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Just starting this bc very excited. I am going...

Just starting this bc very excited. I am going from 375 saline under to 457 silicone under with added lipo and fat grafting to booty. Not excited for the recovery but excited for the results! I'll post my journey. Sept 2nd is my date! I am an athletic build with less than 20% bf and still wanting the benefit of body conturing.

final appnt coming up before all decisions are set in stone

i will upload pix, but in the meantime.... i am going for 1 more appointment to get all of the decisions set in stone, and try to get a better idea of how much fat transfer ill have and how the implant size will work for me. i am not dieting. but not gaining for this procedure. ill update you after the appointment in august, and surgery in sept. thankful for the real self site and community!

1 week to finalize choices

I'm really taking pix tonight promise! i want to help others trying to decide. i have contacted my doc and they said that i could ride in a car (laying on side) for my 4 hour trip after surgery same day which is awesome! i am nervous, excited. and anxious. i am worried the most about possible complications with lipo, and unevenness (tara reid syndrome.) if anyone has had experiences please share. thanks!

it is so hard not too overthink this!

i know most of you girls are like me and your brain never shuts off. i seriously feel for the girls that are a year out. i am a month, and its driving me nuts. the uncertainty. i am sure ill be more at ease after talking to ps. on monday. :) fingers crossed.

Before pic

Back before

Here at appnt

And exited that is all.

had final appoint before pre op:)

so so so excited now. his staff and dr. odaniel are the very best at being direct and answering any questions and concerns. there is no rush to decide by them and that is a wonderful feeling. (i have talked to surgeons that need your money now) he is so skilled and has trained some of the more popular surgeons in the us, and other countries. he is just not interested into marketing. he is plenty busy from word of mouth and rightfully so. he is the best in my opinion and many others opinions in this area. that being said....the revision will be an internal lift, making areola smaller. and switching 375 saline to either 421 or 457 silicone under the muscle. this decision will be made on the operating table with sizers. which is great news to me, knowing that he will choose what looks best and fits me the best. he is going to lean towards the bigger ones, but whatever looks best he will use. the lipo to the areas will be inner, outer thigh. and flank all the way up to the bra area, and abdomen. he is conservative with his approach, so less risk of complication, and less risk of a bad result. he recommends not using all the fat to inject to the buttock area. (which i was kind of set on from being on this site) but how he explained it i am 100% on board and think it will be the best long term result for me. i don't want to look good just now. i would like to look good in 20 years. and in my opinion. i do not want a nikki or a kim butt. not for me. he is just going to contour my frame. i may get some of the fat put in the lips, but we will see what the quote will be with that. i am currently 3 weeks out from surgery. ekkk. just very excited now. i am not near as worried about recovery knowing that I'm not getting as invasive as some of the procedures on here. ill be able to lightly work out in 10 days and return to work as soon as i feel i can. i did order a bbl pillow just in case they help.

anxious nervous, and in my own head

well 3 weeks out until pre op today. i am already not sleeping. i don't know what i think I'm going to solve obsessing. but I'm still doing it..... anyway. getting quote on fat injection to lips as well. (if it is reasonable ) it will save $ in the long run. i do sometimes get juvederm in the lips and that is around 5-600 a pop and it dissolves so quickly on me. so just worrying about the unknown at this point. but just ready to be in recovery.


just counting down the days. :). Still undecided on the lips. Hopefully will nail that down this week.

just about 2 weeks to go...

excited. excited. excited. wish you could know exactly what you would look like, but you just have to trust your surgeon on that!


no on lips per dr. he said it would be to bulky on me. great advice, i hate an overdone lip look. so everything is a go as is. and it is coming up fast. i have gained a bit of weight maybe 5 lbs from where i like to be. i am trying to stay steady at this weight for the procedure. and upon his orders i will go on a diet (restriction ) after all is done. i have heard with fat grafting you should wait a few weeks in order for it to take. I do not want to loose what he injects. :)

time is creeping up:)

no change here, just neurotic, excited, worried, but hopeful and thankful i have a great surgeon and team i trust. they have all gone above and beyond for me, and it hasn't even happened yet. i have heard horror stories of these places that are just in and out. they don't talk or care about what your thinking or feeling, or even post op at all. i love not having to worry if there is any sort of complication, there won't be a plane ride to divide me and my doc. i know people do it all the time, and it works out great, but when i had my previous breast surgery i had a capsule contracture, and had to fly 7 hours to go get it fixed. take off work. blah blah. just not fun and added stress. i can not say how much happier i am this time having a great person to take care of me post op. i def would go to one of those care houses if not. when you just feel crappy you need the extra care. still nervous about the lipo the most. i just want an even non lumpy result, and there are so many bad results it just scares the fire out of me. but when i go to day before surgery, ill express this. if he feel comfortable he can achieve a great result ill go ahead, if not, ill hold off. so that will save $$ if so. but regardless the implants are happening and i am just curious if 50-100cc will matter in a bra. you just read so many diff experiences. anyway. just days away. I'm sure ill take a ton of after pix. but i will make my husband take my phone away for a few days, so i don't have drugged out posts. lol

slept last night

so thats good! its so hard to not constantly think about this since its coming up so soon. i spoke to one of the nurses yesterday about some concerns with the lipo areas, bc i just don't want to take the risk if there is any waviness. its just not worth the risk. the breasts are going to be a better result than what i have. but i am just thinking about weighing the risk for the rest. he is an artist. and she confirmed he wouldnt do anything he didnt think that would give me a "non improved" look. so we will see what he says at my pre op. if he doesnt think go ahead, then we may not do the lipo fat transfer, or maybe reduce the areas. now i will try to stop thinking about this until the pre op. good luck huh. lol worried about lipo long term and risk of complication in any of it!

so few sleeps yet

time goes to fast yet so slow. just ready to be on the other side. hoping that whatever we do it is a good long term result that ill be happy with. i feel confident that he will achieve that. just waiting to see him 1 more time and go over everything. and see if he feels the same about all of the choices, ill address my final concerns. and then thats it! take my money and go!

this is the week!

come on friday!


doing so much better than expected. so excited to see the final results!

long term results

as far as the fat transfer i personally went smaller than i initially thought. but it is so important for all of us to not go to much with the trend. you know. its like a fashion trend it goes in and out, but if everyone gets giant bootys it will go out of style. i am so glad i have a surgeon that just wanted to improve my symmetry not change me totally. just food for thought ladies.

healing well

will upload pics minor swelling from others ive seen on this site. some bruising, but i was able to shower and change my own dressings the next day. he was gentle and it paid off. the staff have all been wonderful and attentive.

healing amazing

so excited how well i am healing. the surgeon really makes a difference. I was able to go back to work on the tues after surgery, and resuming all activities today like normal. other than exercise. ladies please do your research, and dont go for the cheap quick fix. going for post op tom.

So glad to be on the other side.

Girls I can not stress enough not to rush these decisions. You to or want to do anything on impulse. Pick a surgeon that is the best. Not the cheapest or most advertised.

amazing results

i know i am a far cry from the final result, but he did wonderful work. ill post pix.


is going great. i do not see how the girls recover after full body lipo breasts, and 1500 cc to the booty. hats off to you is all i have to say. but wow. i can imagine that is a million times worse! i do have some bruising, sweeling. and everyday it is getting better. i had 3 inches of swelling in waist area. but that has gone down. and waiting on everything to go down more as the days pass. i am so pleased with everything. initially i did want a large booty. but in the long run i think conservative is better for me. also i always want to look athletic, not all rear. either. to each their own. the breasts are wonderful and waiting patiently for the final result. but so pleased so far. these are going to be changes people may not notice until i am in swimwear and i am happy about that. i know a lot of people want more of a difference, but after all the research i am glad we did it conservative. happy researching!


still so early in recovery. swelling will go down so much everywhere. ill keep yall updated.

recovery is going awesome!

i can't believe how each day is so much better. i realized my implants look huge in that pic. when i take another i will show you the difference i don't think i will even be up 1 bra size. of course everyone has booty greed. and i could of loved another 1000 ccs I'm sure. but i know that he has a great vision in mind and i can't wait to see when all the swelling goes down. i have resumed light walking, some bodyweight very light lower body exercises already. and i will kick that up a bit next week. swelling is so much down i am wearing tight pants and you can not tell there is swelling at all.


i also am going to finish out with a areola breast tattoo after I am healed and there will be no trace of scar!

waiting game!

feel so so so much better. can't wait to work out really next week. i am excited to see the results in 3-4 weeks. according to many of these threads that is when about 80% of swelling will go down. we will see!! its so encouraging to have a little help in the fitness process. i personally would never do lipo or any other procedure for my body unless i had done everything i could to change the things i was not a fan of myself. you read that lipo you are supposed to be within 10 lbs. of your goal weight. but most cases are not like that. so i am hoping for exactly the result i would desire, being close to goal weight, and willing to work for the results myself.

I am loving the results

The swelling is going down each day and discomfort as well. the contouring is my favorite. i mean i didnt get a noticeable amount in my booty. but my shape has improved 100%. so excited to see what this weekend looks like. i will be able to go down to 12 hours of compression a day instead of 24. ill take pix at this point. bruising almost gone in most places. still feel numb a bit and most of the swelling in the love handle area is still there. but getting better each day! implants are softening up day to day.

doing great!

having some hardening but trying to massage, take vitamin e and singular to prevent a full capsule contracture. healing wonderful everywhere and loving the results otherwise.

will upload pix soon

could not be happier with the results. i am finally out of compression and everything is just feeling back to normal. results are wonderful and regaining sensation everywhere.

couldnt be happier.

wonderful results. 6 months out. ill post pix at some point.
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Amazing all around. I can not him enough stars. 1st and foremost he is an artist with impeccable attention to detail. Also patient, personable, understanding, and nice! He is not interested into talking people into what they don't need and only wants great natural results and is wonderful at achieving them.

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