48 Year Old African American Female FUT (Strip) 2515 Grafts to Lower High Forehead - Dr. Diep Los Gatos, CA

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Hello All, I finally did it. After researching...

Hello All,

I finally did it. After researching and contemplating for over a year. I finally decided to have my hair transplant. I am from the East Coast and decided to go with Dr. John Diep on the West Coast (Los Gatos, CA). Initial contact was with a Skype Consultation. He answered all my questions and even showed me some of his most recent African American female patients. I watched absolutely all his Youtube videos of other African American females HT patients and decided Dr. Diep was the one for me. After our consultation I requested the 1st available appointment which was in August. I requested to be put on the wait list for any cancellations and although I was called a couple of times for early appointments unfortunately the dates just didnt work for me:-( I flew out to San Jose the day before my surgery and stay at a hotel that was about a 10 minute cab ride to the medical building. Compared to Boston, cabs in California are expensive. Airport to hotel average about $25 and Cab to Dr. Office was about the same. So all in all on cabs alone I spent $150. Forgot to mention out of town patients do get an $500 credit for travel off the cost of the Transplant, so that was a big plus. I ended up prepaying for 2500 grafts and on the day of surgery it actually ended up being 2515 which Dr, Diep did NOT charge me for the extra 15 grafts. Kudos to Dr. Diep. The staff were very good. Very attentive and made sure I was comfortable. One thing that scared me was the fact that I arrived at the clinic before any of the staff. Yes I was like 15 minutes early but I freaked out thinking I was at the wrong location because I knew he had another location. Whew staff person showed up at exactly 5:30AM which was my appointment time. Signed a bunch of papers opted to not do the A-cell which I researched but didn't find too much information saying it would benefit me. Plus that was an extra $500 and I was already at my budget. The procedure went pretty much as expected without any complications. Sat down with Dr. Diep before going into the surgical room. He drew my hairline, I look a bunch of pills not sure what they all were, but I believe they were valium to relax me, steriods for the swelling, some antibiotics and a couple of more I'm not sure of. He took a bunch of pics so maybe those will end up online at some point. Once in the surgical room, he gave me one shot in the right arm (not sure what it was) and another shot in my left arm which he said was a steroid shot to help keep the swelling down. Then several shots in my head to numb my area. The whole thing was pretty painless. I don't even remember if I was awake when he took the strip from the back of my head. I think I kind of heard the cutting of my scalp but I felt nothing. I pretty much slept most of the time. My procedure took like 12 hours. I remember watching TV a couple of times but mostly I just slept. I ate lunch which was good. Love those Famous Amos cookies. They gave me some to take with me. They gave me like 6 envelopes with prescription meds in them. Antibiotics, Valiums, something for Nausea, Tramadol for pain, something to keep the swelling down and a written prescription for Hydrocodone. Not much pain or swelling but I did take the Valium and Tramadol the night of the procedure before I went to bed. Had to go to the clinic the following morning so that could wash the donor area and the receiptient area. Dr. Diep spoke with me while I was their the following day and said everything went very well and he expects good results. I am at the airport headed back to Boston as I type this. So this is the day after my procedure. I am attaching some photos.

Day 3 Post-Op

Swelling is really kicking in around both eyes as well as my forehead. See side view of forehead. Starting to have some throbbing in the donor area numbing is starting to subside. Haven’t had to take any pain meds or valium as of yet but thinking I will take one of each tonight to have a good nights sleep. Washed hair as directed with shampoo supplied by Dr. Diep’s staff. I am also providing some Pre-surgery pics of me so you have some idea of why I was so uncomfortable and self-conscious about my high forehead. Will update again at 1 week post-op unless something funky happens that I need to share with you. Oh yeah, the donor area seems to be doing ok so far. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will heal in a nice thin almost invisible scar.

7 Day Post-Op So far so good

Well, most of the swelling in my eyes has gone down considerable. Scalp still numb and recipient area is drying into a crust. As of today 8 days Post-Op, I have finished my 7 day course of antibiotics. Pics posted are 7 day postop pics. Nothing significant to report. Will be going to Urgent Care on Monday to get the sutures removed. Also on day 7, I started taking hair vitamins and BiotIn which are suppose to promote hair growth. Not sure if I will be taking Rogaine/Minoxidal as I have heard some people do. I will see what Dr. Diep suggests on that but for now I don't plan on taking it.

Sutures removed 10 days Post-Op

Ok so i went to Urgent Care where my Primary Physician is affiliated with. The Dr I am sure did not know what to do with my sutures. I gave her the letter from Dr. Diep which described what type of sutures they were. She was really baffled as to how to proceed. The only thing she did was clip the ends off of both ends of my incision. She said that since they sutures are dissolvable that she didn't think she should miss with the sutures on the long incision itself. I have read other people posts that had sutures removed and I don't recall anything like that. Anyways, I sent an email to Dr. Diep office letting him know what happened. His staff called me back fairly quickly and scheduled a Skye appointment with Dr. Diep for Monday. I guess they are going to walk me through how to remove the sutures. I have read other people posts where they actually removed the sutures themselves but I am kinda pissed that this Dr. in Urgent Care didn't remove them at my appointment. Isn't removing suture like Medicine 101? Anyways, no really change in donor area or recipient area so I will not bore you with pics this time. After my Skype Appointment on Monday I will post some more pics. I will be 12 day Post-Op by then.

Day 12 Post-Op

Ok, so I ended up cancelling my Skype appointment that was scheduled for today with Dr. Diep for the suture removal instructions. My husband ended up clipping and pulling the suture from the incision the following day after I went to Urgent care. The donor area still look good. Dr. Diep still wants to do a Skype appointment just so he can see how I am healing, which I think is great that he wants to do that and in my opinion follow-up is very important, so Kudos to Dr. Diep for wanting to personally follow up. Anyways, nothing new to report, my recipient area is starting to look better there is still crust that needs to come off. I am trying to keep it moist so that the crust can fall off on it's own. I am using baby shampoo as that area is really really dry. I also started putting mederma scar cream on the Donor area today. I have still been keeping my hair in cornbraids going back and when I go outside I just put on a satin headband to cover the forehead and the incision. Will be going a Caribbean cruise on a 8/20/16 for 8 days, will be buying a few more headbands for that. Well here are my latest pics taken today right after I washed my incision and the recipient area. I have been keeping my hair braided while I wash don't want to be doing too much tugging since my natural hair is so kinky and I don't want to stress the donor area by combing so I am trying to leave the rest of my hair alone.

7 week Post Op

Wow! This has been a really busy end of summer for me. I planned a last minute 8 day family cruise, which was great! Anyways, I apologize for my lack of posting updates. My journey has been going good thus far. I have had no problems or concerns since my last post. My donor area is still healing very nicely and the hair is growing back in to the point that I have to search on side to find where the scare is. I have been putting Biodermis Xerogel on the scar just because I want as smooth/flat a scar as possible and it won't hurt to try it. Anyways, I am 7 weeks 1 day post op and the hair growth has been slow, which was expected, I a hoping to start seeing more growth in the next month or 2. I have been basically putting my hair in a afro puff bun and putting a satin headband around the transplanted area. I am still feeling some numbness in the front of my head as well as the back near the top part of the donor site. The area below the scar by the neck feels totally normal. Dr. Diep during our Skype followup said this numbness was normal and that it will subside. Anyways, here are pics taken today.


I apologize for not being good on updating with pics. I am really trying hard not to be so impatient. I believe the last update I gave, it was at 2 months post-op. Today I am exactly 3 months 1 week post OP. My surgery was Aug 3, 2016. It has been slow but that was to be expected. I am starting to see some growth and I definitely see my new hairline. My donor area has healed pretty good and the hair in that area has grown back way faster then my recipient area of course. But I hear that once it starts growing good and get past that baby phase, it will grown at the same pace as the rest of my hair. I still use headbands to cover the front of my hair. If I press my hair I am able to go without a headband, I just comb my hair to the front and it's all good. Most of the time my hair is in it's natural afro kinky state so I usually wear the headbands when I am out in the public. Nothing on my head when I'm home. Anyways here are some pics.

4 month 5 day Post OP pics...

Sorry for the delay in posting these. These pics were taken Dec 8, 2016 which marks 4 month 5 days Post Op. It is filling in very nicely. I am happy with my results thus far...

5 Months Post Op.

Pics I took today. I am 1 day shy of 5 months Post Op, but I know my week is gonna be very busy, so I wanted to get these pics up. I think the growth is really starting to kick into a higher gear. Sorry for the braids, I just washed my hair and didn't feel like doing anything to it.

7 Months Post Op.

These pics as 7 months Post Op taken March 3rd, I believe at the 6 month mark the growth really started to take off. Very pleased with the results thus far...

10 Months Post-Op

11 Months Post-OP

Well, it's been 11 months and I really have to say that I am really satisfied with my results. I hope my journey has help some of you in your procrastination stage. The best advice I can give is that please realize that everyone's results are individual. I have seen and follow people whose hair grew way faster than mind and I have also followed people whose hair grew way slower. Please just have patience with the process you are not gonna see results overnight. Also Post Op, read what other people are doing during their recovery. Dr. Doctors give different instructions for Post Op care and to be honest some of the things I read on the restriction to me are not realistics especially for african american hair. We must condition and moisturize our hair and use oil to lock it in.
Los Gatos Hair Restoration Surgeon

Dr. Diep is such an amazing Dr. He was very attentive and explained everything every step of the way. From the Skype Consultation to the day of and day after the procedure. I am very hopeful for a good outcome. He's staff were amazing as well and the Clinic was immaculate. So happy I chose Dr. Diep.

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