44 years old and sick of the loose skin. Time for a change.

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I am clear I will need multiple procedures. The...

I am clear I will need multiple procedures. The confusion for me is where to start first. My first consultation was 12/18 and for an extended abdominoplasty with lipo to abdomen and waist along with brachioplasty is $13,800. After talking to other PS offices it appears that combo is excessive. I have 2 more consultations next week. My target date is May 1st this year. My kids feel I should get the brachioplasty and BA first since my batwings really bother me.

April 2015 Circumferential Abdominoplasty/Tummy Tuck

I went to see Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber today and he made me feel at ease and since he does his procedures at a hospital my family and best friend are more supportive and was comfortable with him today also. Due to losing over one hundred pounds, I am loose skin and no lipo is required for my circumferential tummy tuck.

I will need 2 weeks off work and my projected date is April 5th 2015.

I will post my before pictures as soon as I can.

Circumferential Tummy Tuck/belt lipectomyLBL...Confused

I am going back for a second consultation to confirm that we are on the same page with my expectations/results. I am confused as it relates to the differences circumferential tummy tuck, lower body lift, belt lipectomy. After checking on all 3 it appears each PS has a different take on it. Are they one in the same? PS is supposed to be a rite of passage so to speak, but it's one headache after another. How come you go to 2 or so consultations and each one tell you something totally different. My 3rd consultation is 3/30 and I can only imagine what he will say.

Back to the drawing board

Due to a family emergency, I had to postpone PS. I will now start my consultations again.

What should I do first?

I want my bat wings remove and augmentation , yet after reading brachioplasty reviews, I am scared. I was very involved in the process and decided to do the circumferential tummy tuck and then I had to cancel due to a family emergency. What I found frustrating is that I went to 3 PS and each of them said very different things. Since it's been 8 months and I am smaller, I want to revisit what is best. I am clear that 2 surgeries are needed, yet I am cloudy on what should I do first. I can't be the only with all of these emotions.

November 23rd 2015

Went to my consultation yesterday. We both agree staging the surgeries is best. I will get the circumferential tummy tuck on November 23rd. My time off is approved. I am excited, yet feeling a tad of buyer's remorse. Will post pictures of this belly later.

Journey of emotions

I have worked really hard to lose weight. I am 5 feet 4 inches tall and I used to weigh over 300lbs and by diet and exercise I am left with loose skin and realize there's a much smaller person under the skin. I ran my first 5k in July 2014. Talk about a huge moment. When I crossed the finish line I broke down terribly because I believed in myself and finished another personal milestone. I ran another one in July 2015 and will run another one 9 days before my SX. How cool is that?

My PS is so hands on and has answered my questions via email. After reading reviews from RS, I kept asking more questions which resulted in me seeing him face to face again to ensure we were on the same page.

I am ready to get my body back. I have been researching this site day in and out. I read the bad stories too in an effort to make sure I am not overlooking anything.

I am impatient and really want to have everything done now but common sense prevails. A circumferential TT is a lengthy surgery.

Counting down the days til the back rolls pooch is no more.

More pics soon.


I will get this right eventually.

25 Days left

Went for my pre-op physical today. My PCP feel that I will do well. I keep reading about people's iron levels are not high enough. To be safe, I am drinking a beet juice every day to increase my iron levels.

21 Days left

I am full of varied emotions. My labs and physical went well. I am ready to see this gut, flanks and excess skin go bye bye.

I'm eating even more clean as a vegan. Running another 5k next week.

It has been difficult sleeping because I am still researching, looking at videos and photos.

I am a full ball of adrenaline and ready today, however, time flies fast enough.

I feel like I am the only one getting a circular tummy tuck. There's not much on here under that name, yet I do find information under lower body lift or belt lipectomy. So many names for the same procedure. No wonder people are so confused.

I feel like a

I am 6 days away from the new and improved me and I am starting to feel like a chicken (lol)

I ran a 5k on Sunday which will be my last for awhile.

Just hours away

I remember when I was 30 days away. Now I am hours away.

Updates as well as 9 days PO

I made it through my circumferential tummy tuck on 11/23. I am grateful that I stayed in the hospital as that round the clock care is critical. I was quite pleased they actually had a vegan menu and I did not have to starve. My doc said he removed 10lbs of skin. Can't wait to see the photo. I walked around the hospital multiple times per doc orders along with standing straight within 48 hours. Needless to say I did.

It took 7 days to have a BM and that was worth singing and posting.

I started with 4 drains and now I am down to 2.

I had a few coughing spells that sent me running for the hills. I had a csection and the pain was quite similar.

It is finally freeing to look down and not see rolls and the apron that haunted me for 13 years.

I look forward to wearing a belt in a pair of jeans to accentuate my smaller waist.

This moment is surreal.

12 days post op

I am 12 days PO and there are many things that I learned while in my recliner. For starters the emotions that one goes through during consultations, events leading up to surgery, after surgery and recovery are a FORCE to reckon with. I was told to stand up straight within 48 hours and I stood up while still in the hospital, yet I read where others took weeks to do so. Another lesson; don't compare someone else's progress to your own. While that Exparel was in my system, I felt like Superman. Heck I was out driving like I didn't have a circumferential tummy tuck. In my mind, I had a csection with a 9 pound kid so this should be a cinche. When it wore off, I was taken down like Superman with Kryptonite. Trying to live with 4 drains is a pain in itself. Being too proud to ask for help is my fault. I am used to taking care of everyone, and not used to asking. 2 drains out 8 days post op, while 2 remain. I swept the floors only to realize it is not wise to bend over to sweep up the trash. Ugh what a bummer. Not being able to take a shower is depressing, yet I persevere. Yesterday, I felt the tears coming as my husband was cleaning my drains and bandaging the 2 holes where 2 drains were once housed. In my mind, I thought of the 5k I just ran on 11/14. I thought about the bootcamp/crossfit class I took on 11/20 and then fast forward to 12/4 where I can hardly walk. What have I done to myself? Then I turned that negative voice off and said to myself, " I refuse to wallow in self pity. I am strong. This is temporary and you will be back , but better than ever". I decided to use this idle time to catch up on new recipes, and ways to really improve myself. I took a walk yesterday and today. The crisp air did me some good. I made a pot of lentil soup with kale today. I wrote cards and letters to mail out on Monday. I am glad this site is here. I really made it a point to focus on others as opposed to myself. For those of you that have not had your surgery yet, please read what many of us have taken the time to write. In terms of supplies, the only things I brought that I didn't need were mattress pads and way too many nightgowns. My saving grace was truly the toilet seat with the handles as I am still using it. I want to thank all you who took time out of your day to encourage and check on me. I appreciate it more than you know.....Kym

18 days PO

Went back to work after 2 weeks off. This was challenging but not difficult. Trying to hide these drains and walking like a penguin was interesting. My office mother pulled me to the side and said, "I need to stop taking crossfit because it's destroying my back and that I have no more to prove and to stop letting people convince me that I am still fat". I thanked her for caring. Wheww I thought one of my drains was showing somewhere and she figured it out. No one at work knows. however, people want to know why I am walking so slow. Getting in and out of the car is my biggest challenge along with hitting bumps. Midday swelling, getting used to it. A positive attitude is crucial in recovery, otherwise, one can drive themselves crazy. I have to remain focused.

21 Days Post OP

21 days post op today. My 2 drains are still filling up. On Saturday, I drained them at 6 a.m. and had to drain them again an hour later. I honestly had thought I was losing my mind, because I knew I had just emptied them. I have already prepared myself mentally that I will have them for another week when I see my PS tomorrow. My stomach and hips are burning to the high heavens. Drinking a bottle of water takes time, as my stomach can hardly hold anything. Am I the only one who can hardly eat a thing because you get full really fast? My calves and feet feel heavy and I know it's the fluid. It's 65 degrees and during my walk with the sun on my face, my soul was crying out loud to take a run to feel a sense of freedom. My common sense kicked in and gave my soul a REALITY check. The light at the tunnel first arrived on 11/23 when I woke up and was told I had 10 1/2 pounds of skin removed. The light will continue to get brighter as I heal and get back to my routine. Ladies this journey is filled with varied emotions. I have commented to many of you that patience is critical to recovery. Guess what? I am preaching that same message to myself. Make it a point to have a great day.

Dr. J. Schreiber is the BEST!!!!!

Dr. Schreiber emailed me back and told me that 4-6 weeks is not uncommon to wear drains. He also reminded me that I had a huge surgery (circumferential TT) and that swelling can last up to a year. I will update more tomorrow after my visit. For those of you who have had varied TT's that time frame may not apply to you. If you are still unable to get out of your bed/recliner, open your blinds for light, look at YouTube for happy videos, text and call people that you have been meaning to, but have not had a chance to. Focus on others, so you do not have time to focus on your pain and woes. Put a writing pad next to your table or recliner and write down each day something different you did and that visual should help you to see the progress you are making.

Getting There

Ladies, I am down to one drain and hiding one is far easier than 2 or 4. That's progress slowly but surely. I am regaining my strength and feeling better each day. I took a pic at work today and received several compliments about how slim I look. Our outlook really play a huge role in our recovery. I just refuse to wallow in grief and sadness. I made a conscious choice to have an elective surgery and have to accept everything physical and mental that accompanies it. The light at the end of the tunnel does get brighter. I am glad my PS said go back in 2 weeks and to stand up straight within 48 hours as that held me accountable and made me push myself. By no means am I suggesting that you compare yourself to me or anyone else for that matter. I have will that is very strong and that's what it takes to accomplish things. Time to take my walk and get some sun. Who'd ever think that it is 65 degrees in December. Have a great day everyone.

30 Days Post Op & Reflection

It was time to say goodbye to my ole friend AKA the Jackson/Pratt Drain. I feel free now. I dressed up for the occasion. I wore a fitted shirt and black jeans. My jeans sat low on my waist and I was quite impressed considering I had a binder on, tank top and the last drain. I listened to my body over the weekend and did nothing. The moment that took my breath away was when I went to get a Brazilian wax, my girl was shocked that my apron had disappeared. She kept telling me how great I looked. The wax session took less time. I am still experiencing the midday swelling, yet I can see my curves coming back to life. I do not regret getting this procedure whatsoever. I keep reading how many are succumbing to the blues. You have got to focus on other things. Use this down time to catch up with stuff you have been putting off. Yes it is painful, Why wouldn't it be? Our bodies has been through major surgery and it is going to take time for things to heal and settle down. I am really baffled that doctors think that you can resume life after 2 weeks. Go figure. I am happy that I am regaining my strength. Stay strong my PS sista's.

More photos

8 weeks post op

Well at the 2 month mark, I definitely have more reflections. TT's are indeed MAJOR SURGERY. Patience and a positive attitude is paramount on this journey. I went back to the gym last week and did better than I thought. The one exercise that I felt soreness is planks. Sneezing is still a challenge. After participating in the TT forum, it was clear most of us had some form of TT, yet we received so many variants of advice. I do believe going back to work in 2 weeks enabled me to be at the point that I am now. The swelling is like Clockwork around noon everyday. Drinking plenty of water benefit you greatly. The only thing that concerns me at this point is new developed constipation. I am a vegan and my diet is mostly raw foods and I never had a problem beforehand. I must do research and talk to my surgeon to get some clarification on the matter. I feel great and clearly my clothes look better. It was surreal To wear a pencil skirt with my shirt tucked inside. What was more invigorating is that I had on the binder and tights and I still had a medium skirt on. Just freaking awesome

Next up Brachioplasty/bra line back lift

Time to research even more on extended arm lifts/back lifts. There's a PS who gave good advice. He said always apply the 3/50/100 rule when looking for a good PS. Consult with 3 PS, make sure they can show you atleast 50 pictures of your desired procedure and confirm that the PS has done atleast 100 of the said procedure. Will update as I complete the consultations.

10 week update

I am not swelling as much. I am losing inches which is great. Been back yo the guy for over 3 weeks now. The 2 exercises that are a challenge is pushups and sit ups in which I do the modified versions. It is really exciting to shop for clothes now. It will be even better when my bat wings are done.

Size 13 Junior jeans

Decided to check out the clearance rack. Saw some jeans that was calling my name. Looked at them and they are a Jr. 13. Hmmm shall I try them on? What the heck. Pulled them on and zipped them up and had room. My girls have had enough of me since I am OLD...lol
A very defining moment. You could not have told me 10-15 years ago that this moment would arrive considering I wore plus size clothes since a late teen. What an awesome moment.

4 month check up

I went for a follow up and everything looks great and of course Dr. S was pleased as was I. My butt has really taken on more shape and my midsection is looking better by the week. I am still wearing various binders to help with swelling and I am still using scar sheets and gel for 4 spots where the drains were placed and from hip to hip as it was starting to raise. My trainer took new measurements and it was surreal. My hips came down 5 inches, my waist 3 1/2 inches. Meanwhile, my bust went up an inch as well as my thighs. I am down 12 pounds since this time last year. To be honest, I am comfortable where I am weight wise. I know my overall health is better now than it was 5 years ago when I was medicated for a host of weight related issues whereas now I do not take anything other than supplements. Happy Friday everyone. Have a wonderful weekend.

Arm lift/Brachioplasty Update

On 3/22, I had 2 consultations. Of course, Dr. S did such a fantastic job on my 360 TT, he is confident he can do the Arm lift also. He showed me step by step how things will go and that I will need as much down time as I did with the TT. That's great because I was back to work in 2 weeks, so that means I can go back to work in a week. Can you say AWESOME? Well I went to a second PS for a consult later in the day and the vibe was totally different. I have read many stories on RS where people have posted that they walked into a office and knew that was not the place for them. Well that is how I felt, yet I decided to speak to him anyways. Once he asked my weight and I showed him my arms, he was very eloquent in letting me know that my arms was more than he was willing to take on. Thank goodness I am not too sensitive. His face already told me he was not interested and I am happy that he told me upfront, although, I was not feeling the vibes in the office anyways. It was a win win for us both. He did offer 2 other PS's that he knew and felt they would do a great job for me. Ironically, I know people who had work done with both of the PS's that he recommended. When I mentioned to him about the 3/50/100 rule, he said that is an excellent way to pick a PS. In case any of your forgot the 3/50/100 rule you consult with 3 PS's, make sure he can show you at least 50 pictures of the surgery you are interested in and he/she has at least performed 100 of those surgeries. I will continue to update as I am able to.

Arm Lift and Bra Line Back Lift on June 1st

I am unable to wait until the end of the year. My arms and back fat has taken its toll on my soul. I had my pre-op appointment today and got my scripts, arnica, instructions,, etc. I started reliving my excitement when I got my 360 Tummy Tuck. I expressed my concerns to Dr. Schreiber and he did a fantastic job explaining everything and I am fine. I am ready to give a ten gun salute to the back fat and batwings. Let the countdown begin.

Preoperative Exam Done

Saw my pcp today and I am 14 pounds down since October 2015. She is quite impressed with my 360 TT. She thinks I am fine for the arm/back lift. Let the countdown begin.

6 months post open 360 TT

I am very pleased with the results. I am looking forward to the day when the swelling stops.

Less than 24 hours

Well I am doing last minute things as I am the first surgery tomorrow morning. My last workout tonight kicked my butt and I loved it. Will keep you posted.

Arm and back lift are now complete

Greetings, hope all of you are doing great. I made it out of surgery. I am glad I decided to stay overnight at the hospital. The nurses were awesome. I kept one nurse busy as I walked around the hospital ward all night because I couldn't get comfortable in bed. My arms and back is heavily bandaged. The lipo spots feel like I was scraped by a cheese grater. I am covered in ice packs to help with the burning. I will post pictures later.

3 days post op

I am heavily bandaged on my arms and back. I honestly hope when the bandages come off I am more pleased than I am right now. I have drains in my back and that makes it difficult to sleep. My family says my arms are swollen and to give it time. For those of you who had an armlift, could you immediately see your results or it took time?

The great reveal....Arm/Back lift

I was leary about my arms and wasn't sure what my back even looked like. After all of my mummy bandaging was removed, I could tell my batwings were deceased. My dog ear repair looks great. I am driving and moving around better than I thought. Once the bandages came off the swelling was immediate. I am laying in ice packs and enjoying my day.

More photos

Just added a few more photos.

10 days post op

Having PS and encountering your period is lethal cocktail. I stood in the mirror swollen and naked and could not believe that I put myself through this not once but twice. My back and arms look like I was butchered as part of a science experiment. In an effort to get my emotions on track, I walked and jogged around the track since 1 week post op as I could feel my raw emotional data pile up. My weight loss journey was full of tears and triumphs. I knew I would bare the mental torture of loose skin or the physical scars of PS. I opted for the physical scars of PS. I know the scars will fade and my patience will be critical in this process. Looking at my arms and back has been overwhelming for me.

Batwings Are Now Gone

I had an arm/bra line back lift. I am almost 2 weeks post op and I am healing and moving along. This is round 2 for me with Dr. Schreiber. He is an artist, and passionate about his work. I knew going in with these lifts, the scars would not be appealing. When the unveiling took place, before I could say anything he said we will discuss scar therapy on your next visit. My face was a dead giveaway. I am still healing and will continue to provide updates as they occur.

One month update for Arm/Backlift

It's been 30 days today. I went for a follow up on Tuesday. He wanted to know what I was using on my arms because the scars look great. To think, I was all emotional thinking I looked like a science experiment gone horribly wrong. I use raw coconut oil, bio oil, black soap and Shea Butter cream. I am back in the gym and my only restriction is to not lift more than 5 pounds from now until 7/14. I am training for a 5k on 7/16 and I have a lot of catching up to do.

I am in distress

My arms do not look like I envisioned. I wrote my PS about my concerns. I don't even want to think about going under again for a revision. My arms still look huge to me. Yes they are better than they were, but I am concerned once the swelling subsides will they be looser. The thought of having my old arms return has caused me duress today. I was lifting at the gym today and really took a good look at them and almost cried.

2 month update

My arms ache like a toothache at night. I went to a medical supply store to get fitted for compression stocking to cope. What is interesting is that I had a 360 TT and felt minimum pain. My back lift is great and no issues other than tenderness. My arms are giving me a fit. I only had weight lift restrictions until 7/14. I am now doing pull ups, I am lifting heavier weights and back to my routine. I can do push ups. Not as many mind you, but I am happy that I can do 10 easily. I am still up there regarding the scale bit measurements paint a more beautiful story. It's nice to put on the appropriate size shirts without the excess skin. This was my first experience with liposuction and now I can full understand the pain others mentioned.

1 year update on Back Lift and Brachioplasty

Plastic surgery takes a toll on you in some form or fashion and not for the faint at heart. In the case of my arms, the scars and pain a year later is a force to reckon with. I knew going in the arms are tricky, and that I could keloid. The incisions are still causing me pain at night. I am not happy with my arm results and told my PS. I still cover my arms up because the scars/keloids are horrid and I am tired of the staring when I wore tank tops. My back is tight, but my bra whether lined or not rubs against the incisions and it's raw. I have tried everything he told me to use and nothing is working.

Plastic surgery is not perfect and you don't know how your body will respond to healing, etc.

I was scarred emotionally by the loose skin. Now I look in the mirror and see how scarred I am from 3 surgeries.

Before you decide on plastic surgery, really know what you are getting yourself into.

Everything I read about Dr. Schreiber is so true. Talking to him was like talking to a friend. His assurance about his work is without arrogance and you can clearly see he cares about the health and welfare of his patients. My husband was nervous and he took time out of his schedule to comfort him about the procedure. It's also noteworthy to say my care at Northwest Hospital was superb. Due to unforseen occurences, I had to put off my original May 2015 date. Fast forward with a new date of November 2015. He removed 10 pounds of skin and I couldn't be happier with the results. I was able to contact him via his cell when I had a few issues. His response time is impressive. If you really want quality work, good bedside manner, honesty, and integrity look no future than Dr. Schreiber. Love you Dr. Schreiber.

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