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I had rhinoplasty about 10 years ago to reduce the...

I had rhinoplasty about 10 years ago to reduce the hump on the bridge of my nose. After surgery, the appearance of my nose improved, but it was left too long. It left my face unbalanced, the tip was projected too far out from my face. Over the years, I have developed a tip deformity, bossea that really started to bother me. My breathing needs improvement too, my nose feels constantly stuffy. I finally decided to explore my options in order to improve the appearance of my nose and also to improve my breathing. I wanted to find a surgeon who only specializes in rhinoplasty. I had a consultation with Dr. Bublik, he is an ENT and facial plastic surgeon. I had a very positive experience with him and his staff. He seemed very knowledgeable and his staff is very accommodating with appointments and communication. I would love to hear your feedback about him. Please let me know! Anyone else I should consider?


Here are some photos to show what I would like to change. I like the front view of my nose, with the exception of the bossae on the tip, it doesn't show in all my photos. It is really my profile I would like to improve.

First Consult with Dr. Grigoryants

I was so happy to finally meet Dr. Grigoryants and I am very certain that he is the best doctor to perform my surgery. He is very nice, intelligent and a talented surgeon. I already knew from reviewing his before afters and reading all the reviews here that he is amazing, meeting him just confirmed that. My consult was brief, but he knew instantly everything that was wrong. We were completely on the same page as to the results I would like to achieve. He made me feel very confident that this is the right decision. I can't wait to schedule my surgery date! Can't believe this is happening soon, long awaited revision.

Surgery scheduled for March!

Can't believe this is finally happening! Scheduled my surgery today, office staff has been very helpful and on top of things,pleasant to deal with. I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I finally decided to go through since I have been experiencing a lot of breathing difficulties and headaches due to a deviated septum. I thought this would be a great time to make some cosmetic changes to improve the appearance of my nose. My insurance will be covering a portion of my surgery since it is medically necessary. The office has been great with handling my insurance paperwork quickly. Next step, preop!

After my consult with Dr. Grigoryants...

Here is what Dr. Grigoryants suggested the revision could improve
-fix deviated septum to improve breathing
-fixed collapsed valve on right
-refine tip and give it a more smooth appearance
-reduce length of nose to be more balanced with rest of face
- reduce nostril size

Side view

Pre-op oppointment-20 days until surgery!

I just had my pre-op appointment with Dr. Grygoriants today and everything went really smoothly. I filled out some paperwork, received instruction for the blood test some pre and post up instruction and prescription for the mess after surgery. My meeting with Dr. Grygoriants was relatively brief, but he seems to be really confident and through. We discussed reducing the length about 4 m, lifting the tip, reducing nostril size. We spent some more time talking about the tip, which seems the most difficult part of the surgery. I have a dent on the left side of my tip and some cartlige that shows in the front of the tip. He said he will know better once he sees it during surgery, but he is confident it can be repaired with my existing cartilage in my nose. We also took some photos and went over some pre-op instructions. I can't believe that I am 20 days away from surgery, I waited for such a long time. It was worth the wait, I think I am in good hands. So, surgery is scheduled and paid in full!

Surgery in 2 days!

After my pre-op visit with Dr. Grigoryants, I had a blood test to make sure I am clear for surgery. Thankfully all of my results were good and I am having my procedure in 2 days. I received a call from the surgery center yesterday, I am scheduled to arrive at 9:30. Surgery is at 10:30 and I should be ready to go home around 2-3 PM. I have been closely following Dr.Grigoryant's pre-op guidelines, no alcohol for 10 days before, no supplements etc... I dropped off my prescription today and I will get a few more items this weekend. I will stick up on groceries and try to relax. Time really flew by so quickly. Here is how Dr. Grygoriants demonstrated the results we are hoping to achieve. I would like to raise tip, shorten it by about 3-4 mm, fix tip irregularities, fix deviated septum.

Done with surgery!

I am done with surgery, can't believe it! Everything went well and I am resting at home. I had a very positive experience with the surgery center and the doctor reassured me it turned out well. He was able to repair the bossae and dent using cartilage from my nose and sutures. I am hoping for a nice results! I am not in pain and so far no bruising, but no bones were broken.
Here are my supplies
Prescription meds
Gauze and tape to change bandage
Water, juice, yogurt, straw
Biotene mouth spray for dry mouth

Day 4- feeling better

Today was my first day after surgery feeling much better. The first 3 days were difficult, but finally better today. I haven't been able to eat at all, drinking lots of healthy juices through a straw. My nose feels very stuffed up, that's the hardest part. I finally switched from my pain medicine to Tylenol today, it made a huge difference. There is some swelling In my face, but not much. The corner of my left eye turned purple on the lid and there is some faint yellow bruising under my left eye as well. Here is a photo of me on day 4. Even with the cast on, I can see a positive change in my nose.

Cast removal

I was so excited to have my cast removed today. I just wanted to be able the breath again :) Since I also had septoplasty, recovery has been tough, uncomfortable. The cast removal was fast and relatively painless. I wa prepared to see my nose swollen. I think it's important to have realistic expectations for cast removal day. You will see immediate improvements, but your nose will be swollen, it's to be expected 5 days after surgery. To say the least, I am thrilled with the result. I have the nose I always wanted! The profile is perfect, nostril smaller and more feminine. The tip irregularities are fixed and my breathing is better. Even with the swelling, I could look in the mirror and see my face, perfectly in balance. Dr Grigoryants has been the best! It was a difficult case and I look better than ever. You can't really notice the swelling that much on the photos, I have it taped.


Here are some photos from cast removal day- 5 days post op

Day 10

I am starting to feel better, but nose is still stuffy and hard to breath. I have been using saline and Vaseline often, it made a big difference. Today was the first day I noticed that swelling is going down. So happy about it.

2 weeks post op

Swelling continues to improve each day. I am taping my nose every night and it is helping a lot. I also use saline and Vaseline and my nose is finally clearing up, breathing is getting better. My nose is less sensitive now and I have only minimal pain. So far happy with the progress

1 month post op

My nose is finally clearing up and not stuffy all the time. I am blowing my nose, but very gently. There is still a lot of mucus build up, especially in the morning. My nose is still somewhat sore in the inside, especially on the right. I emailed Dr. Grigoryants this week because my nostrils are still asymmetrical. Also, the rim of my left nostril is still hard and somewhat flexed. He assured me that my nose is still very swollen and that this will improve. Overall, feeling great and happy with the results. Even is my nose is not perfect, it is such a huge improvement and to me, as perfect as it could be. Here is a photo that I took today, now 1 month post up. On the left 1 week on the right today, no makeup. You can see how the swelling gradually improves. I have my follow up with Dr. Grigoryants in a few weeks.

1 month before and after revision

2. Months update

Everything is going well and I am so excited with the results. Swelling is improving, but not completely gone. I had my 6 weeks check up and the Dr. is happy with the results and the healing process. There is a slight asymmetry in my nostrils due to uneven swelling. The Dr. reassured that this will improve after the swelling subsides. I can already see improvements.

3 months

I couldn't be happier! I get so many compliments and people who don't know I had surgery, do not notice it. Many people told me that I look a lot more natural now. I love the results! My smile is back and the unevenness in the nostrils due to swelling is now almost completely gone.

5 months

Here is a picture to show my results at 5 months post surgery. Very happy!

Front pictures

Here are some photos from the front 6 months post op. The am happy with the shape and the swelling is not really noticeable anymore. The nostrils are even, however I do notice a slight assymetry in photos sometimes. I didn't expect a perfect nose, and it is not perfect, but I believe it is the best I could have hoped for given my previous history and issues.

Almost 9 months later

Thank you for all of your kind comments. Almost 9 months after the surgery, I am still happy with my results. The overall shape of my nose improved, my facial features are more balanced, I can breath better and the bossae on the tip of my nose improved. As you remember, I had a visible dip on the tip of my nose due to collapsed cartilage and also some sharp bossa poking out. The dip is gone and and the bossae is less visible abs much smoother in appearance. From certain angles you could still see some light grooves, on my left, but it's a huge improvement. I just want everyone who is undergoing revision to know, not to expect a perfect nose as not to obsess over every part of your nose. This of the overall improvements. I knew going into it that the bossae might not disappear completely, rather, I was looking for improvement. I am happy with the results and this is something that others don't notice. It was the best decision to finally go through with the surgery and I have been so happy ever since.

1 year later...

I know that many of you have been following my journey with my revision surgery and I do hope that it helped many of you along the way. I have recently become concerned about privacy and decided not to keep any pictures posted here. If you would like more info or pictures, send me a private message and I will get back yo you. I am posting a pictures to show you my results 1 year after the surgery. I won't keep it up for a long time, but hope that you will get to see it. I am very happy about my results and so thankful that I found an amazing doctor. I waited for a long time to go through with it and it was worthwhile.

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