A Very Young Looking 50 - Los Angeles, CA

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I initially booked a consultation for eye wrinkles...

I initially booked a consultation for eye wrinkles and expression lines around the eyes. The Dr. said to do voluma and said that I was really going to love the results/ pretty much that will take care of it! I was so nervous about it because I never had injections or anything done on my face, but I did! The first day it look fabulous around the eyes, but as the days passed the wrinkles were more noticeable , my cheeks look better! However, I really did not care about my cheeks! I have a round face and have big cheeks anyway. The problem is still there! I Don't know what to do?? I went back to the Dr. who treated me and said I need it something else done! So i'm thinking why he did not say that in the beginning instead of injecting Voluma? I'm so unhappy! Bigger cheeks and tired looking!
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