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Mommy Make-Over, Full body Lipo including abs, back, chin, flanks, fat transfer w/BBL, Removal of Breast Implant and Bilateral Breast Lift. medical tourism recommendation quotes.

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Checking the pictures you're a good candidate for the Tummy tuck, because if we only do Liposuction the skin will be loose and the results won't be satisfactory.

The price for the Tummy Tuck+Baja Butt (Brazilian butt lift) it's $4900 Dlls plus $120 Dlls for the Lab work and $120 Dlls for the Cardio test. As the amount you request of fat transfer it'll depend on how much fat they can extract during the surgery.

Mommy Make-Over Special $6,800

I am in my mid-40's with 3 adult children. I had a gastric sleeve in 2 years ago and lost 80 pounds and I am ready for my mommy- makeover with Alberto Lara Jimenez – I am currently in good shape I work out at the gym 5 days a week, I am 5 ft 4 120 pounds. Here is a pic of me with my grand-children. 

I am looking forward to my mommy-make-over journey

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

This is my journal, I will give the final review when the surgery is completed.

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