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Hi, I'm currently going through a bunch of...

Hi, I'm currently going through a bunch of emotions after having my first rhinoplasty March 2016. I don't want to speak too much on it emotionally because it's super negative and made me really depressed for months. I'm currently approaching my 5 month post op mark. I've literally spoke with a dozen doctors, had consults on skype, spoke to a few in person and I think I found a winner. Dr Hamilton definitely made me the most comfortable and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I have to wait until I'm at least 9 months post op because I still have a lot of swelling he said. Which is sad because my nose is really small at the moment. He let me know sadly it's going to only get smaller. The doctor gave me an unnecessary Osteotomy (which I don't believe was done correctly because I have weird indent marks down the sides of my nose), he over resected my bridge/dorsum, he punctured a hole in my septum, I have internal nasal valve collapse, an over projected tip and I believe he reduced my nostrils. Sigh. When I met Dr Hamilton in person he told me it's not as bad as I think and he definitely can fix everything. I'm glad to hear that but dealing with a perforated septum (hole in your septum) daily is difficult. Breathing is hard, my nose often feels dry, it produces crust with light bleeding sometimes. The only thing keeping me positive some days is knowing it can and will be fixed. I've been reading a lot on perforated septums and a lot on Dr Hamilton and I strongly believe I'm making the right choice. I know I still have four months to go but after seeing so many success stories on him, I decided to share my journey too. The closer I get to my surgery date I'll show you guys my original nose, then this too small over projected nose. My goal is to fix my perforated septum, fix these weird indented lines that I think comes from the over resected bridge/dorsum and I would like my tip to be closer to my face, more round and natural.

Photo time

So I've decided to share some photos with you guys so you can get an idea of what I'm dealing with as far as the over projected tip and pinched bridge. My nostrils are also asymmetrical, it could be due to the internal collapse also, but I'm not sure. The more I look at my old photos the more I realize I shouldn't have touched my nose at all. I initially only wanted tip work done. Here is my before, my current state at almost 6 months post op and a picture of me right after surgery.

I've been thinking and over thinking

I've been thinking lately about this whole revision thing. I'm honestly super scared, nervous and anxious. I'm praying it goes well and this is the last time I ever have to go through this. I'm tired of feeling congested and not being able to breath normally. I'm almost 6 months post op (in a few days) and when I smile you can see my nose is collapsing on the left side and my tip gets sharper than what it already is. Not to mention at random times while breathing my nose starts to make a wheezing sound from the hole. Sigh. I'm honestly really uncomfortable and scared with the idea of another revision. Maybe it's all of the horror stories I keep reading on here. I'm going to try to not think about it for now since I have another few months to go. I'm being asked a lot about why my surgery is so much. So here's a break down of the costs. My perforation is costing me about $16,000+ and the cosmetic portion only around $8,000. I'm honestly not happy about the price. Sigh... this is a nightmare.

8 months post op

Sorry about the last update, I wrote it months ago and forgot to hit send. So I'm further along in my recovery but my nose has not gotten better. Unfortunately my perforations makes me septum extremely dry, congested feeling and at times when cleaning my nose I see blood smh. My tip has gotten more defined and sharp. I'm not pleased with that but I'm getting use to it. My septum also hasn't straightened, it's still leaning. I'm experiencing at wet nose/nasal drip at times. My septum is the culprit here. The appearance of my nose isn't horrible by any means. It's just that I prefer my tip lower since I am an ethnic woman. Anyway, if I decide to leave the cosmetic part alone I still have to fix my septum. Many doctors have told me it WILL get worst. Sigh. I'm now 8 months post and so glad that I was able to get through those roller coaster emotions I was feeling for months. I cried for days, felt ugly and upset with myself for making this decision. Now at 8 months I have a clearer mind and I'm ready to tackle my septum and breathe normally. I wish all of you going through any emotional roller coaster to please don't give up. I promise you will find a light at the end of the tunnel. I haven't had my revision done yet but I do feel better emotionally and that's very important! Take care and I will update you guys in about 3 weeks when I turn 9 months post op and I'm able to have Surgery. Xoxo

Finally 10 months post op.

I can't believe I'm almost a year post op. Sad to say my functional parts are still suffering. I feel like I've had a cold with a stuffy sometimes runny nose all of these months. My doctor and I have absolutely no communication after he left me to deal with a perforated septum. My nose has gotten even smaller, pinched in more and pointier at the tip. I have no clue which doctor I will have a revision with. I currently can't afford $23,000 with Dr Hamilton so surgery might not be an option right now. I have an appointment with an ent specialist tomorrow. I'll let you guys know how my septum is doing. I pray my hole is still at 1-1.5mm. Talk to you guys soon.

One year!

Hello! I'm finally a few days away from being ONE YEAR post op!!!! (I actually typed that with so much excitement lol) This has been such a long, exhausting, draining, some days humiliating and just toxic experience. I don't wish it on my worse enemy. I honestly have to say if anyone reading this is experiencing a really bad recovery please, please keep in mind that "time really does heal all wounds". At least for me mentally I was able to heal a lot. My doctor put me through some things. I'm finally at a point where I forgive him and now I'm able to move on. I unfortunately still can't afford Dr Hamilton. I have been speaking to some other surgeons and I have booked a date!! Prayers up and fingers crossed!! I'm really hoping God guides me through this and everything will be ok. I will keep you guys posted on how things go. I plan to have my septum repaired and my tip "derotated". It's pointed upwards. It doesn't match my features or ethnicity in my opinion. Thank you so much everyone for reading my story and all of the kind words. I'll also re post my pictures again the closer I get to my date! Xoxo

14 months post op... sigh

Hello! Sorry I've been mia. I've honestly been working on myself and not letting my nose run my life anymore. Unfortunately my perforation refuses to let me forget what my surgeon did. I often feel dry and congestion out of nowhere. Warm days are a nightmare most times. Or I'll experience a weird nasal drip. I'm hanging in there and being a trooper now that I'm mentally stronger! I haven't had my revision as of yet but I decided I would really like to wait and save for Dr Hamilton. I did plan to have surgery a few weeks ago with a different surgeon but got scared and cancelled. Sigh... I honestly know I need this perforation fixed but I refuse to rush it and make an even bigger mistake. Thank you for all the kind words and taking the time to read my (nightmare) journey. I wish you all positive thoughts, positive vibes and beautiful noses. xoxo

Add on...

So someone private messaged me to read "girltown" review and now I'm honestly unsure of which doctor I want to go to. I'm a little frightened. Her story is a lot to read but it's very detailed and worth a read. I'm going to put off surgery for a little while and research more thoroughly. Talk to you all later! Xoxo
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