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Hi, I am an eighteen year old girl who has a...


I am an eighteen year old girl who has a surgery scheduled with Dr. Ghavami (LA) on July 1st. I am very, very nervous... I worry that we didn't look into the surgery enough and that it was a rushed decision. I was wondering if anyone had anything to say that could help me. Preferably advice/opinions from previous Dr. Ghavami rhinoplasty patients.

rhinoplasty issues - why turbinoplasty!?

I have a RHINOPLASTY surgery scheduled with Dr. Ghavami in July and I just noticed that he is charging me for an additional "TURBINOPLASTY"? What is THAT!? Why would he go ahead and say that he will be performing something to "fix breathing issues" - I don't have any breathing issues. We had a skype consultation and I don't know how he could just assume I have breathing issues over a skype call... I am so scared because I already feel so rushed into this and will cost my parents a LOT of money now... I was so confident in Ghavami from his pictures and experience, but now I feel that I am not going to be treated individually and will be taken advantage of. I am so, so worried... PLEASE HELP!!!

Switching Doctors - Dr. Grigoryants!

Gooood morning, Real Self,

Over the weekend, my parents and I, after much discussion, decided that we will be switching surgeons, from Dr. Ghavami to Dr. Grigoryants. Our decision was based on the price difference, reviews we have read, and our personal experience with Dr. Ghavami up until this point. I know that there are a handful of negative reviews on this website about Dr. Ghavami, but I would like everyone to know that those are not entirely the reason I am switching to Dr. Grigoryants. My intuition was telling me that I should switch and so we are listening to it. Since I will not be having my surgery with Dr. Ghavami, I can't tell you much about his results. I have read many, MANY wonderful reviews and seen beautiful outcomes from him. However, being a young girl, it was hard to shake off the negative comments. For those of you that do not believe some of the people who claim that Dr. Ghavami gave them a bad nose job, I have received actual photos from a few of these people, and their claims are valid. That being said, I still do not believe that Dr. Ghavami is a bad surgeon. I'm sure he is just as wonderful as many claim him to be. But he just was not the right fit for me.

The reason we chose Dr. Grigoryants is because of the results we have seen (photos from his website and from RealSelf reviews), the comments we have read about him (so many people talk about how kind and sweet he is, and how well he listens to the patients' expectations and concerns), and lastly, the price difference (Dr. Grigoryants is 7,000$ cheaper!).

My advice at this point is to ALWAYS read the contracts you sign. And then read it again. Many doctors charge a very pricey cancellation fee (1500$ for my cancellation…). Also, the deposit you give (2000$ in original case) is NON-REFUNDABLE and will not go towards your cancellation fee. Never let a doctor, secretary, family member, or even yourself rush you. The end result will never be right if you are rushed, no matter how great of a surgeon you go to.

I will be posting a few "amateur photoshop" photos I made today that I am trying to decide between. Any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone on this website that has helped me thus far, I cannot thank you all enough for taking the time to help me!

Photoshop Outcomes - Opinions Appreciated (:


Here are the photoshopped profile photos I said I would post. Let me know what you think!

I apologize in advance for the terrible quality of some of these… I'm not very good at photo editing!

One day post-op

Okay... So I'm writing this with my eyes 89% shut. And that's not by choice... My swelling is the worst the nurses said they had ever seen (yaaaay.....)

My surgery was two hours longer than Dr. G expected since my septum was ridiculously deviated at the top. He had to do a TON of breaking and reshaping, hence why the areas under my eyes are gigantic. We didn't think I had a debated septum, but this just goes to show that you really don't know what to expect until you open up the nose.

Last day, after the surgery, I took my antibiotics around 9... Within thirty minutes, my throat had shut. (Turns out I'm allergic to penicillin).. I was rushed to hospital, where they basically just confirmed that I was allergic to the antibiotics. When I was released, we went for a long car ride to help me relax.

Today, I had another scary attack. My entire body started tingling until it became as rigid as a rock. My hands were "folding over" on themselves (I don't know how else to describe it) and I lost control of my body. Thankfully, my throat stayed open so we decided to skip the emergency room again... The hospital is the worst place to be when you have open wounds.. Especially on your face.

Anyways, if anyone has any recommendations on how to get down this swelling (I'm not kidding when I say it's the worst I've ever seen!!) please let me know. I feel like I'm drowning in my own face.


I am now four days post-op. The swelling has moved out of my eyes and down into my cheeks! I look like a gopher or chipmunk now.

Today, I had the cast removed. Dr. G was so incredibly sweet and talked to me about the surgery. I was so surprised that he remembered every little detail about my nose during the surgery. He told me that I had the most deviated septum he had ever seen and horribly shattered bones (I guess that answers my question: did I break my nose a year ago when my cousin kicked me in the face)

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Grigoryants. If you are between surgeons, I seriously recommend that you go to him. I am only four days post-op, so I can't say much about the overall results, but even through all this swelling, I see a dramatic change from before.

Thank you to everyone who helped me make this decision.

(I won't post a front view because of how swollen it is right now. Maybe in a few days!)

Before/After comparisons

Six days post op.. Thought I would share some before and after side by side comparisons.

Trying not to judge!!

So, today I am back home! It feels so strange to be sleeping in my bed.

I have a few concerns... I know I shouldn't worry about or judge anything since its only been a little over a week, but I can't help it! The left side of the bridge has a long ridge running along it. It's hard and feels like bone.. When I have the tape off, you can really notice it. Also, the profile view now has a slight curve outwards remaining where I previously had my large hump. Will this go back to being straight (it was so straight, slightly swooped inwards, after the cast was removed!!)

Quick Update

Due to poplaur demand, I am updating my post. I am currently in Germany, so I can't Transfer any photos from my phone to this Computer... So, you will have to wait for photos.

Yesterday I noticed that my left nostril is sort of 'pinched in'. It isn't noticeable when you look from the bottom, but you can see it when you look at my nose straight on or from the left side. I am confused by it because I don't know why my nostril would sort of cave in like this. I wish I could post a photo so that you could see the Location of what I am talking about... Did anyone else have this Problem or hear of someone with this problem?

Other than that, the lines on the side of my Bridge that I had worried about earlier have gone away (knock on Wood...) so I am very happy about that. There is still a bump at the very top of my Bridge, but I am starting to think that it really is just swelling from where the bone was fractured during the surgery.

Quick Photos

Found a way to upload photos!

Regarding my last update I made yesterday, I emailed Dr. G to get his Input on the "caved in" nostril, and he says the left appears to be that way only because the right side is still so swollen. It is actually much better today!!

More Photos

Here are a few more photos. I am currently two weeks post op!

Onto Week Four

Just a quick update as I head into the fourth week. My nose has swollen up quite a bit... The tip Looks very bulby, the way it was before the surgery. The weather hasn't been so great here, so maybe that is why. I also have slight pain (it feels like a pinch) in my nostrils every so often. Is it normal for the whole nose to randomly swell up like this or am I doing something wrong? Can I do something to make it go away?

I'm Afraid it is only getting worse...

Really starting to feel sad and almost depressed over how my nose is starting to look... The front doesn't look any different from before, I still have a super bulby, round tip, the side is starting to look swayed, and the quarter angle looks deformed.. I'm sure part of this is just me over analyzing it, but I'm very worried about it. The swelling gets worse and worse every day. I haven't had a good day in over a week...

Front comparisons

Okay, so I found front view photos of my nose prior to surgery, and I realized how exaggerated my previous statement was. I understand that this is a part of the process and that questioning and worrying about your results are natural things to do after such a serious change. I think what I am most affected by is the fact that just a week and a half ago, I was 100% confident in my nose, and now that it has swelled up (naturally, I'm sure), I am getting paranoid, thinking that perhaps I have done something wrong. I still think that it looks different, but I'm trying to just fully accept the fact that this is all normal. I have my concerns, and I hope that you all can provide answers/relief, but I don't want to seem immature about this process.

1 Month

I can't believe it has been an entire month since I got the surgery. Some times it feels like it was just yesterday and other times it feels like I never even got it! Here's a quick update on the progress:

- swelling is overall going down, when I wake up the tip is CRAZY swollen, but about an hour into my day, it's down
- the bumps I was worried about have become less detectable, when I run my finger down the sides, I can't feel anything protruding
- I am able to breathe in 100%, breathing out is still a little awkward for me (I think it's more my nerves); however, at night I must obviously be breathing in and out through my nose because I don't wake up with a dry mouth anymore

Here are a few concerns/questions I have:
- Last night, my friend whacked my nose pretty hard while we were sleeping, it hurt pretty bad and I got up immediately because of the pain... I had it taped, but should I be worried? It doesn't hurt now (three hours later), but it was painful when it happened!!
- I have noticeable dark "bruises" under my eyes still. It can't even be covered with makeup, which makes me think the area under my eyes is actually sunken in, causing a shadow to be formed.
- It hurts to smile and laugh. The sides of my nostrils are tugged at really hard and it feels very awkward and uncomfortable. Am I ruining anything by allowing myself to smile and laugh?


Sorry for posting photos separately, but this Spanish wifi is not very reliable!


I guess they didn't post before, oops!

About a month and a half


So I just moved back to college in NYC. I was absolutely in love with my nose about six days ago when I first arrived, but right now it looks like a pig nose!! Very different from how it was a few days ago. Is this because I have been much more active (I walk a couple miles each day living in the city now)?? Will it go back?? Other than that, all bumps have seemed to smooth out!! Will update with pictures once this piggy nose goes away....


As I approach the two-month mark, I'm starting to see changes that I am not pleased with... I saw a photo of my nose about 3.5 weeks post and the profile view was incredible. Then I compared it to what it currently is, and the changes are anything but incredible...

My nose looks "warped" and almost "snapped" in half in the middle, giving it the illusion of being pinched and having a hump. The depression in the middle is very concerning as when I run my finger over it, it seems as though there is absolutely NOTHING underneath supporting it.

Also, my nose has been very stuffy these last few days making it hard to breathe normally.

Taking A Break (:

Hi everyone! I wanted to give you all a "final" update before taking a much-needed hiatus. I've put a lot of thought (perhaps too much) into how I feel about my nose and I've come to the conclusion that since there is absolutely nothing that I, nor my doctor, can do, I should just let it be.

My advice at this point for those of you considering rhinoplasty is this:
No amount of plastic surgery can ever change how you feel about yourself. You are not going to wake-up after the operation magically feeling "fixed". This is a very emotional process and I have come to realize just how easy it is for it to actually be detrimental to your confidence, if you allow it to. Make sure you are emotionally prepared for any outcome because some days you will truly regret your choice. Once you have done that, decide whether or not you are ready. It doesn't hurt to wait. If you do choose to continue onwards with this decision, I wish you the best of luck and am confident that your results will be absolutely stunning! (Oh, and I recommend Dr. G one-hundred percent!!!!!!!! He is undoubtedly the best!!!!!)

For those of you who are in the recovery process, do yourself a favor and stop analyzing it. This will drive you crazy, trust me. Don't allow a physical feature to determine your self-worth - you are more than your appearance. At this point, there is nothing that you can change, but that's alright. You made it this far; you can keep going and ride out whatever it is you are feeling.

Once again, I appreciate all the wonderful, sweet, supportive comments that you all have given me. They really made all the difference during this emotional journey, don't ever stop being so encouraging, you never know whose face you will put a smile on.

Now, for my "final" photo set, I have chosen to highlight just how strange swelling can be. These photos were taken on the same exact day, the first is a few minutes after waking up, the others are before going to bed. I am currently two months post-op and there is obviously still so much swelling at play. If you are also at this stage of the recovery, don't worry yourself over every little change. I drove myself crazy but finally have come to terms with whatever my nose is going through. It will do what it needs to do. As for me, I will do what I need to do and enjoy my life!

Three and a half months!

Good evening everyone!

I hope you have all been having an amazing time (and for those of you in your recovery stage, I hope you are healing well and know that you will be absolutely in love with your results!!)

I just wanted to "check-in" and show you how my nose has been for the last month and a half. Honestly, there were some bad days, but not many!! I am so head over heels in love with my result... I never imagined it being this wonderful. I hate to sound conceited, but my nose was such an issue to me before and for it to finally be something I actually feel confident showing off is just incredible. I am so immensely blessed to be where I am right now.

If any of you have questions or concerns, please message me. I'd love to help you with your decisions/progress.

Questions - PLEASE ANSWER (:

Hey everyone! So I just have a few questions/concerns (again... I know, I'm sorry!) I am about to hit the four months mark. These last two weeks my tip has been very "fat" and back to being bulby... Is this still swelling? It was so cute and teeny for three weeks straight just a few weeks ago :'( I'm concerned about this... Is there anything I can do... Thank you.

It Has Been Over One Year!!!

I cannot believe that it has been 14 months!!! I am thrilled with the results and cannot thank Dr. G enough. Of course, there are the occasional days that I wake up with a puffy, swollen, crooked-looking nose and think "Oh no... It's ruined!" but that is once in a blue moon!!

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