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36 hours before BA

Only a day and a half to go! My surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am on Friday Dec 5. I'm really nervous at this point because I have no idea how I am going to look with larger breasts.

I feel like my breasts haven't changed much since I was in my early teens. They've always been a bit conical and constricted at the base, something I really hope to get rid of via surgery. I'm not even sure if I'd get the surgery if my breasts were merely small - it's more the shape that bothers me. I feel that my breasts have never looked like other peoples' and it has made me feel really different my whole life. It's impacted my self esteem and feelings of femininity a lot.

Still, I'm not a flashy person and I wanted to look natural. I told my PS that my ultimate goal was to look natural and after measuring me he recommended a round implant under the muscle with a periareolar incision. He explained that because he needed to lower my (pretty much nonexistent) inframammary crease, the areola was the best approach.

He initially recommended 275cc implants and I was fine with that and how the 275cc sizers looked. That was in July 2014.

Fast forward to November 2014 and my surgery is imminent. I started doing a lot more research and attended my pre op appointment. I stuck the gel implants to my chest under a surgical bra. While the 275s were fine, the 300 moderate plus profile provided more coverage of my chest. Dr. Salzman said I have a 'huge' breastbone even though I am 5'6" but have always worn a size 4 in tops.

The 300s were a wider diameter; I could feel they were wider even just with my hands trying on he implants. The nurse ordered the 300 cc implants at my request. Once home, and after doing some research, I realized that under the muscle you tend to lose some volume, about 25-50 cc? o i decided to revise my order. Dr. Salzman doesn't believe in sizers so my final order is my order (scary!). The office charged me $50 to send the 300 cc implants back but I feel like it was worth it to get the slightly larger size, especially in light of all the boob greed people talk about on this forum.

Now I'm just waiting. Hoping my result is decent. I filled my prescriptions, bought the Sinecch, the frozen peas. I've tried to prep my caretakers about what to expect.

I'm pretty nervous about how they'll look right out of surgery. I feel like it will take a month for them to even look decent and that is a long time to wait.

Comments and suggestions welcome! I don't have any friends with implants so I am kind of relying on this community. Any support would be great.

Last day with small boobs...bittersweet

My surgery is tomorrow morning so this is my last evening with my little boobies. I feel like I should perform a farewell ritual or something. However, they will still be sitting on top of my implants so they will be there in spirit in a sense.

I'm so excited to change my look. I have hated my breasts for as long as I've had them. I've always felt cosmically shortchanged that I don't have womanly breasts. They have always looked pubescent. It's put a real chip on my shoulder I think! So this really could be cathartic for me.

I'm pretty nervous still but I know it's going to happen so I'm just going to go with it. I hope I can get some sleep tonight.

The big day!!

Today was my BA! I was really lucky; I had the earliest surgery slot today. I arrived at 6 am and went into surgery at 7:30. I think surgery was about an hour and I was in the recovery room about an hour. Both pre and post surgery (besides being in the special recovery room) I had my own private room with bed, TV, closet, end tables, chairs, beverages, bathroom, etc. It was pretty opulent. And my bf and aunt got to wait in there while I was in surgery which I'm sure was nice, since it was private and quiet.

Everything pretty much went according to plan. The IV was not bad because they numbed my hand first. I received lots of intravenous medications - antibiotics and what seemed like 3 different anti nausea medications. After the IV was placed my family got to come back in and they waited with me on Dr. Salzman who needed to mark me up before surgery. Once I was marked up I was pretty much ready to go. I don't remember much about the operating room except everyone introduced themselves to me and were pretty nice.

Funny thing - when I woke up I didn't know the BA had already happened. I just thought I had really bad heartburn and I told the nurse so. She said no, you've had the surgery! The sensations took a while to get used to. My chest feels tight in a way I'd never experienced before. One terrible thing is that there was a kid next to me in the recovery room that was just SCREAMING. So loud. I was already anxious and getting used to these bizarre sensations, and the screaming sent my anxiety through the roof. I could literally see my heart rate increasing dramatically as a result of the stress. I was afraid I might lose it if I had to continue hearing the screaming, so I yelled to my nurse (quite loudly since I had to be heard above the screaming) and was honest with her that I simply had to be moved somewhere else. Or get ear plugs. She sweetly agreed to move me, and then I felt much better.

As soon as I woke up the nurse had asked me if I wanted to see them but I said no! I was so nervous to have the first look at them. I was terrified of being disappointed. Eventually I was wheeled into my private room where my aunt and boyfriend were waiting for me.

I let my bf help me put on my underwear and stretchy pants I'd worn, then I went into the bathroom to pee and remove my gown and put my shirt on. I knew there would be no bandages except small ones over the sutures so I knew I'd have to finally look at my breasts.

And....they looked great! Well, in my opinion, for directly post op. I had been preparing for the worst, so I was so pleasantly surprised. I've got a bit of Frankenboob but it's really not too bad. I love the size and the spacing of the implants. I think they are going to end up looking really natural. I am bruised in some places on my breasts because Dr. Salzman had to break up some of the dense connective tissue that was constricting the lower pole of my breasts. He did this to avoid the dreaded 'double bubble' and to allow the implant to settle into the bottom pole of my breast.

I'm home now and I feel pretty good actually. I got a good night's sleep last night so I'm not tired. They gave me Percocet at the hospital but I'm not sure of the dosage. I'll take a bit more in about an hour so my pain meds don't lapse. I also took a muscle relaxer with lunch and my Sin Ecch. Overall I've felt energetic and positive. No nausea whatsoever and I ate a big lunch. My aunt and my bf both think my boobs look great and I can't disagree so that makes me happy.

I'm worried about sleeping tonight sitting upright. My upper back is already hurting from hunching over all day. It's instinctive to round your shoulders and hunch because puffing out your chest stretches the muscle even more. But it causes some back pain.

Looking forward to watching these drop and fluff! I think they're going to be better than I let myself imagine.

Good morning!

Well, it's the day after my surgery. I slept in a leather overstuffed chair with ottoman my first night. By boyfriend pulled it up right alongside his side of the bed so we could still sort of sleep together haha. I do not remember falling asleep but I had about 5 hours of very restful sleep...woke up about 5 am. Surely I'll take several naps throughout the day. It's rainy and gross outside, perfect for lounging around and taking it easy.

I had no pain when I woke up - but I'm probably still experiencing the effects of the percocet and muscle relaxer I took before bed. I'm shocked at how little pain I have and the range of movement I have in my arms without pain. I really only have pain if I try to make a movement that heavily relies on my pectoral muscles. Like yesterday, I instinctively tried to close the passenger car door when I got out of the car, that was a bad idea. Opening my pill bottles hurts so I have to have my boyfriend do that. I have no problem extending my arms out to my sides or forward. I can raise my elbows about to my ears with no problem. Later I have to wash my hair which will involve raising my arms a bit but that's what Dr. Salzman wanted me to do. It seems he prefers the rapid recovery technique to some extent. It makes sense to move the muscles around a bit. When I do a tough workout, it's always the morning the next day after I have been sleeping that they hurt the worst, because it seems like they tighten due to not being used overnight.

My PS's office anticipates that this might be my worst day - I hope not! I feel really good so far. Not really bloated in my stomach. I ate two good meals yesterday but no bowel movement since day before yesterday. I'm going to have some coffee now which usually triggers a bowel movement for me, but if it doesn't I'll try some Smooth Move laxative tea later.

I've been using frozen peas a lot - that really seems to help with swelling. I am experiencing mild bruising, under the areola where the incisions are, and along the bottom and sides of my breasts where he lowered my inframammary crease and released some constriction there.

Overall I am very pleasantly surprised and pleased with how I feel so far. Hope it lasts! Right now I do not anticipate any issues with returning to work on Tuesday. I'll update with some pictures later!

Breast sensation after periareolar incision

I just wanted to mention that my sensations seem to be fine post surgery. My areolas are a bit numb but the actual nipples are not which is comforting. I don't believe my breasts are numb anywhere else.

Getting through day 2.

Hey everyone. It's the evening on day 2 now and my recovery became slightly less pleasant today. It's still bearable though. I felt so good in the morning that I decided to wait to take my pain pills or muscle relaxers. I guess I just wanted to see where my pain levels were without medication. Around 9 or 10 am it started to become apparent that I should have taken them earlier. My breasts started to feel uncomfortable, like they were burning. I also felt a lot more swollen and tight. I took the pain pill and muscle relaxer and felt better within an hour or two. But it was a lesson that I should keep on track with the pills. I did not like the burning feeling, it made me very anxious which made my chest muscles tighten even more.

I haven't had a bowel movement since Thursday so I drank some Smooth Move laxative tea around noon. Nothing. I think the tea takes 6-8 hours to take effect so if nothing happens soon I'll have another cup. I don't feel incredibly bloated, although I haven't had much of an appetite either. I had a piece of pizza around 3 pm, that's it.

I took a shower and washed my hair around noon, which went really well. The hot water was relaxing and it wasn't uncomfortable to bend my arms in the way I needed to to wash my hair.

I got a call from my PS around 3 pm but I was napping so I didn't get to talk to him. I don't have any major concerns so I probably won't call him back today. I'll try to check in with him on Monday.

My bruising is a bit worse today, which I said earlier, is due to my PS breaking up constricted tissue to accommodate the implant. Hopefully the bruises will fade pretty soon. I'm not a big bruiser so they probably will, plus I have been faithfully taking Sin Ecch.

In summary, I'd say my main problems on day 2 include: substantially increased swelling in the upper poles of my breasts (you can see in today's pics that I have a bit of shelf boob), increased bruising (esp around areola incisions), and pain and muscle tightness if I don't keep up with my pills. I'm also a little concerned because the nurse told me my dressings were waterproof, but some water got into them in the shower. I hope that doesn't affect the healing of my incisions. I am supposed to take the dressings off tomorrow anyway. Under the dressings are steristrips. Hopefully when I take the dressings off tomorrow they will be healed enough and not infected. They don't feel infected (painful or itchy), so I suppose they're probably fine.

Oh - I also went to the drugstore and got some Bio Oil because I felt sorry for my boob skin having to accommodate the swelling. It felt pretty nice and therapeutic to rub the oil on my breasts - at least I felt like it was something I could do to improve the condition of my skin.

Can't wait for the swelling to go down and the dropping to take place! They don't even look like real boobs right now so I am reserving judgment, although I feel like they'll turn out fine. I just have to be patient. Overall things are still going great and I've been in high spirits so I'm thankful for that.

I love my new proportions!

So here's me in some clingy clothes - the exact opposite of the flowy button ups I've been wearing the past few days! I look so much more proportional than before. I've always had a huge butt and thighs and now my chest finally looks like it belongs to the rest of my body. This was the look I was going for. Just wanted to look proportional.

Made it through night 2, Dressings come off today

I slept really well for the most part last night in my chair/ottoman. Got a full 7 hours of sleep, from 12 - 7 am. Around 1:45 I woke up with muscle spasms. I got cold which caused my muscles to seize up and I just couldn't relax them on my own. I got my boyfriend to put more blankets on me but I still felt incredibly tight so I went and took a muscle relaxer. Then he rubbed my back a little. Getting my back lightly rubbed really helps all my chest and back muscles relax. After that I slept peacefully.

When I woke up my boobs were rock hard. They are pretty much rock hard all the time due to swelling but in the mornings it's the worst, a phenomenon which seems pretty well established - morning boob! I'm going to ice them with some peas pretty soon, then rub some Bio-Oil on them, maybe that will loosen them up. I just feel so sorry for the skin that's being stretched so tightly due to the swelling.

Today is the day that I am supposed to remove my dressings that cover the incisions in my areolas. I'm pretty nervous about doing this - I'm not sure I'll like what I see because it appears that some bruising is taking place under the gauze, I can see it creeping out past the borders of the gauze. I have steristrips underneath the gauze, so once the dressings are removed that's all I'll have to hold everything in place! Need to call my PS today because I'm not sure when they wanted me to start with my scar recovery gel or how they want me to apply it to the scars. My scar gel was part of the total fee I paid for my BA. The bill says it cost $100 so I hope it's good stuff.

Yesterday I think I laid around too much. I watched two movies and ate two slices of pizza and took a nap and did not much else besides that haha. In the evening I started feeling kind of blah - I think I need to move around more today and maybe even go out shopping or something to curb my cabin fever.

End of Day 3

It's the end of day 3...I guess. I had my surgery so early on Friday that Friday felt like a full day of recovery to me. Today I took off my dressings to reveal the steri strips underneath. My boobs do not look good right now. There's a big vertical purple bruise on the inside of my left breast, and bruises under my areola incisions, as well as some faint bruising around the newly-created perimeters of my breasts. There is also a fresh bruise in the middle of my chest halfway between my sternum and my belly button. Areola incisions + constricted breast correction is not for the faint of heart! The bruises don't feel terrible, but they sure do look terrible. I think they have to get worse before they look better though, and I think today or tomorrow will be their worst. Then they will start getting better.

Oh, one interesting thing - my boyfriend and I discovered air bubbles underneath my chest skin today. It freaked him out because he wasn't expecting it but I remember people on this forum talking about it. He was massaging me right above my breasts and when he pushed down he could feel the bubbles. They feel tiny, like the bubbles that are created by dish soap.

I was much more active today - I went out to brunch and afterwards took a walk. On the car ride on the way to brunch I was experiencing considerable muscle tightening in my chest. It was very uncomfortable. The pain faded once I got to the restaurant, and I also drank a mimosa, which calmed me. My bf and I took a walk after brunch and the tightness came back. It was not fun. I kept trying to get my chest muscles to relax but they wouldn't. I took a muscle relaxer when I got back from the walk.

A lot of the muscle tension and spasms result from some external stimuli - physical, like cold air which causes me to clench up, or psychological (for instance, someone screaming or an intense moment in a movie) - but once the tension starts it becomes a self reinforcing cycle. I tense up for some reason then get anxious because I am tense, then I can't relax myself because of the anxiety. Staying calm is a huge part of the recovery for me.

My breasts are still hard as rocks. I massaged them lightly with Bio-Oil this morning and evening after a shower. I made dinner and went grocery shopping tonight, but pushing the cart of food around was enough movement for my recovering body; I asked my bf to carry the groceries inside. I'm trying to take it easy and not push it too much. Today I feel bruised all over, just kind of like a very fragile person. Looking forward to this difficult period passing.

Tonight I looked at my breasts in the mirror and I do think that they have settled ever so slightly. I still think it is going to take a very long time for them to settle due to the size and shape of my breasts pre-op, but it's nice to see an encouraging change. The sensations that I feel are promising - I don't think there's any part now that is numb. My breasts looks pretty much like torpedos right now, I so look forward to when they're settled in and softer. I can't really even play with clothes and underwear/bikinis because I feel I am quite far away from my final shape. However, I think with time and patience, this is going to turn into a very good result.

Day 4

I think today is going to be the first day that I start to feel somewhat normal again. I slept a full 8 hours in my chair last night with no problems (I'm lucky I have such a great chair to sleep in!) and I'm working from home today and feel productive. I finish my antibiotics and my bruising medications today, so starting tomorrow I'll only need pain reliever and muscle relaxer as needed. I will probably try to get by with just Tylenol tomorrow so I don't feel loopy at work but I'll bring the other meds just in case. I have a desk job so I'm not too worried.

During my lunch break I washed my hair and put some makeup on as well as some regular clothes (I have been living in lounge wear the past 4 days). It feels good.

This morning I called my PS. I don't have my post op appointment until a week from Wednesday because his office is moving to a new building this week so they have no appointments scheduled. He told me to feel free to text him some pictures and he'd let me know if there was anything we needed to do differently. I texted him several pics and he immediately wrote back, "Looks great!!!". With three exclamation points, haha. I have been getting good feedback from him and other PSs on this website and they seem to concur that I am right on track and should achieve a wonderful result. So that makes me feel good. My PS said the steri strips can come off this Friday and I can start my scar recovery gel a week from this Friday. I plan to be pretty aggressive dealing with my scars - since they're just small crescent shaped scars in the areola I think if I do a really good job with scar recovery maybe no scars will be visible at all. I'm going to look into the silicone sheets and maybe even laser treatment if necessary.

How long did everyone else sleep upright? I thought I'd keep it up till Friday, which would be a week after my surgery, since it doesn't really bother me. Thoughts?

At this point I would say that my greatest wish would be for the swelling to go down so my breasts aren't quite as hard. The swelling has gone down a bit, but has a ways to go. I look forward to getting a little bit of squishiness in my breasts.

Hope everyone else who had surgery recently is doing well!

Day 5 Post Op

After a restful night of sleep on the chair last night, I was back in the office today. I noticed upon waking up that my breasts were not as rock-hard as previous mornings. I also noted that I had shed a lot of water weight between yesterday and today, which pleases me. From the morning of surgery, I had gained 8 lbs as of Monday morning (yesterday morning, 3-4 days post-op). My implants are less than 2 lbs so I had gained at least 6 lbs in water weight (I didn't eat heavily during recovery so I doubt I gained actual fat weight). This morning I was only 4 lbs above my original weight which means I'm still carrying around 2 lbs in water weight, but that's good progress. I've begun a low carb diet so I'm sure I'll shed those lbs very quickly in the coming days. My bowel movements are another story - I only had one on Sunday since the surgery :( Hopefully that will change soon. I'll try to eat more fiber.

Work went fine. I have a sedentary office job so I was pretty confident it would go well. My pain levels were ok. I feel burning sensations in my breasts from time to time. I took a Percocet and muscle relaxer at noon with my lunch, as I had started feeling a little pain and tension.

I wore a really blousy button up and a very loose knit cardigan on top of that. There is no way anyone could have noticed my enlarged chest. I'll keep wearing loose clothes as long as I can, but I don't own that many flowy tops so eventually I'll have to slowly reveal my bigger chest to the world. I'm not even that excited to do it right now, because my breasts are still recovering and not in the natural breast shape I would want to show off (haven't dropped and fluffed fully yet).

I felt like getting a little exercise today, so mid-afternoon I took 16 flights of stairs back up to my office from a meeting. I was winded! My breasts felt a little more swollen and tight afterwards but soon settled down.

My boobs are getting much softer today! The left is softer and more settled than the right. The right was the more constricted breast than before so that makes sense.

I'm only 4-5 days post op, so I'm sure my breasts will get a lot softer before all is said and done. My biggest wishes on day 5 post op are that my breast volume would move more into the lower pole of my breast (the upper seems too full right now) and that they would become softer. I hope that happens in the next few weeks to my satisfaction. I think there is a good chance that it will. If not, I'm sure I will learn to accept it. Still an improvement over my old prepubescent breasts.

I'm going to upload some pics. You can see that my left breast (your right, the one with the horrific bruise on it) is more settled and less swollen. It looks smaller, but that's fine with me. You can see that it's taken on a more rounded, natural shape. In the pics from the profile, you can see that the left has dropped more and has a more rounded appearance, esp in the lower pole. Both breasts need some of the upper pole volume to descend into the lower pole, that will make them look much more natural.

Peeked on my incisions

I peeked under a steri strip that was beginning to come loose today. The incision underneath looks awesome!! Can't wait until Friday t o take the steri strips off. Also, yesterday I purchased some Arnicare cream to rub massage onto my bruises. Hopefully it will make my terrifying bruises fade more quickly! I look forward to my breasts looking less mutilated haha :)

Steri strips are off!

I took the steri strips off the night before I was supposed to :( But they were already falling off! I think the incisions look good. I'm a little thrown off on the differences between my breasts right now. The left's areola looks smaller (maybe it was sliiiightly smaller beforehand but not by much). However, I notice that my left nipple is hard while my right is not, and that makes a difference in size. The areolas spread out more when the nipple is soft. The left feels more rounded and natural, but in the pics the right looks rounder, esp in the lower pole? I don't know, I think the right actually looks better in pics, but I also have to consider that I had a scar on my left breast pre-op from getting a mole excised so that is also making it look different. Overall I suppose it's too early to tell. And still a big improvement so I guess it doesn't matter if they are slightly asymmetrical.

Bra shopping

Well, if anyone would have told me a few years ago I'd be leaving a store with D cup bras, I wouldn't have believed it. I still don't believe it! It's so weird to actually have boobs. Was a lot more fun shopping for bras, because before, with my constricted breasts, bras never fit me properly, no matter what size. My breasts stuck out some, but had no lower pole volume, so bras simply didn't fit given that bras are made to accommodate lower pole volume. I just had to settle for a molded cup bra that fit somewhat and would disguise my shape. Now I can actually show off my shape, which feels super. My favorite bra is the one in the first pic, it's a wireless plunge bra with some sheer panels and it's very elegant. The fabric is slick and cool on my skin and it feels great. The second is also a 34D cup plunge bra but with an underwire. It's not quite as comfy but I like how it looks. The third is a 36C cup bra which looks pretty awesome, more girly. All bras were $10 or under - I'm not going to shop for serious everyday bras until I'm a couple months removed from the surgery. I used to love my VS 34B demi cup bras; they were so soft and smooth and comfortable. Will probably buy several of these when I figure out what my final size/shape is.

Day 11 Post-Op

Here's some pics from day 11 post op. I feel pretty ambivalent about my breasts so far - I'm reserving judgment until they're fully dropped and settled etc., which will probably be several months from now. I do love them in clothes. It's wonderful to have curves there, where before I did not. Just adds an extra layer of interest. I have a huge butt and it makes my clothes more interesting, so big boobs are kind of the same idea.

I missed my pre-op today! Had a UTI and had to spend the whole morning in a clinic getting treated as fast as possible (I was in so much pain) so couldn't leave work early enough to make the appointment. Well, I probably COULD have, but I'm still pretty new (8 months) at my job and I didn't want to seem like a flake. Besides, my boobs feel fine, the incisions seem to be healing well. At this point I'm just wondering, should I be massaging them? I have quite a bit of dropping to go and it won't come easy since I was so ridiculously perky in the first place, so I'm thinking I should be massaging. May pose a Q&A with current pics to see different surgeons' takes.

Scar gel & massages

My PS instructed me to start my massages a few days ago and the scar gel today. I have been pretty frequent with the massages because I want these things to drop! Ready for them to start looking like natural boobs.

Today I applied the scar gel. It smells funny but it's thick and dries quickly, so it's pretty convenient. Skin Medica Scar Recovery Gel. I have to apply it twice a day.

Massaging isn't hurting at all. I'm astounded by how healed I feel already. My boyfriend grabbed my left breast today and said it finally felt like a real breast. I really like my left breast. It has been the 'good' one this whole time. The right hopefully just needs to catch up.

Starting to get somewhat of a teardrop shape (I hope)

They really do change from day to day. Each morning when I wake recently, I rise from bed and as I stand up, am surprised by the perceived heft. Must mean I'm dropping somewhat, I can see the change in pictures too. I hope I form a well defined inframammary crease soon. Something I never had as a super small busted woman that I'm looking forward to now!

Day 1 vs. Day 15

Sometimes it's good to take a step back and get some perspective. Here's me the day of surgery vs. today, 15 days post op.

Post op appointment today at 2.5 weeks

I went for my first post op appointment today. Dr. Salzman said my skin looked very tight but it was not a problem and he had never given anyone stretch marks. I've been rubbing Bio Oil on them anyway to make sure they stay moisturized. He showed me the pressing down technique he wanted me to do three times a day which he had already described in an earlier text to me. He said it was fine to spray tan. So, all in all, it was pretty uneventful. He mentioned not to engage in any contact sports. Appointment lasted maybe 5 minutes all in all. I have to go back in 6 weeks for another follow up. They said by my next appointment I'd see a significant difference. It is hard to be patient. At 2 1/2 weeks I feel like it's actually been 2 1/2 months!

Day 20 dropping and fluffing

I'm kind of squeezing them together here with my arms but you can see that they're dropping and fluffing! The lower poles are filling out nicely but I hope they become more symmetrical as they go. The skin in the lower poles is kind of red from getting stretched out. I'm sure it'll go back to normal though. I think the left and right look different in several ways but my boyfriend doesn't see it. They are both getting softer and softer so that's good.

Dropping progress

Here's the left one from the side.


Well, not everything's blah. One good thing is that I went bra shopping over the holiday and had fun. Got a VS bra at their semi annual sale, a push up one! I was too embarrassed to get measured but it seemed pretty clear I was fitting a 34D, couldn't fit in the 34Cs at VS, but probably a 34C everywhere else. I was eyeing the other girls at the D cup bin and thought HA! I BELONG HERE! NOT BANISHED TO THE A CUP BIN ANYMORE! So that was nice. The push up bra I bought alllllmost makes my cleavage touch, which is cool. Hopefully by the time D&Fing is over, it will touch a little closer with a push up. I had kind of wide set boobs to begin with so I was not expecting amazing cleavage with this surgery.

What's interesting to me is how much calmer I feel knowing that I have some boobs just like every other woman, it's not some party everyone else is invited to but me. In a way getting implants have made me think about my boobs much less in my everyday life. Not pertaining to healing (I think about how they are healing a lot), I don't feel the need to compare myself all the time anymore, wondering if girls with boobs are living a better life than me, if my boyfriend's looking at other girls and mourning what he's missing out on. I don't even put my boobs on display. I know they're there, and that's what matters to me. I might have fun and put them on display soon with the push up though.

OK, now the blah. It appears I still have some constriction in my right breast. My surgeon was supposed to release the constricted tissue, but it seems as though there is still some that is constricted. In my photo, you can see the difference in the aerial profiles of my breasts. The left is PERFECT. Love that breast. The right, you can see how it's not rounded in the inner pole like my left one is. It's kind of a straight line from my sternum to my nipple. That really bums me out. I am hoping that it is just being stubborn and will stretch out in time. I've been trying to massage that area and push the implant in the direction that would encourage tissue expansion there. And luckily, I think I am the only one who notices. I can only tell in pics like the one I posted from an aerial view. Not side, not front-on. It just sucks that there is still a deformity left that I have to deal with. I wanted to put my deformed days behind me. I put a Q&A out on this site and will text a pic to my PS tomorrow (my next follow up isn't for like 5 weeks but I want answers now! haha). Trying to think positively and not obsess. I guess if it is a permanent imperfection I can live with it, unless there is a super easy surgical fix. Then when I get them redone in 10-15 years, they can fix it then. I think it's just a sad little area of tissue that didn't release as intended. Or maybe still needs to stretch. I don't know! :( I noticed the deformity since day 1 after surgery, but I thought it would get better. It was just today that I kind of admitted to myself that it is not getting any better and I should probably look into it.

I also need to do something about the little muffin top of flesh in my pics! I accepted long ago I'd never be a skinny woman, and it doesn't help that my boyfriend has a very 'more is more' attitude, but I think I need to get back in the gym!


I am in utter disbelief but the constriction of my right breast I mentioned in my last post has actually begun to release. Just when I was starting to freak out about it. I think it was indeed scar contraction. I think if you have a crease incision, the contraction wouldn't affect the shape of your breast, but if you have an areola incision, it obviously can affect the shape a lot. About mid-morning I went to the bathroom and noticed that my right breast didn't feel as tight. I looked at my incision and about half of it was laying a LOT flatter than the day before. The constriction isn't completely released, I'm hoping that will happen when the other half of the incision starts to lay flat. But already, my breast FEELS a lot better - I can not feel the edge of my implant anymore on the bottom close to my sternum and the implant bulge is gone. I'm a worst case scenario type of person and also not particularly lucky so I did not expect this to improve, especially not so dramatically, in one day. Now I have hope!

Picture of Improvement

I am in a towel, sorry!

One month update

It's a few days late, but here are some reflections on my one month boob anniversary. I'm actually at five weeks on the nose now but I'm glad I'm writing this a few days late, since yesterday my periareolar scar started lying flatter, which relieved the constriction in my right breast that I was really stressed about.

I love my boobs in clothes, it's been like that since day one. I think the challenge is to like them when you are naked, and that takes a LOT longer. I was bruised for the first two weeks (although I felt fine) and the next few weeks after that they looked like headlights. Really tight and unnatural looking. It's only now that I feel like they are starting to look sort of like real boobs, and I know that as a pre-BA very small breasted person, I will continue to see changes for months to come. My surgeon said I probably won't see the final result until as much as 6 months.

I think it's so important to consider your pre-BA self when looking at RS reviews. People who already have a decent amount of tissue or have had kids or have previously had larger breasts for some reason, they see their final result sooner than people like me who have been tiny their entire lives. I just think that's a really important thing to keep in mind when you evaluate others' progress and compare yourself.

Even though looking better in clothes and being able to fill things out, etc. is great, the biggest change is that I feel more at peace with myself. If anything, my implants make me feel MORE natural than I did before. My pre-BA breasts made me feel like a prepubescent little girl, but now I feel more like a real woman. It is hard to underestimate the effect of breasts on one's feelings of femininity and even sexuality.

I'm really happy with the size I chose. I couldn't have gone much larger anyway - my surgeon said no more than 350 cc with my anatomy. I feel womanly without feeling like a pair of tits on a stick. I think that they fit in really well with the rest of my body. I am sure my hips, butt and thighs are still much wider in circumference than my chest, but that's ok with me, nothing wrong with that. I actually really appreciate the soft, lush contours of my lower body, and now my upper body has a bit of voluptuousness as well.

I did change my review to "Worth It" a few weeks ago - although being so patient sucks, I feel like this was definitely worth it and I really wish I would have done it about 10 years ago.

5 week pic

Still more rounding out and dropping will occur I think/hope.

Funny story

I wanted to mention I went to a trampoline park last night with one of my friends. I wore a bra so as not to be obscene, but it was a minimally supportive one - I was hoping the jumping would stretch out my boobs! I don't think it worked, but it was a creative try. I wasn't really worried about hurting myself on the trampolines, I was careful and didn't do anything stupid. They had a dodgeball trampoline setup there; I was told to do no contact sports so I couldn't play real dodgeball, but my friend and I tossed a ball around. It was fun. And such great exercise! We jumped for an hour and were very tired after! My legs are sore today.

6 week thoughts and considering fat grafting

Boobs are continuing to drop which is great. I'm at about 6 1/2 weeks now. I think at 3 months I surely will have dropped to the nipple placement I desire. Scars are healing great. I had my 6 week post op yesterday and my doctor said they would end up completely invisible with a little more time, which I believe. Hopefully this review will encourage more people to consider a periareolar incision - mine turned out great, you can hardly see them 6 weeks out, and not only have I maintained my breast and nipple sensitivity, I have MORE nipple sensitivity than before.

Overall I'm still very pleased with my result, with one sort of major exception: on my right breast, underneath my areola, I am still seeing that the area still looks constricted. Instead of the bottom inner slope (about an inch or two from my sternum) being rounded like the left one is, it is more of a straight line (the bottom outer slope has rounded out just fine). It does seem to have improved as the scar heals, but it's not just as I like it. It is unnoticeable when I am sitting up or standing now, but when I lie down or raise my arm, there is a visible dent where the tissue hasn't filled out. I showed my PA yesterday and he said that unfortunately it is something that was consistent with my pre-surgery anatomy (I had a tight crease there pre-surgery) and could not be fixed with just the implant. He said he did score the area to release the tissue as much as possible, but that can only do so much. He said that to fill out that area I would need a small amount of fat grafting. The office quoted me $1,200.

It makes my heart sink to have to consider spending MORE money on my boobs, but at the same time, I've gone this far, and I'd like to be totally happy with my result. The dent makes me feel self conscious, and I wanted the days of me being self conscious about my boobs to be over. And as much as $1,200 is not an insignificant amount of money, it is doable, and it is a small percentage of the $6,200 I've already spent. My boyfriend thinks I'm crazy because he hasn't noticed the dent (and I will not be pointing it out because then he'll start noticing it), but that is because I've painstakingly avoided raising my arms up too much or letting my right breast lie completely flat when I'm reclining (I try to push it up with my arm), which is exhausting and sad to have to do. I can't keep that up forever. So the plan I discussed with my PA is to wait until the three month mark to see if it improves and if not, to take some fat cells from my abdomen to fill in the area. He said there's very very little risk with the procedure and that he was certain that the fat grafting would improve the look of the area. Also, it's very minorly invasive, so I should feel lucky, that there such a simple procedure that doesn't require him cutting me open again. All in all I am grateful there is a pretty easy fix, even if it costs me some money.

I worked from home yesterday and on my lunch break I went running in the cemetery by my house. I decided to try running with no bra at all to see how that went - I was hoping the motion would soften up my boobs and encourage tissue stretching. It's funny how I have the opposite problem of many women. I WANT mine to get saggier. Haha! The braless running worked. When I returned from my jaunt they were softer than ever! I might do this regularly now, only running in scantily trafficked areas of course, to avoid drawing attention to myself.

That leads me to another thing I feel worth mentioning. When I told my boyfriend of my jiggly braless running he joked, "You never jiggle your boobs around for me!" And it's true. Unlike a lot of women on RS, I haven't fully embraced the idea of myself as this sexy busty vixen post surgery. So far I have been acting really low key towards them, and my boyfriend, who is following my lead I think, has been low key towards them as well. They have not really been a main focus in the bedroom so far. I wonder if I will ever have the confidence to let them be. I've always been the sort of person who shies away from being on display. The new boobs (and I believe this would be true even if they were, post surgery, my perfect dream boobs) make me feel a little self conscious. Maybe I just don't feel like they are truly mine yet and I have no right to find sexual pleasure in them. I do hope that changes. They are mine, I paid for them! Ha.

I would love to hear in the comments from any other women who might feel similar to me. It seems like I am constantly reading that husbands/boyfriends can't keep their hands off the new boobs, and that the sex is now even more amazing, and confidence abounds, and I am so happy for those individuals, but for me it's just not happening like that. I told my boyfriend I didn't feel entirely comfortable with them yet, and he told me that he wants me to take my time, which I thought was so sweet. I am lucky to have a man who understands me.

2 month update & spending entire tax refund on fat grafting :(

Well, I'm at 8 1/2 weeks right now. My implants continue to drop and I think they've dropped a lot the past two weeks. They are looking much more natural, the dropping makes them appear to have the natural heft that real breasts of my size would. I would say my upper pole to lower pole volume ratio is at 1:1 so I'm hoping that by the end of the third month I will have the ratio I'm looking for, 45% volume above, 55% below.

My issue with my right breast has only gotten worse. The more I analyze it, the more I can see that the problem is my natural misshapen right breast which is sitting on top of the implant. My original right breast had basically no lower pole volume. There was some breast tissue on the top and outside, but the lower part of my breast almost formed a straight line from the bottom of my areola to my ribcage. Whenever I raise my right arm or lie down, my native right breast tissue becomes apparent. There is the rounded implant, and then the straight portion where there is no breast tissue. When I am standing up, the implant pushes the tissueless area out, so it's not as noticeable. But as the implant drops it is becoming more noticeable because my lower poles are filling out, but not in that particular area.

So it's become clear that I need to fix this. I'll do the fat grafting - taking fat from my abdomen to make the flat area where I have no tissue rounded, like my left breast. I really hate spending $1200 to do this, but I really have no choice. If I leave it as is, I'm back at square one, feeling ashamed of my breast(s). I've read up on the procedure and apparently it is relatively new and cutting edge but quite successful. Surgeons use it a lot with breast reconstruction (cancer) patients who have no native breast tissue due to mastectomy. I also can't say I won't be pleased to have some fat disappear from my abdomen.

I need to call and inquire about my surgeon's schedule, but if there is room, I'd like to have the procedure at the end of the month. We were going to wait until 3 months to schedule, but I can already see this is a huge issue, so no point in putting it off. I SO HOPE that this minor procedure will fix my issue. I also hope it will fix my issue in one go - if the fat doesn't take as expected, you can undergo the procedure again, but then that's another $1,200 or more. But I have a lot of faith in my surgeon's surgical prowess. He has a terrible bedside manner but he knows what he is doing, so I trust him.

Besides that, my breasts are doing well. I do not have cleavage without a push up bra or pushing them together with my arms (they are about a finger's width apart), but with a bra or arms my breasts come together quite willingly. Wearing a VS pushup, I get some killer cleavage. They are very soft and move naturally now, like I can feel them bounce slightly when I walk.

I try to massage them as much as I can but I don't do it as regularly as I used to. I also try to apply the scar gel as regularly as possible but don't do that as much either. I don't even know how much it is helping, and it is sticky and dries to a gross, unsightly crust which I do not like. Hopefully without much intervention the incisions will be invisible at one year as planned.

I wear no bra or Nippies almost all of the time. I don't even notice wearing the Nippies, which can be dangerous - during a recent sexual encounter (and, ok, I was a little tipsy) I forgot to remove them. Those of you who own Nippies know the appearance of the breast with Nippies is a little weird; because they are flesh colored, it looks like you have no nipples. When my boyfriend pointed them out I looked down and felt repulsed. I peeled them off and threw them on the ground, disgusted. Fortunately we were both kind of drunk so we carried on without further ado.

3 month boobiversary & micro fat grafting procedure scheduled April 1

It's three months to the day since my surgery. I would say that in the last month the implants have settled and dropped a bit more and I am really happy with my nipple placement now. I have not had any pain in quite some time, except for a few days two weeks ago I had some sharp pains near my areola incisions - they must still be healing. I have been sleeping however I like and exercising however I like, except I try not to do much with my pecs because it feels weird. No pain, but I just don't like the feeling.

I still am not happy with the lack of tissue where my natural breast meets my implant on the right side, so I am going to have the fat micro grafting procedure on April 1. Before that I will have a consultation (I want to be able to manage my expectations) and a pre-op. The procedure will involve taking fat from my abdomen and filling in the area on my right breast with that fat. It's a procedure that will be done in-office under local anesthesia and valium. $1,200 fee from the surgeon who did my augmentation - I think it's regularly $500 more but he gave me a discount. I very much hope it fixes the issue. I am turning 30 at the end of April and I would like to enter my 3rd decade of life feeling confident about my breasts.

Last month I went on vacation and had fun with bathing suits. I bought a strapless one piece and a bikini that showed lots of cleavage. I really liked wearing both because I have never been able to wear anything strapless or show any cleavage so it was a new experience to be sure. I am going on vacation again at the end of June and look forward to wearing them again.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Fat transfer today!

I just got back from my fat transfer procedure a few hours ago. Fat was liposuctioned from my abdomen, processed, and injected into the area on my right breast where I was missing breast tissue which covers the implant and provides a smooth transition from my natural breast to my implant.

Let me just say...never get lipo unless you REALLY need it. It was not particularly painful (although I felt some sharp jabs at one point and they had to give me more of the numbing agent) but it's just violent and barbaric. And I got the gentlest form of lipo. It was a very odd feeling, my surgeon grasping my flesh while this metal rod he had rammed into my tummy flesh. It just felt barbaric.

That being said, I did not have much abdomen fat to begin with, but the little pooch I did have is now totally gone. I was surprised by that because they only took about 30cc of fat. I do have some fluid retention in the area that needs to go down, but overall, my abdomen is likely to come out of this looking better.

My right boob will have improved, I'm sure. To what extent, I'm not sure yet because the fat has to have time to "take" and not all of it will survive. So my result depends on how much fat takes and thrives in the area. Already it looks much better, albeit probably not perfect. I am trying not to look at the boob at all right now because I want to reserve judgment until things have settled more. But I have my fingers crossed.

I've got to do the whole antibiotic/pain pill regimen again, which feels deja vu. I have been instructed to wear a spanx like garment to compress my abdomen, which will encourage the fluid retention to subside. I am also supposed to leave my right boob completely alone - I'm not going to touch it, put it in a bra, lay on it, nothing. I want as much fat to survive as possible.

So...we'll see! I'll update with before and after pics once I have a better idea of my final result.

Several people recommended Dr. Salzman to me. I had two additional pre-ops in Philadelphia and one of the best surgeons in the city (who charged $10,000 for a BA and whom I couldn't really afford) recommended the same thing as Dr. Salzman, so I figured two experienced surgeons probably weren't wrong. Dr. Salzman seemed really invested in giving me the natural look I wanted, and was pretty honest with me about what was and was not possible. I think Dr. Salzman has great surgical skills, but do be warned that his bedside manner is terrible. He rushes you and isn't very empathetic. He's a surgeon, not my therapist, but it would have been nice to have someone who was less brisk and who acted like he cared about me a bit more. He relies on his staff very heavily - they will be the ones you interact with most, with him basically just giving quick opinions and doing the surgery. He did call me the day after surgery and let me text pictures about a concern I had, which was nice.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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