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The Day Before... I've thought long and hard about...

The Day Before...
I've thought long and hard about getting rhinoplasty and decided to do it. It's an interesting way to spend the holidays no doubt, but this was the only time I could use up my vacation time from work and have the recovery time to heal without it interfering with anything else in my life.
Tomorrow is the big day! After consulting with a few surgeons, I decided on Dr. Hamilton to operate on my virgin nose. I felt like he understood what I wanted and he certainly knows he has the skill to do it.
I haven't told a single soul that I'm having surgery. I'm pretty private and I don't have that many friends anyway. The only reason I'm writing a review is because when I was doing research, it truly helped me when others shared their experiences with the world and so, I want to do the same. I will figure out how to upload my pics while blacking out my eyes and such. But since I have nothing else to do in while I recover, I figured I could at least document my experience.

First thing I would like to let people know about the process. I'm an out of town patient so all of my interactions have been over the phone.
Be advised, I had to do a lot of calling and follow-up with the surgery coordinator so please make sure you are on your game and get your paperwork in order early.
Ask for ALL of your pre-op paperwork at least 5 weeks in advance and before that, start making appointments to see your PCP. Dr. Hamilton requires that you have a physical, lab work, and a chest x-ray. If you have anemia, depending on the severity, you may have to have your surgery postponed. So get your bloodwork done early so you can start taking iron supplements and not worry about having your surgery rescheduled.
Also, if you are out of town, there is usually a pre-op visit the day before your surgery so make sure you plan in advance to be in LA in time to make that appointment as well.

Tips that helped me:
Stay in a hotel with free wifi (a must for me).
Stay in a hotel with a mini fridge so that you can pack some comfort food.
(Women) If you can, keep track of your monthly cycle and try not to schedule surgery during it. You just don't want something else to worry about. But bring back ups just in case (once I had to be put under for dental work and when I got home I had started bleeding even though I wasn't on my cycle. Perhaps the stress?).
Well I know I don't have pics posted yet so this review isn't quite as exciting but I'll figure it out.
I'll check in tomorrow after my surgery and let ya'll know how it went.

Day of Surgery

Well I made it! I'm sitting in my hotel room after a nice dinner so at least you know the pain/discomfort will not prevent you from eating.
Surgery went well. I finally met Dr. Hamilton face to face (and yes...he is as handsome and charming as everyone says).
Details about my surgery. I had osteotomies (bones broken) to narrow my bridge, I had come tip refinement and I had my nostrils reduce. No implants/grafts or anything like that. I had the best team. Everyone was so nice.
I'm not sure what to think so I won't go through the full gamut of emotions yet. I am praying that I made the right decision. But Dr. Hamilton has a pretty good track record and I trust his knowledge for AA noses and what looks aesthetically pleasing on them so we will wait and see.
I'm taking phots as I go. Hopefully I'll figure out how to get them up here.

Day 3

Nothing really to update. I did have some pain yesterday so I took the medication and mainly slept. Swelling is pretty bad. I mean really bad. No pain though. I can't really tell if I like anything because my face looks so bad. I hope tomorrow things will look a little better. In the meantime, back to Orange is the New Black!

Cast Off!

Hello Everyone,
I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I saw RS was down so apologies for not updating sooner. Yesterday the cast came off. It was actually kind of funny. Dr. Hamilton just chats about his Christmas and is just talking about whatever while my chipmunk looking self was just staring at all the utensils he was getting terrified of the pain to come. But it was fine. When he removed the splints it was no walk in the park but the slight pain was short lived. It wasn't even painful...but...I definitely teared up a bit. Then the stitch removal. That smarted a bit. But again, nothing that one can't handle. Dr Hamilton is pretty gentle but overall, looking back, everything was actually surprisingly easy. Which I read before but you know...I always think I'm special like a snowflake or something.

Anyway, my nose looks very good. It's so much more feminine. And yes, I'm home so tomorrow I should have pics uploaded so thank you all for being patient. I've never done any kind of review so this is all new for me.

I'm still pretty swollen. I have terrible dark circles under my eyes. I look like I was on the losing end of a fight for sure. But I received the ok to wear makeup so that will make me feel better when I have to go outside and be social.

See you all tomorrow!

Here are some pics!

So I apologize for the quality of the pics. I have some with my cast on but I wasn't sure if those pics mattered. If you want them I'll upload but I figured a before and "immediate" after were probably the most interesting. I have to run but I promised I would work on these so here they are.
As you can see, I had a flat broad nose and I'm really enjoying my new one. The black marks under my eyes are going down.
I feel really good. In the after pics, you see that Dr. Hamilton put essentially tape and glue so that the sutures could heal and leave minimal scars. It was that or leave the original sutures in for a few more days but my money was up in LA so home I had to go. I don't mind it. They are already starting to peel off (he said they would come off themselves in about 5 days). I'll look a little odd for NYE but I'll just put some makeup on and buy drinks so nobody notices.
So far, I've only seen one of my friends and she honestly couldn't tell. She wondered why I had tape on but I just told her I was trying something new and she dropped it. So the stories are true! Unless you had a very dramatic change, nobody even notices you had a nose job. Whew!

The Tape Is Off!

So the tape came off so I wanted to give you all a peek at what I'm actually working with.
Thank you everyone for the well wishes! I feel so good and I'm excited to go out tonight and bring in the New Year with my new nose!
I believe Shelley asked if Dr. Hamilton did morphs. No. I didn't request them. Honestly believed that anything was going to be an improvement and I was ok with trusting in him. I don't believe that is sound advice for you all getting consults. I just felt Dr. Hamilton knew what looked good and I trusted him.
I suppose now it's just a matter of time to wait out the swelling. I honestly think this process has been so easy. Probably just easier than when my wisdom teeth were taken out.
And I love my nose even with the swelling. I know we are all on here to make some improvements but it's so nice when something that has bothered you for so long is corrected. You just feel like people are seeing how you feel on the inside. Forget what anyone thinks about what you do to make you shine. I'm pleased with my decision and I thank you all for being my sounding board since I had nobody to share this with.

Happy New Year to you all!!

3 Weeks

Hello Everyone! Anyone who is following this review I hope that your new year is off to a wonderful start!
So it's been about 3 weeks and I thought I would show some progress pics. Not sure if I see a decrease in swelling though. Nose still is sore if I touch it or it's too cold out but I've been back to all my activities like work ad exercise. Nobody has noticed...except that I've been congested for awhile and the black eyes but other than that...not a peep from anyone. I'm still satisfied with my results. Like I said in an earlier review, I knew anything would be better than what I had before. Once all of the swelling has gone down I'll know if a revision is necessary. Not that I think anything looks bad. I'm happy I went with a more conservative doctor. I think that because my face is smaller and I have a weak chin I probably could have gotten away with a smaller nose because I don't really want a chin implant and I like my petite face. So even though my nose looks good...I might be able to go down a bit IF I don't like how everything looks after the swelling is gone. Trust, I don't want to go through another surgery if I can help it. It was easy, but I want to be done if I can avoid it. May I have thoughts on how you all think the progress is going:

2 Months

Hey Everyone!
I hope you all have been well. I have been waiting patiently to get to a milestone mark with my rhinoplasty and share the pics. I'm now at 2 months post op (well, close enough!).
I don't know if I see a difference in swelling yet. I have vacillated between asking for a reduction in my nares when I see Dr. Hamilton next month or not.
*correction, I would ask if he would reduce them after a year, not to actually perform it when I saw him).
Not much pain anymore. I did have a moment with taking off my sports bra I hit my nose and it really smarted. So I know there is still a lot of healing to go. I try not to obsess about my nose like I did before. I'm letting it do it's thing. Some days, I really like it, other days, I want my nares reduced. Other days, I don't even think about it. Very weird.
Anyway, I hope these are helpful for anyone thinking of Dr. Hamilton. To be honest, my nose looks amazing. I really think he has a gift for this. I want the exact nose that I have just a TAD smaller. I'm hoping that as the year goes it will get smaller. If it does, I think I'll be fine. If not, then maybe another alar base reduction and then I will hopefully be done!

Take care you lovely realselfers. I hope the year has been amazing for you all so far. If Dr. Hamilton gives me professional before/after at the 3 month mark when I see him, I'll post them here.

5 Month Mark

Hello You Realself Lovelies,
I hope 2016 has been better for you all. It's been sad what's going on for celebs. R.I.P. for those we have lost so far...
I wanted to give you all an update on my nose. It's been awhile and I'm so sorry for those I haven't responded to. I promise I'm not that rude. I had a lot happen all at once with work and school and...well...I apologize.
But, I did see Dr. Hamilton about 2 weeks ago. He said things were coming along nicely and gave me some steroid injections because he said I still had swelling. I really like this man. I asked him how far along I was (because naively, I think I'm all healed) and he was said I was ~50% still swollen.
I said "50%?! But everyone I look at online is like at the 70% stage by now." He says "You need to look at people with YOUR skin to make a measurement. You supposed to read Jet not Cosmo." Dead dead dead. So that's the professional verdict. These pics are at 5 months with 50% swelling plus injection shots plus the nasal exercises I've been ordered to do. I will say that I do finally see a difference. I won't lie...I'mma still get him in Nov about perhaps another alar base reduction if the sides don't come down much more but I'm going to trust the process.

Blessing upon blessing to all of you.

5 Month Mark

Oops, I forgot the pic of the nose when I'm smiling.
Just to be consistent for those who maybe interested.
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