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Had an online consultation and really excited!...

Had an online consultation and really excited! Anybody else have experience with dr diep? I found put about him on here and later reviewed his youtube channel. Did a skype consultation with him and he was cool and informative! Answered all my questions. Now just waiting for the appointment date in los gatos. Cost 1000 usd to book the date. And payment must be completed 5 days prior to surgery

Lol the date is comingg

Ugh im getting nervous now! 4 and a half weeks and still havent quit smoking. I think the stress is getting to me lol. Apparently supposed to stop smoking atleast 2 weeks prior to surgery, due to the effects nicotine has on ur scalp and blood circ or whatever unsure. Lol none of my friends know why im going to san jose lol. They really think i chose it because i wanted a chill vacation to see silicon valley loooolll. Canadian dollar is so weak i dread if dr diep requests more grafts because i aint rich took me a few months to come up with this money Lol damn

Operation day

So far so good! got to meet mr diep it was cool lol after watching all his youtube videos it was sorta like meeting a celeb in a corny way lol. But he was cool. Not as enthusiastic as in his videos but i dont blame him dis his daily routine.
Im going bck in tomorrow to get a hair wash. when he drew in my hairline it looked proper but then he took a hairtie and tied my front hair up so my forehead looked hella stretched. Regardless i know what it looked like without the band and it looked proper!

Rented a house in san jose and chillin now. Blowing up tindr lol.
Anybody out here in SJ? Im bored outta my mind my travel buddy bailed on me!!!

Ill update more once my bandages are on thx everybody for the support

Day 2 post op

Heres some pics of me at dr dieps office pre and post wash on day 2. Was soooo worried grafts fell out while i was sleep but the nurse assured me i didnt. I really hate when people post on here and never follow up makes me feel like theyre plants. So ill assure yall ima update till the end

Still day 2 trimmed hair

Trimmed my hair against the drs will but i had to see the results without that poofy long hair stickin out. Only headache is i cant wash out the loose hairs but ill wait till i come back tomorrow to his clinic for the nurse to wash it out. I was very careful with my trimming started off with scissors to cut out the long hair then trimmed down the rest carefully with a mini andis beard Tshape trimmer

Day 3 post wash

Went to the clinic again today to get a wash. One more tomorrow. Also purchased the prescription of finasteride and honestly i had to grab the generic kind because that alone was 227$ usd so canadian it was a lil under 300. 3 months supply thought. Just be ware to bring enough money on u if you do go to an american ht doctor. Also thought i had somethig in my eye all day and when i got home i realized it was the injection liquids slowly makin its way into my eye lids. Lol theyre getting all puffy. The dr warned me he was like "[uh ohhhh u havent seen it yet wait til 3 days]!!" Lol ge was right. Anyways heading back to canada in 2 days wish me luck yall ill keep posting regardless because i never had someone to post days 1-7 for my inquisitive self lol.

Day 4 postwash

Just got back from dr dieps
Office for my last assisted wash. Heading back
To Canada tomorrow! Met a nice mother of a man in the waiting room we had a talk about how pricey the surgery was lol. She was nice. Just found out today i shouldnt have been sleeping with my medical cap on everynight!!! Ughh... Ive been wearing it to bed everynight and worried it may have affected My Results for the negative; i hope not. Anyways, felt very light headed today! Ate breakfast took my antibiotics, my propecia, and my pain medication. Dont know if it that had a negative affect but ive felt light headed since. Even on my drive there and back. Feel like i need. Good sleep but i had a great sleep last night. Might be because of anxiety and nervousness coming up
To the date of walking through tsa lol.last night i took the valium diep gave me and when i slept i woke up like 2 hours later full of energy. That completely confused me. Hopefully everythings ok with me lol.anyways here are pictures from todays day 4 post op wash

Lil pre/post surgery comparison

Ive spent a lot of time in the mirror trying to see if i even see a difference so decided to do some side by sides but of course will be a lot better to do a year from now


Another comparison for day 4

Definitely more density. Id have preferred to have a lower hairline though but i guess i can do that in turkey in a yer or so. Dr diep did great work but if i come to him again im missing out on a mortgage down payment lol. Next i want to build density in my upper regions and lower hairline and then possibly add more density with BHT (body hair transplant)

Day 4 abundance due to boredom

More angles. I promise these are my last for today

Day 4 Donor site

Sorry for Blowing this thread up guys but im trying to be the thorough patient who tracks every instance of the first few days because
I searched far and wide for that prior to my surgery! Now heres day 4 of my donor site...

Made it through tsa day 5 post op

I didnt even wear my medical cap i literally wore this tank hoody so that if they asked me to take off my hoody i could pull it back and still hide my donor. But no one asked me. And thats saying a lot because i have a really muslim name so everytime i go to ANY airport i get harassed by dept homeland security. Either orim happy man all i gotta do now is board the plane in 5 hours lol. Came waaay too early but was being hella prepared. Ill also post the sweater i wore. Literally kept my hood on the whole time even when they put me theu the 360 metal detector body scanner thing

Inquiry about massage method day 5

Im at sfo airport reading about fue cleaning methods. Why is there so many differing answers. Now im reading im supposed to be massaging my scalp as i clean the grafts? I was making sure to not touch my grafts. But i am noticing slme scabbing specifically in the corner hairline where forehead line and temple meet. I read somewhere im supposed to be spraying saline on my grafts to keep moisturized yet diep ajd his staff told me not to keep it moist and just need further notifications what do i doooooooo.

Ok scalp drying at airport

Maybe im tripping out but it looks like my scalp is getting to dry at the airport maybe its the hoody. Please someone let me know if this is normal for day 5. I went to bathroom and sprinkled some water on it not a lot but enough to moisten a bit

Ok scabbing a lot causing ripping between grafts

Hello am i tripping out? Someone help me please. Day 5 and should it look like tis? Ivebeen shampooing once a day am i missing something??

Day 6 post op prewash

Sorry bout yesterday yall. Got back
Home to my
Country and started panicking about the dryness of my scalp lol and scabs. Feeling better today! Anyways going to attempt my first scalp shampoo massage ever and i kno not to use nails going to be very gentle and leave shampoo in for 10 mins i was told? Either or here are prewash pics.

Post wash post op day 7

Keeping yall updated til the transplant is no longer noticeable just to give people an idea!

Day 9 post wash first time massaging

First day for me massaging. Dr dieps office callled me making sure i was ok and everything and giving me pointers inreally appreciated that. Im noticing now that the crusts are starting to move up and away from my roots so looks like a good sign. Still notna fan tho of the donor area. I hope it looks better soon not a good look

Day 8 post op. W/ scalp massage

Hey so today i think was day 8 post op dont remember but regardless. Today i did a real wash! Head under the tap. Dr dieps office recommend i kep my head under water for like 15-20 mins so scabs and scalp would soften. Then i used their medicated shampoo and left that in for another 5 mins. Then i began to massage. As i noticed i was massaging the grafted area soft scabs began falling out casually. What can i say its a beautiful thing. I hope i didnt lose too many grafts during this whole weeklong process but i al happy the bad is almost done. Ive been taling my prescribed finasteride daily. Along with my biotin and ran out of the weeks worth of antibiotics. Lol i took the diazepamna couple times for great sleep and alleviate my anxieties lol. It really helps and saved some just in case. Yesterday i lightly massaged but notjing crzy more of a slight attempt and stop while in shower. But last night i noticed scabs being extra crusty and flaking off so i knew i deff had to shampoo today. Ive neen wearing hats recently during healing process and my friends man they roast. Only one knew why i was wearing it but the others mannn. Came over drinking just straight roasting me lol. Talkin bout oh look at dis man he comes from his lil san jose trip now he think he a "hat n@&&@" lmao ahhhh mannn i endured. Anyways heres the pics

Sorry second last posts were day 7 i think lol

Think i posted wrong date on ny second last post. Either or i think THIS now is day 8 as i got my surgery last monday and its the tuesday of the next week. Regardless i bopped my head hella bad on my lobby door found a loose hair graft in my hand while i was tapping my head and its kinda red. So took a pic or two of frontal zones

Day 9 post op before bed

Sooo everythings been going ok. Im concerned that the lighter area on my right temple didnt get enough grafts or they didnt survive or something. I hope something changes with growth and or time. Back of my donor area still feels very sensitive and putting ointments on it are getting annoying lol. I hope after the shockloss a nice amount fullness comes in before my atlanta trip 3 months from now. Lol not expecting the most but would be convenient. Cant wait til
My first haircut cant wait to get a bald fade and grow up my top lol. Anyways i appreciate everyones support. The comments good and bad

Day 12 post op

So its day 12. I can walk around without a hat now but due to the sun i have to wear it still. But i enjoy walking around my apt without fear of someone coming over and putting a hat on the whole time. Right temple still kinda faint in grafts but whatever ill "turkey" that later. Still would like a lower hairline but whatever people keep telling me it suits me and looks great. Donor area still visible i cant wait tonget a haircut goddddddd. 2 more days till im allowed to get one. Oh also i keep getting random sharp pains in donor area here and there. I mean its kind of expected since grafts were drilled out of my head but it hurts a bit sometimes. Is that normal? Its not unbearable but makes me want to pat my head since that seems like the safest pain reliever. I guess this started since i stopped taking my pain meds lol

Day12 temple closeup

Does this mean my results wont be that great or will the hairs possibly flourish months from now? Im just worried i may have lost a lot of grafts or something?! But ive beenvery careful this whole recovery time

Day 15

Still a lot of crust and donor still looking kinda red or pinkish. I guess its still noticeable for anyone who knows ive had an fue. I hope the look reduces with haircuts or something because as it stands i dont like the look of the donor. Anyone know if its ok to put oils or anything on mt recipiend yet? Its day 15

18 days post op shock loss?

So looks like most of the hairs have fell out or something iunno. They seemed pretty stuck in their last week. Theyve been slowly falling out. Regardless this is them. Lol im soooooo over this hahaha. Cant wait to have a haircut anyone know whens a good time frame to get my first haircut? Im scared of the barber going too hard in the recipient area with the shavers

Day 19 donor itchy gawdddd

Its day 19 donor is still semi visible and pinkish. And hella itchyyyy. Anything to reduce the itch?

Day 20 donor area really need to get a fade

Lol so its been like a month since ive had a fade. Is it possible i could get myhair cut everywhere but the recipient area? Or will my donor area still look messed up and swollen? I dont know wish i had someone who has done it?

Day 21 hairline

So ive lost most of the grafts now im guessing its the shockloss. Its day 21 and dandruff is ridiculous i just wish i could put some kind of baby oil in my hair? How long must i wait. I wish someone with more experience could tell me about their experience. I hear billions of answers and drs telling people ask ur doctor, but wouldnt the same answers apply to people who've had an fue? I just cant stand the dandruff and the itchiness of my donor ajd recipient. If i scratch my head its like shaking one of those glass snowballs, ugh

Day 23 first haircut w/ fade

Hey so today's day 23 and i got my first cut. Got a fade and everything. Definitely felt som tenderness in the back of my head and still some numbness on the top. I priorly informed my barber whos bee my barber for like 2 years now so he knows about my plight. He made sure to lower the fade so it coul hide more of my fue donor scars but yah for the most part u cant see it. Its dope im happy now just cant wait for the recipients to grow out

Month and a half update

So all the transplanted hairs have fell out by now, just playing the waiting game and taking my 3 month supply of finasteride. I hope it works out because whatever doesnt grow in is wasted hair that only reduces the density of my donor area :/ lol pray for me yall

56 days post op

Hey so its been almost 2 months and seeing tiny hairs grow in but not really much. Still hoping for growth but im aware it should start 4 months in. Either or im nervous and hope something changes sooon

15 weeks update

According to google 15 weeks translates to 105 days and 3.45 months. Lol (sorry im not mathematically inclined)

*See some hairs growing mainly on right temple and hairline (above forehead i mean) not as much on the left temple.

I hope i get more results soon! Dr diep's office told me not to use any kind of post wash hair chemicals (ie// conditioner, oils) for a year post surgery so this is gunna be hard!

Im not really happy with my hairline yet as i went there for a hairline lowering and even told him that in the skype interview. He reinforced what i was kinda losing a lil further up but my plan was to go to diep for his world reknown hairline and then get the rest done in turkey for dirtcheap.

Now i got to get my hairline lowered by someone like erdogan koray because hes soo much cheaper, and his work looks good. I guess its still too early to complain but i mean, from an initial hairline lowering standpoint, that didnt really get done at all.

Im not complaining because diep and his staff were awesome. But financially this sucks.

15 weeks more

More closeups 15 weeks in

15weeks hair brushed back

Brushed my hair back and zoomed in a bit with better lighting

Hope this helps yall see what i mean

4 months update

Had a lady running her fingers through my hair yesterday and she has no idea about my surgery. So she says, "atleast you're not going bald" lol deep down i loved it and kept that to myself lololol

4 months 8 days using back camera of iphone

Better detail when i use the back camera dont know why i havent been. Maybe now some of you can get an idea of why im mot content yet!
As yall can see my forehead is still way too large!!!! Ugh

6 1/2 month update

Welllll the results of the grafts were great! However i would have exchanged density for more coverage because im not happy with how high my hairline remains. I wanted it lower but dr diep kind of made it seem as i could only drop it if i paid more and unfortunately i couldnt just cough out another 15000 so i just have to wait to go back to him.

I wanted to eventually refill my donor areas and add top density with some beard grafts, but it wont make sense if i cant find someone to consider that when lowering my hairline. Because i dont want to just have the curlier hair in my donors and then my wavy hair in the front and top. My donor area already is curlier than my top.

Regardless i have nothing but respect for Dr. Diep and his staff, and have nothing but praise for how they changed my life. I now can wake up without my first thought being that i need to play with my hair to push my hairline forward. It was a real insecurity. But now i want to add to it, to be perfect.

My first trip was horrible experience, my buddy abandoned me last moment on my trip so i had to do all this by myself and it sucked! (Also because i prepaid for his tickets and his part of the home and car rentals)

I cant wait to go back to dr diep but i would eventually want to go to dr umar sanusi because i know he does beard to head graft transfers.
Besides being of mixed race i wouldnt mind my hair being a bit curlier.

Anyways thanks to anyone who supported me on here, the days i panicked and worried and had someone comment to calm me down and let me know i was doing just fine!! :))

I will surely post my new procedure on this site but i guess i still have 5 1/2 months until my results will he considered final. Though i do believe im already at my final results.

Los Gatos Hair Restoration Surgeon

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