31 yo 5'1 121 lbs Asian nursed 2 kids 400cc silicone under muscle crease incision

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14 more days until surgery! My husband and I...

14 more days until surgery! My husband and I agreed we are done having children and my boobs will no longer be used to nurse/nurture my kids. I enjoyed every bit of breastfeeding and pumping. I feel like I can now reclaim my body and wold like to amp up my deflated 34B boobs to a full C small D - basically what I was when they were full of milk. I'm going with silicone under the muscle...I haven't gone to pre-op appointment yet, it's on Monday 6/13...apparently will be discussing more specs and such then. I'm hoping for 375-425 moderate plus. My BWD is 14.5 per Vectra imaging so we will see which profile I end up getting.

Wish pics

I would like this much projection, side boob, under boob, and cleavage.

Nursing boobs

These boobs were when they were full of milk. I wore a 34D bra. Also, let me correct myself and say currently I'm more of a 34C not a 34B...I just feel like I fill out the B bra better, but definitely don't get as much coverage as a C bra.

Pre-op rescheduled

Pretty annoyed since I had to coordinate with husband to go to appointment. Now it's been rescheduled for this Wednesday 6/15. Bummed. Surgery date 6/24 going with silicone under muscle...still need to pick out brand, profile, and cc's. I think the brand may be Sientra, hope to go with moderate profile 400 cc.

375cc rice sizers

My pre-op appointment is later this afternoon. I decided to try out the 375cc again. I like what I see. Does that mean 400cc is what I should get since the implant would be under muscle? I think I will go with 400cc regardless. I want to be a full D cup.

Milk boobs

Found another pic of my boobs when they were at their peak size - full of milk. Pic of milk boobs and rice sizer posted

Pre op

I had my pre op appointment. It was as expected from what I've been reading on the Internet and on Real Self. When I arrived, there was a bunch of consents and paperwork to be filled out. The nurse went over time and building side entrance to come in the day of surgery. I mentioned my BWD and showed my measurements from the Vectra imaging and she verified with the doctor who was not present but in the building that 400 cc would be no issue. We talked about how I still have a tiny bit of milk if I express my nipples, and I voiced my concern about increased risk of capsular contracture if we went the periareolar route but she verified with doctor and assured me it wouldn't be an issue. The doctor suggested the nipple route because I'm Asian and it would be better camouflaged, but I think I will just go with the traditional crease route. I tried on the sizer and was satisfied. I paid my remainder balance, received some scar gel, and went on my merry way.

Some stats:
Height: 5'1
Weight: 121
Current bra size: small 34C
Implant brand: Mentor smooth round gel
Profile: 400 cc moderate plus
Incision: inframammary
Surgery date: June 24, 2016

Update: I've filled and picked up my prescriptions


I'm getting so fixated on numbers :(((((((((((

My BWD is 14.5 and I've been reading that the implant diameter should 1-2cm smaller. The implant we decided on at the pre op appointment was 400cc moderate plus which has a diameter of 13.1cm and a projection of 4.0cm but now I'm wondering if I should ask to get the 385cc moderate classic profile which has a diameter of 13.9cm and projection of 3.3cm

At the pre op appointment, I didn't even ty on two of the same sizers...instead I just stuck two different sizes in at the same time and compared. What if I look too top heavy with the moderate plus profile? I requested to go up in cc's (375 to 400) to match the implant diameter to the BWD (375cc would've had diameter of 12.8cm), but 4.0cm projection seems like A LOT.

I feel crazy right now with only 6 more days till surgery and not feeling SURE with the implant!!!!! I feel it should be the doctor guiding me further on this issue, but he wasn't there at the pre op appointment.



I called the coordinator at the office because I'm starting to panic about the implant size. I am hoping for more FULLNESS as opposed to projection...I thought I would need an implant that is closest to my BWD to get adequate side boob and fullness. It would've been too late anyhow because I don't have time this week for another consult and to give the office enough time to order another implant. The surgery is only 4 days away!!!!! Anyway, she was great and helped me put my fears at ease. She emailed me the Vectra image with the 400 cc implants and I think I will have enough side boob and fullness and hopefully the projection isn't as intense with the implant behind the muscle. I'm only 5'1 and I don't want to look dumpy...I guess I've gotta trust the doctor and his skills! So much money going into this and would hate to have a revision because the implants don't work for my body.


I had a dream last night that one of my boobs had capsular contracture and I went to the office to see if the doctor could pop it by squeezing it so I didn't have to have another surgery. He wouldn't do it. In fact, none of the staff members would help me! They just said to keep massaging it. I was desperate and freaking out and they just stared at me.


Bought some post op stuff to wear including camis that I can put on feet first and pull up. Hope I can fill them in and look awesome!!!!

Surgery day

The anesthesiologist said he'll give me a "6-pack" and I'll wake up saying "Let's get started" but it will already be over. Haha, and as MG889 said, "See you on the other side!"

Goodbye current boobies

Thanks for being there all these years, helping me get a husband and for providing nourishment for my two kids! You've done a great job, I'm proud of ya. Now it's time to add a little oomph so we can continue loving on you!

Feeling good!!!

We are home now!!! I can't believe it's done and over with!!!!! It feels tight but I'm not doubling over in pain like I imagined. Nurse was great. Everyone was great and did their jobs very well! Now just hanging out with my husband and watching tv, no kids. So happy right now!

Same cami

Post op day 1

I slept okay last night, propped up on the couch. Pain was tolerable and I wasn't miserable. This morning I showered and I guess overdid it somewhat by going up and down the stairs because the upstairs bathroom had some stuff I needed that the downstairs bathroom didn't have. So I had a wave of nausea and sweating. My husband was getting the kids breakfast and I didn't really need anything from him so I just balled up on the floor with my eyes closed until the wave passed. I was instructed to take gauze and tegaderm off today. Incision has steri strips and looks good. Leftie has more bruising than Rightie. Leftie is the one that I anticipate will give me problems as the implant sits higher than the one in the right. The nipples are symmetric but Leftie is bigger and more wonky looking.

Post op day 2

I've surprisingly been pain free this whole time...I decided to wear a stretchy bra for comfort. Bruising has shown up on the right under boob. I'm beginning to feel the electric nerve pain that sort of feels like let down when nursing. I'm so impatient and wish the dropping would happen so I don't have that weird snoopy look. I hope I don't get that on the end...so scared of getting Snoopy boobs!!!!!!


Still post op day 2 pic...riding high and weird shaped.

Still healing

Post op appointment is this Friday July 1. I just need to hear assurance from the doctors office that the end result will be just fine.

Post op day 4

Last night was rough because I was busy chasing my toddler around and may have overdone it. I had to take 2 pain pills before feeling comfortable enough to get any rest. I've had this weird belly button infection completely unrelated to the breast augmentation so I went to my surgeon's office to meet with the nurse. It was like an informal post op appointment and she said my boobs looked great and after Friday I'm free to start massages to encourage the implants to drop. Regarding the belly button infection she suggested I get it looked at, so I went to a nurse practitioner who prescribed me more antibiotics. I'm feeling great and bowels are moving with the help of laxatives. The stretchy bra I've purchased prior to surgery is sooo comfortable and supportive so I will be going to Walmart to buy more in different colors. What I especially like about them is that I can put them on from the bottom up without having to pull it over my head since stretching my arms out is still a little difficult. My boobs are looking more even and feeling a little softer today. The natural breast tissue hanging off the implant is still very obvious but hopefully as the implant drops it fills up that area and banishes the snoopy look.

Boob greed

I know it's too soon to tell and the girls haven't fluffed to their potential, but I think I will go bigger next time! Lol. Also does anyone know what ideal cleavage width should be? Should the boobs touch? Had a really good boob day yesterday and got a really good night's rest last night. Going to run errands today with my toddler boy and go shopping for more stretchy bras. Hope you girls who have been following my journey are healing well. Sending d&f wishes to you all!!!

Cozy bra

Hanes Cozy bra seamless pullover. There is also a razorback pullover, but I like the regular pullovers better. $7.44 at this Walmart.



The bruising under my breasts appear to have increased in size.........but I'm not experiencing any pain or unusual hardness of the implants. Neither implants are climbing up higher on my chest wall. Also the coloration of the bruises appear faded and yellowish around the edges. I'm hoping it's just the progression of the bruising and that they will go away with more time.

Post op day 6

I had hubby take a pic of me tonight. Boobs are still high. I've been given the clear to start massages and take off strips tomorrow. I've pressed down on implants a few times and feel a lot of pressure on my incision sites. Of course I will not be doing anything to the point of discomfort when I begin the massages routinely. I wonder how resilient the internal sutures are. I'm getting more sensation back to the bottoms of the breasts. Today I did not take any narcotics because I can't stand the constipation. I definitely suffered though and felt very tired and sore and cranky. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

I week post op!

Here we are at the one week mark! I peeled the steri strips off in the shower. It was loose on the ends and came off easily. I noticed my left incision is more swollen and protrudes more than right. Both incisions are still pretty tender. I've read it's bc the entire weight of the implants are sitting on these incisions. Also my right is dropping faster than left which may explain more protrusion on right incision as there is more pressure. I decided to try on my only D cup bra that I own which I wore when I was pregnant and I definitely fill it out nicely. I may even venture to try on a DD once the implants settle more. Plus I hear VS bras run smaller so I will most likely be a DD in that department. Swoon! I'm so happy with the size I chose. Last night I was hanging out with my husband watching tv and I was topless just lightly rubbing over my boobs to desensitize them. I had my chest out, lower back arched and my husband took one look at me and busted out laughing. He said I was "peacocking" like when the male peacock struts around and shows off. I have been so obsessed with my boobs lately. Oh well! Can you blame me? Boobs are awesome!

Sizer vs. implant

375cc sizer so I went with 400cc implant. Not too off. Did I gain weight?! Probably :(

I love my size

I'm awake listening to the fireworks everywhere around our neighborhood and grateful that the kids are finally asleep. I snapped some pics today and was just thinking about how pleased I am with the size of my breasts. Any bigger and I would've looked like a clown, per husband. I like showing off my cleavage. I even got compliments at a party we went to last night and my response was, thank you they're fake! Lol. Next time I'll be wittier and say something like, thank you and thank you to my plastic surgeon! Haha. I'm not ashamed of getting cosmetic surgery. If I look good and feel good about how good I look, then who cares what anyone thinks of me. I AM vain but I don't allow it to run my life. I think a person is capable of being humble about who they are as a person and has a generous heart and pure motives but still cares about their physical appearance and wants to enhance it. I definitely don't believe a person who gets cosmetic surgery is shallow. We should always be bettering ourselves in more ways than one and do what I can if it is in our power to do so. Shrug.


My incisions feel okay...some areas are smooth and flat and some areas are bumpy with ridges. I believe it is all part of the collagen formation and normal, but definitely unsightly. It doesn't help that those bruises are still present. But yellow hue meaning it's healing. I was instructed not to put any tape over my incisions until week 2, so I guess I'll wait. The issue I face is that my skin seems to become discolored with any tape application. No irritation, rash, or discomfort, just a brown staining of the skin. I notice my left incision is closer to the crease and is the better healing incision. The right incision is actually ON my breast and has more ridges and bumps and feels more tender then the left. The right implant is the one that sits lower too so I don't know if the pressure has anything to do with that.

I've been sleeping on my back inclined on a couple of pillows for the most part. Occasionally I'll turn in my side, supporting my breasts with a pillow but not for long because it becomes uncomfortable. Morning boob is still at large. Massages seem to have immediate effect and they feel softer right after. I still have a ton of upper pole, but nipples are not pointing down or anything. My husband is off for July 4 but it's raining and dreary and we're bored and god knows I won't be talking about my boobs with him. He's kind of reached his limit hearing about them which kind of makes me sad. But I can't blame him, who wants to hear someone nit pick and worry about something constantly? Hence the outlet of updating on Real Self. I hope today is a good day. And a good boob day.

Happy independence day!

Boobie blues

I have definitely been warned about boobie blues but did not take heed. I brushed it off believing it would not happen to me. I figured if anything it would happen just for a second when I was in the deep with pain or whatever. I didn't realize it entailed so much more!!

Part of the blues comes from all the build up and the anticipation of getting boobs and then the day finally comes and the surgery is over in the blink of an eye (chunk of time went missing when I went under from anesthesia) and it all seemed very anticlimactic. I was home with these foreign objects inside my body and they didn't even look good! Then 11 days post op and I'm not having anymore pain and my bowels are back to regularity...but boobs still look wonky and ugly...my nipples are still low set and my incisions aren't smooth and flat. I started regretting my decision to get boobs then started doubting the skills of my plastic surgeon wondering if he is the one responsible for disfiguring my body. Combined with poor quality sleep because I'm still sleeping on my back when usually I'm a stomach sleeper, the expectation of being content and happy, and not being able to be as active therefore eating everything in sight and getting disgustingly fat has definitely thrown me into full blown boobie blues. Finally it didn't help that my confused husband has not been the best support. He thought I would be happy after spending over $6k on boobs and became exasperated with me when I would talk about them constantly.

Well, I've come to realize what was going on - thank goodness! Knowing is half the battle!! And I had a talk with my husband so now he understands the situation and the reality of boobie blues. I even had him read several forum posts of other women experiencing the same thing. He really has been different towards me about it. The last comment he made to me was pretty funny: "Your boobs already look hot in a bra and when those babies drop they'll be so hot I'll make you wear a burka so other men can't see you" lol

Other suggestions I've picked up on is to distract myself by doing other activities and getting out of the house, engaging with other people and listening to their problems so as to minimize your superficial one of having breast implants, trying to NOT look at your own breasts so you don't begin critiquing and overanalyzing since they haven't dropped yet, and taking pictures every week and comparing them to previous weeks to see progress and help to keep your eyes on the prize (Dr. Salzman knows what he's doing and those nips will be in the correct location on the breasts!).

It has also helped that I made a friend on Real Self, shout out to MG889! We're 'bosom' buddies and it has totally helped to share the journey with her as we have the same surgery date and implants. I've gotten a lot of support from my friends who check in on me and ask "How are the boobies?" and it has been a tremendous help to just be honest and tell them I'm having a bad boobie day or whatever. Also I love listening to Jenny Eden who shares breast augmentation info on YouTube and on her app Eden Knows Implants - she has such a calm, soothing voice that completely reassures me and puts me at ease.

At any rate, I hope people who are reading this take boobie Blues seriously and are able to prepare themselves accordingly, unlike me. Wishing d&f Magic and happy healing to all!

Tl;dr I became depressed about my recovery and dropping progress but realized it was boobie blues and found support to help combat it!

2 weeks post op

I'm doing massages, using Biocorneum cream and Scar Away strips, and still sleeping on my back. My nipples are sensitive but no pain anywhere. I go back to work tomorrow!!!!!! Hope I have easy patients and reliable nursing assistants to help me pull and turn patients!!!!!! ????????????????????????

This bra is way too small

I saw my doctor for the first time since surgery and apparently everything is looking great, to my relief. I was concerned about not dropping enough and my incisions being so knotty and hard...but it's just me being super impatient. I'm feeling much better now and tried on an old 34C push up bra just for fun. Also posted comparison pics of how they're changing even though I'm full of doubt.

400cc's is really not that big, lol

Itty bitty tiny pink bikini

I would never wear this in public bc I'm a mom and it's inappropriate lol!! IMO.

Tug life

No bra!

Pre boob job 36B or 34C which is essentially the same size

A little blue for my fellow Real Selfers

1 month incisions

Right then left. Right still bumpier, lumpier.


I got a weird call over the weekend with someone accusing me of sending pics of my boobs to her boyfriend. Unknown number, I don't know who the hell it was. I certainly have not done anything of the sort. But just to be safe, I'm going to stop posting progress pics on here due to potential stalkers and creeps. I'm pretty bummed about it. Oh well. I don't want to embarrass myself or my husband for anything. Better safe than sorry.

6 week update

I measured 34DD at VS! 400cc silicone unders

Dr. Salzman is just a brilliant surgeon. I am pleased with his expertise and am glad to have chosen him to perform my breast augmentation. He also runs a great office and his staff members are very competent and able to deliver quality customer care. I especially loved working with his practice administrator Erika who was incredibly lovely and personable.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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