Mid Twenties, No Kids, Always Been a Little Overweight Want a Flat Stomach & Nice Butt for Summer 2014! - Los Angeles, CA

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Hello ladies (and few gents!) So this is my first...

Hello ladies (and few gents!) So this is my first post about my whole PS experience. I have never had surgery EVER in life so I'm pretty nervous about almost everything lol. I have my first consultation with Dr. Jimmy Firouz tomorrow and I'm SO EXCITED! I also have another consultation next week with Dr. Brent Moelleken!!! After my consultations I'll update you on everything! (if you happen to be reading this) Here's a little background on me...

I'm 5'9 and weigh 223 lbs. Although I'm slightly overweight, I carry my weight pretty well since I'm a tall girl. But I would like to be slender up top and somewhat thick on the bottom. Ya hear me ladies!? I am very active. I love to hike and swim, do water sports, and workout. My favorite workout is insanity! I know I'm nuts! But I feel so good afterward. I just have pesky fat on my stomach that WONT GO AWAY! I've changed my eating habits, cut fast food, eat lots of vegetables and get a healthy dose of protein during my meals but it seems that the fat i have accumulated while growing up is stuck on me for life. I used to be a size 16/18 but when I changed my lifestyle I plateau at a size 10/12/14 depending on the garment. My body can't make up its mind lol I want liposuction of my arms, back fat, abdomen, and maybe inner thighs but I'm still debating on that. We'll see what the doctors say.

Here's what I love about my body.
-I love my shape and every curve that I have. I want to expand upon that not get rid of them.
-I love the size and shape of my butt! It can be a little rounder with some help, but first I want to get rid of my gut so that my butt can shine!
-I love my breasts. Im not even going to touch them!
-I understand that because I am tall I will probably not look like the video vixen I have made up in my head. And thats okay!

I plan on wearing a bathing suit to my consultation that I am dying to wear this summer on vacay with my girlfriends. Not sure what will happen tomorrow but either way I can't wait for their opinion and advice. I will also ask about fat transfer to buttocks and breast as well as inner thigh liposuction and liposculpture.

I've attached some wish pics to this post. I shall talk to you tomorrow!

I had my first consultation!

Hi Dolls!

So I met with Dr. Jimmy Firouz yesterday in Beverly Hills and let me just say... He totally gets me lol I told him I want to look like a video vixen but I want to look like myself so as he examined me, he told me everything I needed (and wanted) to hear without me having to say it. And when I asked him about other areas such as my inner thighs, he told me they were fine so I really appreciate his honesty. He was very personable and friendly and during the consultation, I didn't feel rushed. (And the consultation fee was waived too!) The appointment was a little over a half hour and normally I would have asked a million questions but since I was so nervous I kind of spaced out. But don't worry, I wrote them all down and will ask him later lol. I have been researching and researching, looking and re-reading every 5 star review that anyone has ever given him and I can't find one bad review. He also specializes in breast and body surgery which makes me feel better at ease because I viewed lots of breast specialist or tummy tuck specialist, none of which pertain to me at the moment. Also, he has very close availability dates which is good because even though I'm scared, I'm ready to get started and start the recovery process.

I have one more consultation next Monday with Dr. Moelleken so stay tuned!

***And I promise you guys I will upload pics of myself! I'm just doing this whole thing anonymously without friends and family knowing because I don't want to be judged. I have followed many of your journeys and if it wasn't for y'all, I probably wouldn't be doing this. I know plastic surgery is a pretty private thing for most people so I compliment your courage! I also want to upload pics because during this whole process I didn't really find many people who look or were shaped like me. Everyone was either pretty thin, had a different shape, or weighed more than I. In the meantime Ill just upload some more wish pics.***

I shall update you soon!

Oh My Goodness! Here's some shots of me *covers eyes*

I finally set up my tripod which has been sitting in my house since forever. I said I would give you pics and I am. Here are some of my Pre Op pictures!

HORRIFYING dream & Post care update!

OH man. I had the WORST DREAM last night. I was on a surgery table getting ready for my sx and was waiting for the anesthesia to kick in. When some random dude in a white coat walked in off the street and started to stick a cannula in my backside. I could feel the pain so I screamed and he freaked out. After I woke up from this "surgery" there was a chalkboard eraser type bulge on my side and I started freaking out! OMG Talk about your conscience coming through. I never want to have a dream like that again! Now I'm even more nervous than before. I just have to get over it. lol

In other news, I bought my first supplies for surgery. I went to VitalityMedical.com and they have a lot of supplies for reasonable and cheap prices! Here's a list of what I bought so far:
-Baby Wipes
-Antibacterial soap & lotion
-Alcohol pads
-Gauze Tape
-Cover sponges
-Compression socks
-Latex gloves
-Chux pads
-Female Urinal
-And a Boppy pillow!


Hey y'all! So I made my decision to undergo liposuction but to HOLD OFF on a BBL and here's why....

When I started this journey to changing my life and my body, my initial thought was "Girl, you just need a little lipo to make your best areas shine!" But as I quickly grew and fell into the RealSelf community (which is amazing by the way) I fell into the mindset where I wanted to change more than just my gut. I started to think "maybe ill have my butt done or maybe Ill get a breast augmentation" and then that quickly turned into "maybe Ill think about getting my teeth done and or start botox" (which I don't need btw) My mind started to snowball. This one area of annoyance turned into a created perspective in which I felt everything could be improved. Even the areas I don't even want to touch. And I don't like that. Some of you girls have some AMAZING transformations and Im so proud of you guys but I started to judge myself based on operations that I never even thought of, let alone need. So I'm stopping the self doubt and that nagging voice in my head that says I need to keep up with everyone else. And Im going back to my premeditated thinking.

Straight lipo.

ANYWAY...I hope you'll continue to follow my journey after my enlightenment lol Now on to the next state of business. Ive decided to have my surgery with Dr. Brent Moelleken of Beverly Hills. He has amazing results and the man is a straight up genius. Going into the consultation I was well aware that he does not preform fat grafting to the buttocks area and I wanted to know damn well why. He explained to me that they simply don't last and he steadily performs revisions of the butt from other BBL surgeries and then he told me what I needed in order to keep my curves. He explained that if he shaved down several areas of my body like the bump on my outer thigh and flank area my hips would be more pronounced and since my stomach will be smaller i will have the hourglass shape that I desire. He essentially told me my curves are there its just hidden underneath the fat! He also gave me a earful about eating right which I needed to hear because ever since I decided on this journey.... Ive been eating like a pig and Ive been eating exceptionally healthy prior so he put me in check which is what I need from a surgeon. I need to hear the stuff so I can be better prepared for the future. So thats why Im choosing him! (Im also choosing him because of his availability and his fee was more in my price range too)

My surgery is NEXT WEDNESDAY! OMG! And I have tons to do!!! AHH!!


Let me tell y'all!!!! mhmm mmm.

I know I haven't updated in a while. But I've just been so busy preparing and finishing up things for work so I could recover. Right now, I'm writing this from the recovery center in Santa Monica called Serenity and this place is amaze balls. Im being greatly taken care of by the nurses and aides. They are so nice and have great bedside manners. I'm totally in love with my nurses. This place is so amaze I've decided to stay another day since my post op appointment is tomorrow morning at 9am. So let me get straight to the facts...

I mean... it was awful. I don't know how you guys make it look so easy! When I got to my doctors, they made me change into my gown and I spoke briefly with the anesthesiologist who was super nice. He explained that going under was going to feel like a nap basically. And then he gave me the good stuff that made me really sleepy and I was out!

When I woke up, I could barely keep my eyes open. I was sore and hurting everywhere. I wasn't nauseous just extremely sleepy. I glanced over and they had 4 vials of fat they had taken out. Most of it looked like blood which got me a little worried. Ive never seen vials with so much blood in it!? lol Dr. Moelleken told me everything went very well and he would see me in a couple days. Then they put me in a wheelchair and one of the ladies from Serentity picked me up. When I got there I had to go to the bathroom and I damn near passed out on the toilet. Releasing all that fluid from the surgery got me really lightheaded and I felt like a heavy sack of potatoes. It took 3 nurses to help in the bathroom and they had to snap one of those ammonia sticks under my nose to get me to wake up. And to think I was just going to go home and take care of myself! F*#! that! I would've been dead passed out in my own damn bathroom! Afterwards, I was leaking everywhere and slept the entire day. But day one was extremely rough. I needed help in and out of bed and going to the bathroom. And that first feeling of standing up after laying down for so long is THE WORST! I know I wanted to do this privately and on my own but there is NO WAY anyone can do this by themselves! My doctor set this up so Im very thankful for that!

Day 2 was much better. I stopped leaking finally and the pain medicine was working it wonders. It still hurts to get up and down but its getting more and more tolerable as the day goes on. Ill be going home tomorrow. I can't wait to put on my other garment and squeem and get this waist all the way snatched!

I took lots of pictures!!!

More Pics!

I didn't let me upload all the pics I wanted so here it goes!

Day 3

I feel like I've been hit by a dump truck with hot garbage juice. The swelling on day 3 is all what they said it would be. Feet, hands, thighs, stomach everything is puffy lol I can't wait for it to go down! I had my post op appointment today and Dr. Moelleken told me he gave me a really nice contour and I love it! He did say at one point he was getting a lot of blood and my skin was getting kinda weird so he stopped. Scary! But I should really like my results.

I feel a bit lumpy so I'm going to go ahead and book my massages this week. And I can't feel my arms but they are super small!
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