Scar Revision-31 Years Old, Suffered from a Facial Scar- Los Angeles, CA

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Tomorrow is my surgery at Spalding institute with...

Tomorrow is my surgery at Spalding institute with dr grace Peng. I'm very excited and nervous. I will keep everyone updated throughout my journey. It took me a lot of courage to finally do something about this scar. It has always bothered me. when i was 5 years i was playing on top of my sister, suddenly she flipped over and didn't realize the glass table was right next to her. My face landed directly onto the side of the table. I have flashbacks in my memory of my family running around in the middle of the night trying to find a surgeon that could assist me. It took 18 hours before I was taken into surgery. I suppose that didn't help with the healing of the scar. Three years ago I underwent CO2 laser which dramatically improved the scar. For me, it still didn't leave it where I wanted it to be. I understand that scars are forever but I'm pretty sure Dr Peng will be able to improve it.
I decided to post my pictures and story because throughout the time I researched I was never really able to find information on this procedure. I know there are others like me that are searching the web for before and after photos. Wish me luck. I will keep updating as time passes by.

One hour after surgery

Came out feeling great. Now to wait for the scar to start the healing process. Thus far I don't have any pain. I will tell you that I have a very high pain tolerance. came home and watched Netflix.

Three days post op

I am three days post op and recovery seems to be going well. I'm taking my antibiotic and continue to care for the scar. I make sure I eat a healthy balanced diet in order to assist my body with the healing process. My next appointment is on Wednesday. I'm not sure if stitches are coming off. So far swelling has been minimal.

Stitches are off

I went today to see Dr Peng for stitch removal. Only 5 days post op. The scar is still swollen and red which is all normal. I have been following all of the doctors instructions and also staying out of the sun. Aside from following the medical instructions I have also made myself a detox green juice that helps promote healing. It has avocado, ginger, celery, cucumber, pineapple and chia seeds. I believe that healing comes from the inside out. The pain has been very minimal and it didn't stop me from performing my daily activities. I joke that my new name is Nelly because I have been wearing a bandage over the scar in order to avoid exposure to the sun. I also don't want my 3 month daughter to slap me. Dr Peng did a fantastic job with the surgery. Her hands are blessed with a gift. I couldn't be happier with the results. The only regret I have is not doing before.

Two weeks post op

It has been two weeks since I made the best decision of my life. The scar is healing and slowly fading away. The redness you see in the pictures are from the bandaid. I wore band aids for two weeks in order to avoid the sun from damaging my scar. It was worth the small rash.

One month post op

Here are pictures of the one month post op. Thus far the scar has improved tremendously. The color is changing everyday and it is also shrinking. You can still see a little inflammation which is normal. There isn't any pain. I continue to apply my scar gel everyday and stay out of the sun. The results are exceeding my initial expectations.

Two and a half months post op

Some of you have sent me personal messages asking for a picture of the scar with make up. Here are a few pictures. I am very happy with the results. For once in my life I do not feel like people are looking at the scar.

One year post op

It has been a year since my surgery. I'm am beyond grateful to Dr.Peng for my results. The photos show the scar without makeup. I feel confident and like a new person.
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

everyone has gone above and beyond for me. The office is extremely professional and make you feel comfortable. I look forward to my journey.

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