Tummy Tuck, Muscle Repair, and Lipo by Dr. Rosenberg

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As I type this I am on Day 11 of my recovery. I...

As I type this I am on Day 11 of my recovery. I had a tummy tuck, muscle repair, lipo on my inner thighs and flanks. I heard of Dr. R from a coworker who had him as her surgeon on her face. She looks absolutely beautiful and completely natural! I thought if he does that good on her face I certainly would trust him for my body! I was able to get an appointment with him right away. I felt comfortable with him when I met him. I felt no pressure at all, even when they quoted me my cost. Though I thought the price was high, I didn't shop around for another surgeon because I had confidence in him. My surgery went well and I was happily shocked at my appearance 24 hours later. Even though I was swollen it is amazing how much of a difference it made! I was off my pain meds after 2.5 days and was taking Tylenol. So far I have been back twice for follow up care. His staff has always been nice, friendly, and helpful. I cannot wait until I am fully healed because so far I think I look awesome despite all the bruising and being swollen. I definitely recommend him!

2weeks post op

I was so swollen on day 14, I decided to take off my suit, and try on some of my old bikinis! Considering how swollen I am I think I look great!

day 16

I slept without my compression garment bc I was so uncomfortable and swollen and when I woke up in the morning I was so happy with what I saw I took a pic. I cannot yet believe this is me! I am still very swollen in the photo but I swear it is hard to tell.

3weeks post op

I am still struggling to stand up straight. My nurse told me at week 2 to "force myself." I have been super paranoid about getting new stretch marks (she said I would not) because I feel SO TIGHT when I try to stand up straight, I can't even take a deep breath. I went out and purchased Bio-Oil because I heard it was good for your skin in preventing stretch marks. It has worked fine and I think it has made a difference in my skin, if anything. Over the weekend actually went out and bought Coconut Oil and as of last night I have been using that instead. I only rub it on my stomach, hips and thighs 2-3 times a day.

I am still wearing my CG suit and I keep it on 24/7. About once a week I will sleep with it off, but I will put it back on in the morning. I am able to stand/walk longer periods now but I am still needing to take a break often, at least to sit down for a few.

I am changing my tape on my own every 3 days and I have attached photos of what my incision looks like. I still deal with uncomfortable swelling on a regular basis.

Day 26 Post Op

I have been sleeping on my left side lately (I can sleep on my right side, but it's not as easy for me, as I had a motorcycle accident 7 months ago and the injuries were on the right side of my body.) I noticed this morning I was a little more swollen on my left side and not so much on my right. I like that I am getting a *glimpse* of an unswollen body soon. I noticed I can now see my butt again. I was so swollen in my flanks my back to butt side were flat (see the early photos above.)

Day 28 Post Op - MY ADVICE!

Today is the first day of week #4 post op. I am feeling pretty good. I still have moments of needing to rest if I have done a lot of standing/walking (like grocery shopping on the weekends.)

My biggest advice I would give others, at this point, for recovery: expect the worse post-recovery and you will be okay. Expect it so you are prepared to handle it but don't be negative about it. Expect to be sore, in pain, tight, uncomfortable, swollen, and tender. However, never forget that it will get better! Keep reminding yourself that the first week or week and a half will be the hardest for you, but it is all good after that. Also, walk, walk, walk and move. MOVE your body. Do not lie for long periods. After surgery, walk up and down your hall or bedroom several times after using the bathroom. Take time to get up and walk around the living room, dining room, etc. Sit up and don't lie down. Move. If you stand up and it hurts, walk for about 5 minutes until it doens't hurt. It will feel better! After you've done all our moving around: rest! Post-op do this: 1.) get up 2.) move and walk 3.) do it until you need to rest. It will be in short spurts, maybe 5 minutes at a time to start and eventually the moving and standing will get better and easier and for longer time periods as you progress. After day 3, stop taking naps! Between walking exercises, take time sitting up straight. Watch Tv, knit, clip coupons, read, do something to stay awake!

It is so frustrating to me when I hear of others that are post-op that complain so much of the pain that they stay in bed and don't move. I really believe these women are making it harder for themselves. It IS a difficult recovery in the beginning. And let's face it: none of us are spring chickens having this type of procedure done...we are not going to bounce back like nothing. But we CAN make it easier on ourselves if we refuse to give in to any pain and push ourselves to get better. NEVER do anything that is more than your limit or what you are capable of...by all means LISTEN to your body and allow yourself to rest but at the same time I cannot stress the importance of moving. :)

Day 28 / 4 Weeks Post Op - Photo

I didn't have a photo to share when I was on week 4.

About the photo: I am still wearing my CG 24/7 however on this particular day I decided to take it off so I can wear regular shorts and go out to dinner on a hot, muggy day and be comfortable. I felt very 'naked' without my CG! I also hated the way my shorts felt around my midsection, like the skin is hyper sensitive. I know it's all in my head, because clearly there are no marks on me to indicate any irritation otherwise.

Day 33 / Post Op

Day 33: saw the PS today, I have 2 more weeks to wear tape over my incision (continue to change it twice a week) and continue to wear my CG! I mentioned I am going to Florida next week and he said I can wear a bikini out if I want! :) I had a stitch in my belly button that didn't desolve and was poking out so he cut it out (ow) but otherwise he is very happy with how I look. I don't have tape on right now though, because he cleaned up the tape residue from my skin and told me to shower later then put new tape on. :) I will not see Dr. R for another month. I can't wait to see how I will be doing a month from now! Unless something interesting happens, I don't think I will be updating my review until around then. Everything is going well for me, as I continue to heal.

Week 5 & 6

I wanted to update with my photos from weeks 5 & 6! I am currently on week 6 as I type this. I just returned from a Florida vacation with my family. It was SO HOT so I did not wear my CG while down there and I felt fine without it. I even got on rides and such and had NO problems or pain at all. The standing and walking around did not bother me one bit at all! Well, it was tiring, but as far as the operation goes, it did not bother me. I got my first customized airbrush tan before I left and I loved it. I removed my tape and took photos of my scar and compared it to how it looked 3 weeks ago. The difference is amazing. I am still having some swelling and such but it is not too bad at all.

My waist pre-op was 29.5". Now, when I wake up in the morning, it is about 28.75". My thighs are 1" smaller. I still have pain and tenderness in the lipo areas but it is also getting better each day :) I have no idea what I weigh but I am guessing the same. I have not changed clothing sizes but what I do have fits better.

I did learn something new this past week: I can kind of 'sling' my shorts a little lower on my hips. I used to hike them up to 'cover' and hold in the kangaroo pouch I had! No more! I am sleek and flat and sexy and I am in love with my body. I love the new confidence I have. I cannot wait to begin exercising. I think I will start next week for sure!

Week 6 (Day 29)

I woke up this morning feeling 'very skinny' so I decided to grab the tape and measure! 28"!! Woo hoo! I added a photo.

I measured my thighs and I guess I should pay more attention to them, because they are also getting thinner...
Pre-Op, my thighs measured:
Left: 22"
Right: 23"
Now bear in mind, I had a motorcycle accident and one of my many injuries was on my right thigh/hip area and it is still swollen, that's why I am uneven to begin with.
Post-Op, Week 4:
Left: 21"
Right: 21.5"
Post-Op, Week 6:
Left: 19.75"
Right: 21.5"

Week 8 - scar photos

I took some photos this weekend. My scar is looking better. In the mornings, my scar is so smooth and light it's absolutely perfect. Later on in the day it starts to turn pink/red and get raised/bumpy. But I took some photos of it in its 'perfect' state. Amazing for being 8 weeks post-op!

Every day, I love my results more and more. The photos of me in bright pink boy shorts - was taken in the morning while I was still low on swelling, but still the same morning of the photos with my scar being super light. But, after a shower and I had applied coconut oil, so you see my scar is more noticeable. My husband said I look a million times better than he even imagined (he thought I would look all cut up and distorted!) I am SO happy I had this done! I feel great, too. Every week it just gets better and better and my confidence and totally improved.

Week 9

I haven't bought any new clothes since my surgery. I haven't changed clothing sizes but my clothes fit SO much better (no more muffin top!) I always dressed in a way to hide my mid-section or camouflage it. Now I want to dress in clothes that will show off my middle! I tried on bikinis and took some photos. I ended up buying two pairs. I love being able to look at and try on bikinis and not feel all upset and unhappy with the way I look. I have so much confidence! Even my husband has been commenting on how much more confident I am and he said he loves it. He said the confidence boost makes it worth the money we spent.

Week 10 Post Op

I'm feeling great. Pretty much back to normal but just a lot flatter and tighter!
I have noticed beginning week 9 I think my flank areas are beginning to wake up. They are less numb now and I get a lot of burning and zapping sensations which tells me the nerves are waking up. It's an annoying pain but nothing that isn't tolerable.
My confidence has shot thru the roof! I can't get over what I look like now. It is truly amazing and this is me!

3 Months Post-Op

Tomorrow is my 3 month surgery anniversary.
I am still happy and in love with my results. I wanted to post an updated photo that I have. I don't think I look much different than week 9 and 10. I still have numbness, and it doesn't bother me. I'm back to my normal stuff, even riding my motorcycle.
I still get a little swollen on my hips, and I'm most sensitive on the ends of my scar, on my hips. It's all just healing pain and is taking longer than the rest, nothing that I find alarming.

I'm too happy with the way I look to be worried about anything else. :)

4 Months Post-Op

Nothing different to mention or speak of that I didn't already mention in my 3 Months Post-Op review.
I went to the beach a couple weeks ago. The strings on the bottom bikini are perfectly positioned over my scar, so you can't even tell I had a TT. It felt great to wear a bikini in public for the first time and to feel so confident. I was careful and sprayed a LOT of sunscreen directly on my scar to protect it.

5 Months Post-Op

Sorry I missed my actual 5 month anniversary so I am posting this now. I am still loving my results!
I'm continuing with exercising and eating right. There is motivation to continue to make sure I always take care of myself!

8 & 9 Months - Update

I love my body! I have never had the confidence before like I do now. Even my husband has said every penny was worth what we paid to have this done. He loves that I am no longer ashamed of my body. I used to hide even from him before surgery! I have had no concerns or issues with my recovery. (If I were to have any complaint: I am a tad self-conscious about my belly button - I think that the scarring around it is starting to look obvious. I will ask Dr. R about it at my appointment in March.)

Sidenote: I ran into an old friend one day-haven't seen him in years...was showing him photos of stuff on my phone when--oops--came across my TT photos! I explained I had a TT done (I'm not embarrassed to admit it)...he then said he understood, because his wife just had a TT and BL/BA as well...and he said it was worth every penny and money well spent because his wife's confidence has skyrocketed and not to mention: she looks amazing! He added that Dr. Rosenberg is an amazing surgeon -- and I almost screamed: that's who MY surgeon is! So, I now know personally 2 people other than myself who have used my surgeon! My friend showed me photos of his wife and WOW, she really looks fantastic!

Almost 2 Years After!

I don't really have much to update other than to continue to say I am so happy I had this done and I'm so happy with my results. My hip-to-hip scar is less noticeable when I go tanning (you can see my tanned skin in the pics from my 1 year anniversary pics.)
I will admit I am a little self-conscious of my belly button. I think the scarring around the navel is a little obvious because it did keloid(?) along the cut/stitched areas. (I don't view this as a negative with my Dr...I know this was just the way my body healed in that area.) I've kind of been on the fence if I want to get a navel piercing to draw the eye away from the scarring. I had a navel piercing before surgery, but I am so happy with my results I kind of like not having the piercing, too.
I continue to eat right and exercise when I can. I would like to exercise more, but I have injured my back in the past year (I will need a fusion) and I've been putting it off, so I'm doing what I can!

I have noticed when I go tanning, my skin and scar blend nicer together (as you can see in the photos) and as a side note, I continue to use coconut oil (organic, extra virgin) on a daily basis. It has really improved my skin all over my body in the past 2 years I've been using it.
Lutherville Timonium Plastic Surgeon

I am very happy with my results so far. I am on day 11 and I feel great.

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