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First of all, Dr. Birely is no Dr. Welby.... he...

First of all, Dr. Birely is no Dr. Welby.... he has absolutely NO bedside manner. I have been 'with' the practice for many years starting with his predecessor, Dr. Bernard McGibbon, who was perfection. He did my breast reconstruction many years ago and I couldn't have been more pleased with the result. I had no reason to believe that Dr. McGibbon would have chosen somebody who didn't have the same ethics and artistic talent as he. ... but I learned the hard way.

Dr. Birely should not be doing FACELIFTS! I wouldn't recommend him to ANYBODY. I came to him fully trusting that he knew what he was doing. Boy, was I wrong. I allowed him to perform a full facelift... including eyes.... on me even though I had not seen any pictures of his work. NOT SMART. I trusted him because he was chosen by Dr. McGibbon to take over his practice.

I am a year and a half post surgery and everything I had this procedure to correct STILL NEEDS SURGERY TO CORRECT! My eyes are not symetrical .... one eye has puffiness and other is too shallow. One eye is now 'larger' than the other and I have problems keeping contacts in my eyes. The incision lines in front of ears are not in the right place.... they should have followed a path to the inside of my ear instead of straight down the side of my face where they are visible. The left side of my face near jaw line is swollen...WHY? The chords on my neck (turkey neck) are still there~! Again, WHY?

I feel that he has no idea what he is doing when it comes to facelifts. It is now going to cost me another $10,000 to have his botched up job corrected! It is very disappointing... especially after having spent all that time and money, plus placing all my trust in somebody I thought was reliable... this is unacceptable~!

All I can say is...."Buyer Beware". If a doctor can not sit down with you and talk to you in DETAIL about your particular concerns,.. if he does not explain in plain english everything he believes needs to be done with all the whys and hows... If a doctor has no before and after pictures to share with you... If he treats you like you are an beneath him.... RUN... and RUN FAST!

I brought up my concerns with him at my last appt but he actually brushed them off saying there is nothing he can do.... it is just my skin!!!!!!!!!!!!! He then wiped his hands, left the exam room and said you look great????.... knowing full well that my neck looked awful as did my eyes. I felt that he actually pushed the blame on me for his short-comings. I really believe that he had no idea what he was doing when he did this procedure and it shows.

I have since been to other plastic surgeons to discuss my options so i know about what I am speaking. I have also learned about 'bedside manner' and taking time to make sure the patient understands what is being presented. Wish I had been enlightened before this.

Wanted to look as young an vibrant as I felt...

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I feel that Dr. Birely comes across as cold and impersonal. I really cannot give him a rating... his staff is very nice.

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