46yo 5'4 145, Allergan Natrelle 45 (Extra High Profile) 550cc Silicone Implant Exchange

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My first BA was in 2002 and I'm ready for an...

My first BA was in 2002 and I'm ready for an implant exchange with big round perky porn star boobs! Unlike my first BA, where I received old school liposuction, this time I'm in for a full tummy tuck, and hopefully I will have the flat stomach that lipo didn't give me years ago! And finally, I'll be taking care of some droopy eyelids and dark circles with a little face procedure. My next visit is scheduled for 4/5/16...I'm excited, nervous, happy, anxious!!!

Pre-Op screenings

I have a history of some minor heart issues, and high blood pressure, my PS, because he is a good doctor, has requested a cardiac clearance. Yesterday was a long day of x-rays, a stress test, and an echocardiogram. Hopefully I will get the go ahead to continue this journey. Next step will be my first ever mammogram that will take place on Friday. Lots of adventures, expecting great outcomes!!

Pre op clearances

Verbally, I've had my cardiac clearance and mammogram clearance, but I'm waiting on the official hard copies that should be available by Tuesday. During my first ever mammogram I asked the technician if I could take a picture of the x-Ray. She obliged me, although she seemed a little surprised about my request. Non the less, here is a pic of my soon to be old saline implant, via mammogram x-Ray. I thought it was neat! Aaaaannnnnddddd.......Tuesday is also the very exciting pre op visit where I will speak with my PS again and devise a solid plan about which implants will be best for me. I'm excited!

Round not saggy

Like many other members, I have "the perfect breast" in mind. Here are some of my wish boobs!

From Mentor 3000 series to Allergan Natrelle 45

Super excited that my girls will be a little bit bigger! I will be exchanging 3000 series saline Mentor smooth round 360cc to silicone Allergan Natrelle 45 (Extra High Profile) 550cc! 12 days seems so far away!


My DOS is getting close...... 5 days to be exact! I'm getting very jittery and I feel like I'm eating everything in site! Any suggestions for the pre-op jitters? Anyone?

New Me Eve

So I've not had any time today to obsess about tomorrow (which is a good thing). The house is clean, meals are made for the week, the rented hospital bed is set up in the living room adorned with bright bedding, and the laundry is finish (again lol) with comfortable outfits with zip up tops layed out neatly in the spare bedroom. I took my dreaded before pictures and weighed and measured. Time for a bath and a 7:00am appointment!!!!! Praying that my PS has perfect hands, that each procedure is flawless, that my body responds well to each procedure and that God lay His hand on me for perfect healing!

I'M DONE!!!!!!!

I'm done!!! Thanks for the prayers and continued prayers from all my new RS sisters friend! So everything went well. My morning started at 5:00 am with a drive time to get me to a 7:00 am appointment. After the lovely ladies at the facility preped me, my PS came in to mark me, Away I went and I remember not more until about 3:00 pm when I returned home.
I have no pain in my eyelids. Although bruised, I have eyelids!!!!! I have absolutely no pain in my boobs (makes me wonder if my PS exchanged my implants lol, because I have no chest pain they don't look any bigger to me right now). My abdomen feels like I'm two days out of completely over did it on the sit-up. The pain is there, but it is very manageable! I have stayed ahead of the pain by taking my scripts, my side effect, just wanting to sleep.
My PS was fantastic, he and his office sent me a bouquet to the recovery room, it was lovely! He called this evening to check on me, whIch I thought was awesome as well.
My husband, although sick, has been a God send and dotes on me, I feel like a princess....ok a very swollen princess hahaha.
The rented hospital bed, although not beautiful, was one of the best decisions I've made. We set up in the living area so I don't have to be by myself. I totally recommend renting one if your budget allows, this one was only $150 for the month (you can send it back early if you want but the price stays the same).
I hope all of this is readable and not too many drug induced type-o's lol

Day 2 Post-Op (photos)

Day 2 Post-Op...seen my PS for a follow-up, he and I are both very happy about my eyelids and TT, but we are in a total disagreement about the BA!!!!!! Ugh!!!!!! I'm not happy! I know it's only day two but what I received is not what I asked for!!!! The is no upper pole, and I think they look the same size as what was removed!!!!! Someone please give me some advice!

Day 2 Post-Op continued

Love my eyes....I have eyelids again!

Day 4 post-op makeover

I thought I was prepared for all that was to come with my procedures. I knew that I would have some numbness and then some zingers with the BA(theses haven't started yet). I knew I would have to walk bent over for a while until the TT began to heal. I figured there would be zingers with the TT as well (these just started). I was not prepared for the mist horrendous backache I've ever had!!!! I don't know if it is from walking stooped over, if it is Dom sleeping in the same position, or if it is from the meds, but Oh My Gosh it just needs to stop!!!! Nor was I prepared for my caregiver and husband to acquire the flu th day of my surgeries and then share that nasty little virus (that has made my throat oh so sore) to hang out with us while we are cooped up at home together! Ugh prayers for a speedy, and perfect recovery for both of us.

1 week Post-Op

One week on the other side!!! I can say that I'm very glad that a week has passed, and I'm almost hydrocodone free! I still have pain but I feel so much better not taking the drugs. The back spasms are still awful and I'm very ready to see my PS tomorrow. I feel like one of my boobs is a lot larger than the other. I don't know if this is because of the drop and fluff or not, but regardless it is noticeable to me and my hubby. I will be asking my PS tomorrow about my options.

Day 10

Still not happy with the same looking, almost same size, one boob bigger than the other BA. I DO NOT believe that my PS deceived me, what I do believe is that he did not hear my wants correctly!! I believe he is a great surgeon while working inside the box of young "natural" looking breasts, however I think he lacks some expirence with unusual request like myself, that did not want the natural look. Nonetheless I will be undergoing a 3rd augmentation when the time is right, so that I can have my dream boobs that are closer the my "wish boob" pictures. Meanwhile is here a pic of before and day 10. What are your thoughts?

3 Week Post Op

Breast wise, nothing has changed. I'm getting better everyday as far as the tummy tuck goes. I still have no major pains and the soreness is still like I had an awesome ab workout. I have had some pains in my belly button area, unknown if it's from me over doing it, or if it's normal. Additionally, when I went to my 2 week post op, my PS removed some crusty tissue on my belly button and now I have an area that looks like it might be getting infected. Luckily my PS is not far away and can help me with this issue. Regardless I still love the results of my stomach and eyes!

3 Weeks Post-op Pics

Pic updates

3 week post op pics

For some reason they aren't loading, I'll try again

4 week Post-Op (pictures)

I can say that patience has never been my strong suit, as with many of you ladies, I am ready to be back to normal! My 4 week post-op didn't go as I had planed. What I thought was an infection on my belly button turned out to b a patch of dead tissue that my PS had to cut away! How I have a hole at the bottom of my belly button, the size of a caper, that could potentially get infected. This goes without saying that sometimes you can do everything correctly and still run into an obstacle while healing. Needless to say, my PS did not release me to go back to work, and I have a follow-up next week (week 5) to check on my little obstacle. Hopefully it will be completely healed and I will be released to go back to work....prayers for perfect Devine healing are appreciated! As far as my other procedures, everything is going as planned, and looks fine. Meanwhile (I know I'm a glutton for punishment lol) I had some facial resurfacing (was supposed to have been done much sooner), so check out my review for it as well! Here are photos of week 4 Post-op.
Dr. Eric Minns

My first encounter with Dr. Minns and his staff was during my initial consultation. Upon entering the facility, I was greeted with beautiful architect and an inviting posh seating area. The lobby was homey, yet classy, luxuriant, but not overdone, and the entire place was sparkling with cleanliness. I was immediately at ease. The cute little assistant greeted me with a fantastic smile, like I was a friend, and asked me to sign in. I did so and had a seat on a comfy sofa. I waited briefly before being called to the front desk for the usual paperwork and signatures. I was then escorted to a consultation room by an adorable lady named Jackie, who would remain with me throughout the rest of the proceedings. I robed myself in the paper gown and within minutes Dr. Minns knocked, then entered the room. He introduces himself, sat down and began speaking. The more he talked, the more assured I became. Dr. Minns possessed a calm, professional demeanor while providing a safe, comfortable atmosphere in which I felt I could speak freely about my expectations. As though looking at art, he explained his diagnosis and proposed my possibilities. Delighted with his plan, we agreed to speak again in a couple of weeks for a pre-op visit. Pre-op day had arrived. Although the wait time was longer, the same atmosphere of tranquility still prevailed. Jackie greeted me and I was escorted to a private room where we discussed the plans for the procedures. Jackie was exceptionally well organized as she explained everything that I needed to do, and everything that I could expect for the upcoming procedures. Then Jackie asked me if I had any questions. I removed a list of questions from my personal notebook and Jackie answered them all. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Minns entered the room. Consistent with our previous encounter, Dr. Minns continued his flawless bedside manner, even flashing a sense of humor when I showed him a picture of my dream body. Ecstatic to say that Dr. Minns and I agreed on the final procedures and I’m looking forward to the days to come.

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