24 Years Old Woman, Born with Higher Than Average Hairline - Los Gatos, CA

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I went to Dr. Diep of the MHTA Clinic in Los...

I went to Dr. Diep of the MHTA Clinic in Los Gatos, CA. He had good reviews and seem to be a successful surgeon. I regretted it immediately after.
1. He focused on puttin implants where I had hair already, because he felt I would lose my hair but hair loss is not a problem for me I have a lot of it I just wanted my hairline to be lower. So I practically paid him to do nothing.
2. Where he drew a line on my forehead to show where my new hairline would be looked nothing like what I walked out of there with. It is a scam. He asks before surgery that if he feels you need extra grafts will you be willing to pay and of course I choose yes because I want it to be perfect. He didn't even accomplish what he promised me so Im afraid to say I may have paid an additional $1000 for imaginary grafts.
3. I was told my head would not be shaved bald. They shaved my hairline so far back into implant grafts that I would not have been able to go out in public without looking completely crazy. And when I asked what they expected me to do to go to work, their answer was that I wear a weave, because I was advised not to wear a wig which makes no sense at all because how could I possibly put a weave on scalp?
4. They carelessly shaved into my hair and cut some length from other sections of my head because they did not comb or section apart my hair they jus shaved all kinds of different directions. Here's the funny part they picked my hair up off the floor and braided it into hair that was still connected and put a rubberband around it so I wouldn't know what they had done. So after surgery I'm sore and in very much pain and needed to keep my hair braided so it would stay out of my wounds so maybe two weekend later when I take out the braids I realized jus how much hair they had cut by "accident".
5. I had a question recently. I have these goosebumps in my hairline that are very noticable and I googled that it is a mistake on the surgeons part so I called with my question I was told I would be called back I never was. I had to call again and of course they'll blame there mistakes on your body and how their mistake is your bodies reaction and it's common among whatever race you are that this happens......really?
6. Lastly Dr. diep does not do his surgeries his technicians do and they are careless, probably don't really care about how successful surgeries are. Multiple different technicians do your surgery and it is noticable in the end result, because some do better than others and you will end up looking rather inconsistent, when I saw his before and after pics I thought they were great look very closely for imperfections they are easier to notice when they are on your own hairline, you may think you'll be happy but you won't. Also pictures make your hair look better than it really does. Just take a picture of your hair right now and you'll notice how it looks 1000x's fuller than it is. So his pictures are unreliable.
7. It has been seven months and the front of my hair looks very see through. Dr. Diep likes to cover his screw ups by saying you may need more than one surgery for more density which makes him more money. Also his favorite is, is that he likes to create a hairline that isn't perfect and not too dense because it will look fake but in reality it is to cover up any mistakes or incompetence of his office. Now my hairline is uneven and lopsided lol.
8.DO NOT GO TO DR DIEP ONCE HE HAS YOUR MONEY HE NO LONGER CARES ABOUT YOU I COULD NOT EVEN TALK TO HIM ABOUT MY INQUIRIES AFTER MY SURGERY. I am no longer a priority as his patient, he has all the time in the world for you before your surgery he even talks to you for your consultation but after that your history.
9. I just pray whatever happens that my result are decent and don't require any corrective surgeries just to look semi-normal. I worry quite often after having this surgery. I just wanted people to know my experience.
10. Once during surgery my meds wore off because your not given anesthesia your given a cocktail of drugs in a cup. They acted as if they didn't want to sedate me again. After i paid $12,000 plus $1000 do supposedly extra grafts that I can't tell exist because my hair looks thin and he didn't even reach the marker line he drew, anyways after I pay that much you can't sedate me again so I won't feel your staff stab me repeatedly with a needle into my head!!!!! Beware people!


Do not go to Dr Diep. I have cobblestoning which is something not regularly seen anymore atleast since the 90s. Dr Diep and his staff are using outdated techniques and you will not get your money's worth. I am very unhappy with the results. It has been 14 months since my procedure. My new hairline looks like damaged edges. It is very see through and I know for a fact I did not get all the grafts I paid for. I paid for over 4,000. It looks terrible in the very front the grafts are so spaced out. The staff did not reach the market line the doctor drew. Most likely I will need another surgery to correct this.

The first time I called Dr Diep about this problem he told me it was the way my body healed and out of his control which is not true. This was a mistake on his part. I was told to call back after a year so I am now waiting for the meeting which is taking me three weeks to get. I will update with his response.
Los Gatos Hair Restoration Surgeon

He was nice at first. But after my surgery his office did not return my call when I had a concern. They blamed there mistake during surgery on my body saying that's how my body heals and its common for people of my race. Never had a follow up. Once they get your money they do not care. They purposely make your transplant thin and undesirable to make more money. Read my review for more info.

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