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I would absolutely stay away from Walden for...

I would absolutely stay away from Walden for Rhinoplasty. My nose was left unfunctional and I have been unable to breath since the procedure in 2011. She left me with a very narrow nose and pinched tip. Not to mention it was noticeably asymmetric. When I brought up these issues to both her and Dr. Sherrell J. Aston who was her mentor they were both dismissive, claiming my nose was asymmetric to begin with and the breathing wasn't a problem. I just underwent revision septo/rhinoplasty to correct the mess which involved removing a good deal of scar tissue. I'm still only 5 days post op. Save your money for someone who specializes in noses and is an ENT.

Images from before

Cast off today

Swapped it out for some tape until Monday. Pretty swollen. There is swelling over my bridge which looks like a bump but I'm assuming will resolve. There was a spreader graft placed on the left side. I found out there were no spreader grafts used in my initial surgery. Everything looks pretty good so far. I know not to jump to conclusions because of swelling!

Getting tape off today

Nose is swollen and a bit achey. There is a small bump on bridge, not sure if it is the tape or swelling over the spreader graft. I'm going to ask the doctor about it today. I've been breathing through my nose at night which is amazing.

Tape came off

The doctor said I'm healing well. I feel like my nose BLEW UP after the tape came off. I kind of feel like a freak show :/. Hoping it resolves soon. He used a soft tissue graft on my bridge where the last surgeon left a dent, which is now a bump, so if it doesn't resolve in two weeks he will use a steroid injection.

Primary rhinoplasty

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2 weeks post. Nose looks huge.

Bummed out today, reassuring comments welcome!

I'm about 16 days post op and my asymmetry looks WORSE than before. I hope its just swelling but my tip is leaning from underneath dramatically and the tip looks asymmetric. Has anyone had similar issues? My nose will always lean to the right a bit more which I'm ok with. I'm very realistic about my results. I emailed my Dr with pictures because I feel very concerned.

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