Tummy Tuck, hips lipo and fat injections into Nasal Labial in Los Angeles, CA

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Scheduled my first consultation. I am 49 years old...

Scheduled my first consultation.
I am 49 years old mother of one.
I have lost, gained, lost again and gained again a lot of weight, had a female surgery 25 years ago and have an ugly scar.
Not sure what procedure I need, mommy makeover, body lift, do I need breast implants, I don't want to have implants.
I am about to find out, I guess.
Going to see more than one doctor before I decide what/if/when to do the procedures.

had a conversation with hubby this morning

asked him not to discourage me, cause I am going to get it done anyway and I am the one who will go through all the pain and his negativism is only going to make things more difficult for me and I need his support, not resistance.
I don't want to tell anyone except for him, but there are two other people who I'll have to give some explanation to, they are my grown up daughter and my mother.

At my consulatation

I was informed that all the procedures are going to take 6-7 hours if done together.
The doctors are not concerned, but to me it sounds like too much time under anesthesia, so now I am thinking of getting TT and liposuction first, and do the breast lift some other time.
Both doctors said I have enough tissue to go without implants, this is a good news.

I met a doctor number4 today

and I think it's going to be him.
The only little thing now is the price that's still being negotiated, if all goes well
I am getting tummy tuck done a week from tomorrow.
My breasts are going to stay untouched for now, since
a 9 hours long surgery doesn't sound right.
Money is also an issue, so tummy tuck it is.

Scheduled for next Wednesday, Oct 16th, 2013

Still have an hour to change my mind and stop.
I am scared!

Me and my tummy. Last weekend together

The surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct 16th.
I finally brokeh the news to my daughter.
I invited her over for breakfast and since I didn't know how to start a conversation
I left a couple of PS folders on the dining table, she saw them, she asked what they were there for and I told her that there is no way to stop me from doing it.
She took it right, and even helped me to organize a room where I am planning to spend the first week of my new life.

Tomorrow is the big day

I spent weekend organizing my post-op bedroom, getting food, pills, and now I have a feeling everything is ready.
I am going to spend a night or two in the aftercare facility.
One night is required by my doctor and the second one is optional, I'll see how I feel,
Staying there is expensive but this is probably a safer choice.
The name of the place is Tranquility.
I am trying not to think about what's happening tomorrow, this is my way to stay sane
and not too nervous.
There are tons of things to finish at work before I leave this beautiful place for 2 weeks.
I have to arrive to the SC at 6:15 in the morning, the procedure is supposed to take 3 hours, so in less then 24 hours I''l be on the flat side.
Thank you for your support ladies, and please wish me luck!

Home safe

Everything went fine.
There is not too much pain.
I've only taken percoset once, tylenol was enough.
Everyone tells me that second day is the worst, this is my second day and so far so good.
I spent a night in the aftercare, but decided to go home for the second night, since it looks like I am able to take care of myself, I hired a nurse for 24 hours though to help
with drains,cause they are pretty nasty.
After my surgery yesterday, I slept almost all day and almost all nigh.
I ate some jello and apple souse, even though I am not hungry at all.
I had a catheter in me till around midnight and I was very happy when it was removed.
I am to scared to look at my stomach, but from what I could briefly see it looks amazing, like never before in my life.

Feeling good

the only thing that bothers me is my back.
I still haven't seen my tummy and probably not going to see it till Monday, when I am going to the doctor.
So far I have only taken percoset twice.
First time the aftercare nurse talked me into it, probably because she wanted me to fall asleep and to bother her, and the second one when I arrived home and wasn't sure how my pain was going to be.
But honestly, there is nothing Tylenol can't help with.
Now I've been taking Tylenol every few hours, and only because of my back, not the incision or muscles, or anything else.
It's almost impossible to find a comfortable position, I have a foam mattress and thousand of pillows everywhere, but nothing seems to help.
The binder is also not too bad, I haven't moved to CG yet.
I had a blood clot in one of my drains last night, panicked for a second, then ran a search for "blood clot in drain" on Real Self and found out that it's an absolutely normal thing.
I am getting hungry, but don't eat too much just yet.
Greek yogurt, apple souse, and jello are my friends.
Probably not jello though, it is red and reminds of my drains.
Hope everyone is doing great,
I'll write more later

tough day today

I was running a fever today.
Called my doctor, he wasn't concerned, he said on the third day PO the fever can be caused by poor lung ventilation, so I am using my breathing device now.
Tylenol is able to control pain and fever, I am hoping there is no infection.
My other problem today is diarrhea.
First 2 days I was constipated, and had my BM this morning.
It was a painful one.
30 minutes after I realized that I had to go again, and then again, and again and it's 9 pm already, but I still go every hour or so.
When there is no fever I feel good.
I started eating normal food and moving around much easier.
Still hate the drains!

Way better today,

very close to normal.
No pain, no fever, I can walk straighter and eat pretty normal.
I still haven't seen the tummy, and am looking forward to the doctors appointment tomorrow.
It does look like I lost some weight naturally, six days of very light eating made my face smaller and my neck and hands thinner.
I started taking blood thinner, I thought there will be more liquid in my drains, but looks like there is actually less. And I hope I'll be able to get rid of them by the end of next week. Today is Sunday, and I had my surgery last Saturday, so hopefully 10 days of drain torture will be enough.
I am still unable to keep any food in me, even though my appetite is very good (as it's always been :(), I have watery diarrhea, which means for every time I eat I have to go to the bathroom twice.
This is a known side effect of the antibiotic I take and it doesn't bother me too much.
I am dinking a lot of water and gatorate to stay hydrated.
Hope everyone is healing happy!

It's been over a week now

and I am feeling doing very good.
The stitches are removed and the drains are still in.
They don't bother me too much anymore, and I am hoping to get rid of at least
one of them tomorrow.
One of the good things about my doctor is that he is very conservative and
wants to make sure I stay safe.
I am taking a blood thinner xarelto and antibiotic.
I had a pain pump for 3 days and only took 2 Percocets and 0 Valiums.
I was pretty much free of pain all the time and Tylenol was my friend for about 4 days
to help with back pain (due to me being hunched over) and with fever that I ran ones.

I saw my tummy.
It's hard to believe this is mine, cause what I had before was a lumpy-bumpy scared
ugly looking thing.
What I have now hardly goes together with a face of a 50 years old woman.
No, I am not thinking of face lift, just saying :)
So far I am very happy with the result and it's far from final of course.
I took a few very low quality pictures with my phone and will post then soon

Pics to look at

Free Woman!

The drains are out.

2 months after

2 months later

I am looking at the before pictures and it's hard to believe it's me.
It's been two months and I have a body I've never dreamed of.
Yes, it comes with fear, pain, discomfort and it's not a cheap treat, but it's worth it.
If you are thinking about getting tummy tuck done, don't waste any more time,
make it happen.
I still owe a review to my doctor, who did an amazing job!

Before Pic

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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