32 years old with 2 kids. Louisville, KY

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I'm 5'2 and 110 pounds. I been wanting to get...

I'm 5'2 and 110 pounds. I been wanting to get implants for a few years now. I have been on this site viewing photos and yes I'm scared out of my mind. I'm just so sick of being flat chested. I want to feel more of a women then a little girl. I haven't done it yet. Going in Thursday november 20th I'll keep you all updated.


Went in today he wants to do over the muscle which I was told its a quicker recovery and it also gives me more boobs then under.
We talked about going 450 cc silicon and that I should gain at least ten more pounds due to the fact it's going over the muscle and that I'm afraid I'll have ripples which I don't want.the reason for that is more breast fat up top.


Still looking

Still looking for someone. I really want to check out dr. Deborah sillin, and or dr. Hedden, I've heard a lot of good reviews.

I'm aiming towards Christmas time because where I work at I don't want it to be so noticeable until it's fully healed. If anyone knows of a good doctor please let me know. Thanks

I think I'll go with....

Ok I been going back and forth with getting it done because I still smoke cigarettes and I was told that I have to quit at least a month before I want it done. I want to go with William hedden for my breast implants so bad but I haven't scheduled anything due to my smoking habits grrrr.... Has anyone went to him lately and what do you suggest?

I'm so scared

I really want to go have it done but I can't stop smoking cigarettes. I'm also afraid that I won't be able to work for weeks. Which I don't want to miss out on any money by spending thousands to get it done. Could anyone give me a few tips and or things I'll need. How was you feeling within the first few days?

Update looks like I'll be going to dr.deborah sillin

August, 30th 2016 I met with Doctor sillin, for breast augmentation. I really didn't have to say much. It's as if she knew what I wanted. She showed me her work which looks amazing. I told her I want her to give me the new boobs. I knew right away she was the right doctor for me. Right now we're aiming at the end of sept or beginning of October!!!! I'm so nervous but I'm so ready for the new me. Can't wait plus she was very friendly. I could go on and on about her.

Pre-op appointment September 23rd! Surgery date October 7th

My surgery date is October 7th I'm so dang ol nervous. At the same time I'm so excited. For the ones whom gotten a BA already what is some things I'll need to pack on the day of surgery?

More wish boobs

My wish boobs

Changing the date.

As the time gets near I'm not getting as scared as before. I want silicon ultra high or even high profile 450ccs. seeing women my size and height with 500+ ccs got me thinking I could go bigger.

Any ladies out there with ultra high profile

Still stuck and scared of the size. I don't want to be to small or to big. I really haven't seen many women with ultra high profile mainly high profile. If you have either or can you please post to this comment.

READY!!! Trying to schedule my BA as a mother/student with a full time job

At first I was so scared and nervous. I was more so worried about the pain but was told it feels like your breast is full of milk. Hmmm.... I think I can handle that. I had two kids so I'm really ready now. My only problem now is getting the prefect date. Had to switch the date because it's now full. I have the week of the 17th off. Hoping she can put me down as the first patient being seen. I'll find out tomorrow what my real date will be.

I'm preparing for the big day

Well I talked with the patient coordinator today. Looks like I'll be there on the 14th at 7:30am can't wait. I'm not even nervous anymore more so EXCITED AND READY FOR THIS

Count down

Yes, I'm super excited. I have 6 more days than I'll have bigger boobs. I'll will be updating the day of and after. I might make a video as well.


As the time gets closer to the date, I'm freaking nervous again. I guess it's because I been reading to much crap online about this and that. I guess I'm gone continue to pray that I'll be ok. I'm praying for a speedy recovery as well. Good news is my boss let me take a total of 12 days off. I'm hoping I can enjoy most of Those days. Lol I already made dinner dates ????

Surgery center called me today

Omg when they called and it made me freak out!!! This has been a roller coaster ride for real. My cousin that's suppose to take me just found out she was pregnant and she hasn't been feeling to well. I'm looking for another person to take me just in case she's not feeling up to it. So far no luck ????

Can we say I got 3 weeks off and it's paid for!!!

I'm super duper excited now. My best friend called me today and told me she had a real dream that I had boobs lol I thought it was funny and my other friend asked me was I still scared. I told him yes I was and that I was ready to wear all the new clothes I bought. Later that day I found out that I'll have 3 weeks off and it's all paid for. Omg I was so excited about that. I just want to be able to heal without putting a lot of pressure on my body.

Today's the big day for me ladies

I'm a few hours away from crossing the other side. I'm excited plus scared. My heart is beating so hard right now. My dreams are about to become true

I dd it ladies and gents.

I finally did some thing I wanted to do my whole entire adult life. Dr. Sillins and her staff was so friendly I didn't have a clue they was putting me under. She called it a cocktail I said " oh.... I like those" lol. If I ever want anything else done I will be going back to dr. Sillins I would recommend. All my Freinds and family to her. She's just a beautiful person inside and out. I just felted loved as soon as I got to the door and the time I lefted. Thanks to her and her staff. By the way I was told she used 375cc high profile that's the biggest my little frame could handle.

My body keeps itching

I think the meds have me itching like crazy. Mainly on my back. My boobs is sore but it's bearable I can't believe I was scared of getting cut. I feel really good just to be hours out of surgery. I can't believe I was able to do a lot of stuff but I'm not over working my self. My plastic surgeon is the best that I came across

My right boob hurts and my back

I talked to my ps today about pain in my right boob and my back hurting. I have to keep this wrap on me until Monday. I'm so ready for this to come off. My breast look so small to me. I got 375cc ultra high profile under the musle I really wish my breast could hold more. Don't get me wrong they do like nice! I guess I have boob greed right now. Everyone says they fit my body.

Feeling a little bit better

Ok so this is my second day post-op. I'm feeling really good. I'm still taking the pain meds which got me falling asleep everywhere lol. I can't wait till tomorrow to take this wrap off and look at my boobs. My boyfriend is scared to touch them he's afraid he's going to hurt me.

I'm a mess

I'm ready to take this wrap off me and my boobs look so small I could cry. I swear I hope it's not gone look, so small
After I drop and fluff. I'm gone trust my ps and that she knows what I wanted. I just wished my breast could have taken more than 375cc I will say this my breast is soft at the top ????????????????????

Wrap is off!!!

I know it's normal that my breast is 2 different sizes right now. It's the 3rd day and I'm not on any medication I was driving yesterday which was my second day. I think I need to take it slower but my body feels so great!!! Taking that wrap off let me tell you it was the best thing. Looking at my breast I can tell they will be nice once they drop and fluff

Sneezing makes my boobs hurt really bad

Omg it's hell. It feels like someone is pulling them Other than that I'm feeling really good. I can't believe I wear a size 40 in sports bras at Walmart. Them bras are freaking huge ???????????? and no I'm not mad. Not one bit. Guys are starring I didn't think I would get that type of attention Because they seem small to me. My boyfriend he loves them already

Day 5 post op pictures

My left breast is still sitting pretty high. I just love the way this one looks and it's bigger than the right one as well. I been off pain meds for 2 days now yay. I hate taking pills I swear. I went into my ps office she snipped the end of the stitches off and took my to start massaging the breast next week. Mainly my left one the right one is sitting pretty good and I should be showing more projection SOON ???????????????????? also they have dropped just not a whole lot. Taking pictures really helps ladies

Nipple sensation

It's so much stuff that can happen with your nipples and every women experience different things. I want to talk about my nipples. I hear a lot of women don't get the feeling back for a long time. Me I got mines back after the wrap came off. I was so worried about that. Most of the things I was worried about turned out to be ok. I'm so glad I choose Dr. Deborah Sillins, as my ps. I was so happy with my results I had to give her a hug. My mother met her and fell in love with her. I love how she's up front with you

Slowly dropping

Each day my boobs change. I went bra-less a few days ago. It feels funny and it feels like my breast is getting tight. I'm not sure if it's because I been doing so much or if it's part of the dropping process.

I'm so sad my boobs look small

I know it's to early to say that I have small boobs. It's only been 9 days post op. I guess... I just have boob greed ???? I know this is a process, but it's stressing me out. I have read so many story's on how so many women felt after getting breast implants. It's so crazy I've never thought i to would feel this way. I thought I would be extremely happy inside and out but I'm not(at least not right now). Don't get me wrong, I don't regret doing it but it can drain you mentally and physically and make you feel real depressed at times. My boobs is still shaped oddly they haven't dropped yet which takes time. Maybe I just didn't take into consideration what the women online was saying. Whatever you do make sure your ready and you have someone that LOVES YOU 100% by your side this can be an emotional roller coaster. Thanks to my mother and two daughters plus my boyfriend and friends for the help so far. I don't know how I would have done it.

It's it normal?

I'm having pain under my arm pits on both sides. Mainly on my left side it hurts like hell sometimes. I also like how they are coming along. I can't wait till this pain crap is all done and over with.

I'm 2 weeks post op today yay!!!

I have seen changes but not a whole lot. My breast isn't squarish anymore. They still sitting up high. The pain isn't there except for under my arm pits it still hurts which is kinda weird. Other than that I freaking love them and yes I still wish I went bigger. I'll wait for the dropping and fluffing to decide what my next move will be.

Feeling real confident

These boobs/tits has boost my self esteem even more. I've never had low self esteem just when it came to my boobs.
I been buying clothes like crazy. Certain tops I would never buy, I bought. My girls looks so nice in them. I like to dress sexy but not with my stuff all out. I have been getting looks from men and women. I simply smile and keep walking it feels good. I just didn't think ill get this much attention. I can't wait till summer time. I freaking love my boobies

Still dropping boobs feel heavy now

My left one is finally dropping. Now I'm starting to think the right boob is bigger than the left. Some days I feel they're small. I guess it depends on what I'm wearing lol. I was told to stay away from black because it makes your boobs look small. My boobs is starting to feel heavy. Has anyone boobs felt heavy?

Ready to wear a bra

I'm so ready to wear a bra. My ps told me to go bra-less and it's fine but when I do put a bra on it burns the crap out of my nipples. The pain under my arm pits is slowly going away. The left boob looks even with the right now. The right boob has a dent on the bottom! To be honest I know this is all a process but I feel so impatient I just want to get back to feeling normal again and not grabbing my boobs when I go over bumps or when I'm in the store shopping. I hate when it hurts because I will grab them lol but I'm so serious. Not being able to lift my hands over my head sucks!!!

Yay I'm 1 month post op today

It's been a month, and I can say majority of the pain is gone!!! They are getting softer and dropping. I'm so in love with my results. I'm so happy I choose Dr. Sillins, I love going to my check up appointments she always sweet. I feel like I've known her my whole life ????. My scars looks good to me. I feel so good and I don't have no regrets of getting it done. Doing the breast massages doesn't hurt anymore. I'm overall thrilled to be honest. I talk about these boobs of mines to my friends and most of them want work done now.

They jiggle

I just noticed today that they jiggle and omg it feels so weird because my small boobs never jiggled when I walk or go over a speed bump. I'm so in love with these boobies of mines I look at myself everyday sometimes for hours in the mirror. I'm not conceded I'm still in shocked that I actually did it I feel so good inside and out.

I'm so happy

They bounce and jiggle; plus they look, and feel so REAL! I'm so happy I got them done

Feeling 100% normal

I'm feeling so good, Inside and out. I can raise my hands above my head with zero pain. My only problem is when I lay on my side it feels so funny. It feels like my boobs is falling if that makes any sense lol. They jiggle when I walk and I think they're prefect now. This is one of the best things I could have done I just wish I would have done this sooner. When your working; and taking care of two kids, and school it's hard especially for a single parent. I'm also on instragram as " barbie_ba2016 " for those who want to follow me there.

I really love real self because it's so much of information and also a support group with women who have and want surgery plus it's a private site. Whoever made this site thank you. I'm sure it has helped millions of women who wanted something and didn't know where to turn to. Sometimes just talking to family/friends just isn't enough. I've had people tell me just be happy with yourself but deep down inside I wasn't. I wouldn't say it's a self esteem issue or I'm following some type of "TREND" because I'm not. Just wanted to feel more of a women that's all. Not looking for attention or approval just to feel happy inside and out. I'm sure that's why we all are here.

Fast forward to My two sisters came down for thanksgiving, they loved my results. They want theirs done by my PS!!! One is waiting to lose more weight and the other is waiting to save up money. They both want to recover at my house. I am so down for it. Hearing so many women in my family come forward about what they want to change about themselves made me feel like I opened a door for them. They come talk to me all the time about getting surgery. I'm just glad I can help make someone feel good and point them into the right direction.

I truly appreciate all the support I have been getting off this site and in my inbox. You ladies are wonderful and so postive. We as women should always uplift each other and stop putting one another down.

I went and got sized

I went into Dillard's and Victoria secrets to get sized. I was so thrilled with the cup size. I'm a 32d and my sister sizes are 30dd and 34c just mad because my breast is still healing so I didn't buy any bras still wearing sports bras for now. I just don't see a reason to spend money when they may change then I'll be peed off plus those two stores bras aren't cheap.

Two months post op uhp

I'm two months post op and I started off with a 40 sports bra now those don't fit anymore. They have been dropping, and what it seems like to me they are getting bigger. I'm so happy with my results. I'm also starting to see more and more women getting the ultra high profile. I was so scared because I didn't see them no where. I thought they would give me a "FAKE LOOK" if I wear a push up bra then it would be noticeable but that's ok I like that look sometimes.

My scars

Finally able to wear underwire bras

I got 4 bras from Victoria secrets. They're bras run so wreid at times. I need to find another brand but I love my bras

Doctor Deborah sillin, she was wonderful. Her work looks so amazing. I wish I would have met her sooner. She made me feel good inside. I didn't really have to say a whole lot because she took all the words out of my mouth. She knew what I wanted without me having to say a word. I met with her and other doctors. Dr. Sillins and her staff made me feel so good about my self. She's a truly beautiful person inside and out. I was the first person today and it felt great that she was able to bring me in early that's says a lot about her.

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