload

Incisions day 12

Second day wearing silicone scar sheets, they are awesome!

Videos to show change in softness!

Day 4
Day 8
Day 12
Here are some updates to show the difference in swelling and squish from day 4, day 8 and day 12!

4 weeks today! Bachelorette party this weekend!

I haven't updated In a while but busy enjoying them and getting back to the gym routine! Low impact cardio means more hours at the gym but I want to be safe!

Leaving on Bach party this weekend so I made a before and after in my party dress! Much better now haha. Got the go ahead to wear no bra and go swimming for the weekend so game on!

My left incision is my a student- almost gone! But my right one started spitting stitches so is healing slowly :-/ no pain but I can't wait to start silicone on it too to help scarring.

Wedding pics!

They turned out so amazing! The boobs and the pics haha. 3 months in and they look and feel like a natural part of me. My doc has been available by text anytime I needed over the past few months and recovery has been great. I love them so much and feel so confident in ever piece of clothing!

I also am so glad to see that overs look so natural.

Before and after!

I can't say enough how glad i am that I did this for myself. Bikini shopping for the first summer w boobs and loving it!!

A few after pics!

6 months after they're feeling great, it's so nice to fill out clothes! Here are a couple pics from different outfits so you can start to see what 400cc looks like on 5'8"
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