Rhinoplasty at Last - Los Angeles, CA

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I have been wanting rhinoplasty since I found out...

I have been wanting rhinoplasty since I found out you can change your nose as child. I was shocked at 10 I already hated my nose and felt ugly. Most 10 year olds had smaller noses but mine was always rather larger. So 16 years I have been wanting rhinoplasty. It didn't help that I got hit in the nose with a basket ball in grade school it made it more crooked then what I wanted.

The process was long and difficult to find someone who was artistic enough and talented to correct my nose. I am from northern California but all the work I saw I was not impressed by. I really want a smaller, straight more narrow nose. The cost of rhinoplasty for me was not going to be cheap, so I started saving and researching more. I got in contact with a surgeon I was blown away by but waiting on quoting price and for me to raise up the amount I am sure it is going to cost.

I hope if under 10,000 I can have the amount raised my March meaning i'll end up having my surgery possibly around April depending on opening and how busy this surgeon is. I will keep you guys updated. But I am pretty sure he is the surgeon I want and is highly qualified to improve my nose.

Found a Surgeon

So I found and got in reach with the rhinoplasty surgeon I want he is located in Glendale, Ca his name is Dr. Vladimir Grirgoryants. I sent images since I live about 5 hours away from LA area and I got quoted 10,500. Which I know is kind of a lot but you have to think about that It's your face! I don't want to have revision done once and once will be good for me. He was honest on the email conversation we had. My face as can tell on images is crooked along with my jaw and nose so not very helpful. But I will be contacting his office the moment I get the funds I have more then 75% of the amount so just need to raise a bit more then call for a surgery booking! I will keep you all updated. P.S go look at Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants webpage his work is unbelievable and truly he is artistic with every face!!!
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