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I had my first son 5 years ago. Had a bad normal...

I had my first son 5 years ago. Had a bad normal delivery experience, ended up having an episiotomy and vacuum extractor.
2 years ago I had an amazing home birth. No tear, nothing. BUT, the damage was already there. I think my first birth was the one to blame.

Ok, I decided to have this surgery to enhance pleasure both to me and my husband.
I don't have the date yet, because my facetime consultation with Dr Matlock was pretty late, and I could not schedule because Sara had gone home... pretty sad. But I have sent an email, and she will contact me tomorrow!!!

Starting to plan for surgery

I had breast augmentation 2 weeks ago. Now that I'm healing fine and not having more pain I can start to concentrate on my second surgery.
I am getting super nervous because all the reviews I read here say the recovery is very painful for a very long time.

I'll be doing this on the first week of April, traveling to LA for it.

The day is approaching

Ok, so time is going fast, and the day is arriving.
I'm VERY nervous about this surgery. I'm even more nervous about considering a BBL. I have always said I would NEVER do lipo but I want to do.
Its like 50% of me wants and 50% is very scared. So I feel I'm trapped in a maze... lost, completely lost.

ok, back to LVR... I am reading as much as I can to get ready.
I'm also watching some videos. Yes, I'm crazy, I know. But every time I do something I always watch how its done. I have watched videos of LASIK before I had it done, I have watched BA, and now I'm watching vaginal rejuvenation...

On my inside I'm going almost insane.
I'm glad me and my family had a little trip because I could rest my head. We are going back tomorrow, so I know I'll start getting crazy again.

Change of plans

I have decided to change a few things.
I won't be traveling to LA anymore so I won't be doing this surgery with Dr Matlock. At least not for now. Unfortunately I'll miss my 1k deposit, but anyways... I can still use it if I ever need this surgery again in the future.
Even if I don't I will be spending less money now not going to LA.

I had my boobs done last month by a local Dr. He is pretty good and I'm very happy with my results. I have decided to have a BBL (will be writing a review on that) with him. I wanted to have one recovery for both procedures, thats why initially my plans were: Vaginoplasty in LA first week of april and BBL here in Dublin/CA second week of April. Why wouldn't I have everything with Dr. Matlock? He is not a plastic surgeon Board Certified. Yes! I have seen some AMAZING work on his before/after and even here on RS, but I'm talking about my health so I wouldn't like to risk everything. Thats why my initial plans were like this.

I had my pre op this week with my local PS, and I enquired him if I could have both surgeries so close together. He asked me what surgery I was going to have done and where. I told him and he said: "well, I perform this surgery too, do you want to have it all done here?"
He never pressured me he always told me it was my decision. I asked him why it doesn't show on his website anything about this surgery (thats why I never considered him for that) and he told me he doesn't advertise that because its a very specific and small number of women who want this done, so he advertises the things that the majority want.

Ok, so I will start a new review for vaginoplasty and BBL. Good luck to me!

I have spoke with Sara (patient coordinator) and she was pretty easy to talk to. We arranged a facetime consultation for same day. The doctor was 1h late for the consultation, but I understand sometimes things go out of schedule, and doctors run late. Ok, Dr. Matlock was straight to the point. First he only spoke... he told me EVERYTHING about the surgery. At the end, I had almost nothing to ask! Pretty straight forward! He showed me a plastic vagina, explained where the procedure would be performed. He showed me pics of before/after and I could ask as many question as I wanted. Less then 5 minutes after we hung up, Sara sent me the quote.

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