31 Yr Old (Ht 5'5 Wt 130lb) Fit Mom of 2...done Having Babies and Ready for XL Breasts:) - Louisville, KY

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Hello ladies! I have found this website to be so...

Hello ladies! I have found this website to be so informative, and am looking for some advice as well as hoping to pay it forward and maybe help someone else out in the future!

To start i had 32 full C breasts- not bad..but i had always wanted a BA because i wanted them to be perkier and more cleavage.

I had my first BA june 2009-
450cc mentor HP silicone inframmary incision under the muscle. I had a good result,but as soon as i took my wraps off I was somewhat disappointed bc i wanted my breasts to be closer together and have more upper pole fullness.
In july of 2010 i had my first child, and breast fed for a few weeks, and when the milk was gone and i lost baby weight,i noticed slightly more sagging. Then in may 2011 i developed a grade 1-2 CC in my rt breast that my surgeon externally manipulated in office.....YEOWWW... hurt so bad..but looking back im glad he did it and i didnt have to pay any OR or anesthesia fees to fix it internally. Since then my rt breast has sat higher and been slightly firmer than the lt.
In august 2014 i delivered my 2nd baby. I breast fed her for a few weeks as well,and when the milk was gone and i lost the weight, my lt breast had bottomed out:(
So i have a different problem in each breast and need them fixed, and i want to go bigger...like 700cc saline overfilled to 775 bigger..to give me the upper pole fullness and cleavage i desire...not just in a bathing suit or bra..but naked!! I feel that if you pay thousands of dollars for a BA, you shouldn't have to put on a push up bra to get the look you want. We are for sure done having kids.

1 well known/busy/breast implant expert in my town(who also did my first BA) recommended sientra 695 mod textured under muscle. He said the texturing would prevent bottoming out and he would do an internal bra suturing. And that is the largest cc amt in sientra textured. But i feel like silicone will give me more of a natural look, and im not going for that. He said he would not do XL saline bc he didnt want me going around town with his name on my boobs like that.
Another surgeon said he would also do the internal bra, but did not suggest texturing, and said he would do 700cc saline under muscle over filled 10-20%.

I still have a decent amt of natural breast tissue,so i am not worried about visible rippling. I also know that saline will feel firmer than silicone, and im willing to accept that.
Should i go with my first surgeon who i trust,but am scared to have another disappointing result? Esp since the textured implants he wants to use are only a mod profile? OR should i go with the surgeon who will give me the size i desire?
Help please!

i made my decision

Im going with allergan 700cc high profile shell filled with saline to 775-800.
Surgery scheduled for june 12!!!

surgery this morning!

Feeling very nauseous! Thank God for Phenergan and pain meds. Will update tom. Went with smooth saline high profile UTM 700cc shell filled to 720.

day 1 post op

So i was under for about 3 hrs... did pocket repair,internal sutures and removed my 450 HP silicone...and the right one...the capsular contracture one..was ruptued! My husband said the surgeon showed him a pic on his phone...n it was in 4 pieces... of course its Saturday and i cant call the office to c if they saved the implant...bc ive only had them for 6 years...n on the mentor website it states a warranty for 10 years..
I have been taking my pain meds and they r helping,but what really seems to help is the muscle relaxers. ..i guess bc they r UTM.

day 4 post op

So today was my follow up appt with the PS. He said he only filled to 720 bc they would b too hard and too big if he went any bigger. I got to take this tight compression strap/bra off for about 5 min while the nurse removed my outer stitches and applied steri strips...felt so good...then i had to put it right back on
..and stay on for 2 weeks!!! I am soooo constipated..i look like im 5 months pregnant.

4 days post op..hardly any swelling/bruising

pics from 1 week post op

comparison side to side

2 weeks post op

Havent went bathing suit shopping yet....cant wait!!

Im soooo glad i picked high profile!!!

if i were to be very picky...

Im so happy i had this revision. My breasts are symmetrical, and look much better. My scar tissue/capsular contracture is gone from my right breast, and my left breast is no longer bottomed out...thank you Dr.Dubou!!! But i still wish he would have filled to 775-800cc... (the volume range for my implant was 700-750) that would still be LESS THAN the acceptable 10-15% commonly practiced overfill range...i feel this would have given me more upper pole fullness...remember i was wanting the fake look. .and dont really mind if they are firm.... maybe in the future if i have visible rippling i will ask that he go in and add about 100cc to each breast:) we shall see..

5 weeks post op

So i think i am done dropping and fluffing. I am happy with my result! Now i just keep my fingers crossed that i have no complications! I have been taking 800iu of vit E and 10mg of Singulair daily to prevent capsular contracture. Hopefully i wont have to have another BA until im 40-50 yrs old. If im 40...i may just add another 150cc..if im 50 ill prolly need a lift at that point and get like 500cc. I am so glad to be feeling like myself again...this recovery was definitely harder than the 1st BA.

Under Armour is the most supportive sports bra ive tried on ...

Victorias secret sports bras are cute.. but they have like none in my 32DDD size.

4 months post op

Still loving my new boobs!

8 months post op

Feeling good naked.. a great in a bra/ bathing suit!
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Calobrace-performed first BA.. honest, to the point. Beautiful office,knowledgable staff. Dubou - potential for 2nd BA..sincere,courteous.

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